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  • Elbow Deep - American Music Club
    "was once a sun in my own day I really came around the bend today Praise the breeze Blew me away Never was content, never was blue Happy to be the shadow On the wall in your room Now I'm elbow"
  • Devil's Elbow - Tarkio
    "Stranded at the light house I think I saw my sister there Oregon in light house We are conjuring the surf and waves A path to reach the alcove And me barefoot far behind Passing by the white house An"
  • Kiss My Elbow - Russian Red
    "And every five minutes I look at the door and I see you naked. And theres a question that comes up to my mind I wonder whether you are blind. But if I try to find, it'd be the same old story time after"
  • The People's Elbow - Attack Attack!
    "Oh the Blood, Oh the Blood, Oh the Massacre Your love will run and hide And leave me on my own The true ones will fall So hard baby And that's why this hurts I always thought that you would be the one So"
  • Elbow and a smile - Donots
    "So you think everybodys an open door and youre convinced you have to give much more to your mind their demeanour indicates concern well, youll be sunrised how much there is to learn were a minority were"
  • Death at one's elbow - The Smiths
    "Oh Glenn Don't come to the house tonight Oh Glenn Oh Glenn Don't come to the house tonight Oh Glenn Because there's somebody here Who really really loves you Oh Glenn Stay home Be bored (It's crap, I KNOW)"
  • Flash's Dream (The Final Elbow) - The Kinks
    "Scene: Mr. Black's army is closing in on Flash & The Spivs. After a long day's campaigning Flash, having overindulged the alcohol, has fallen asleep in his den. Voice: Cooee. Cooee. Flash. Flash Flash:"
  • Take Your Elbow Out Of The Soup You're Sitting On The Chicken - Ian Dury And The Blockheads
    "To be simple and wise Never tell lies Always pick on someone my own size Would be quite a thing And when I make it swing I'll write you a letter or I'll give you a ring Take your elbow out"
  • I've Got Your Number - Elbow
    "Don't put this note by your face on the pillow Don't put this letter in the pocket near your heart Keep it in the bottom drawer where you hide the sex tools I pray you always need them I know what you"
  • Buttons And Zips - Elbow
    "Al had the guile and the sideways smile Bad boy and god Beck knew how to push a boy to blush Known as The Fox Tom came out in June to a crowded room No one was shocked Ed had the hair, the shoes and the"
  • Crawling With Idiot - Elbow
    "It's crawling with idiot I'm itching to leave I'm soft with fatigue I need something I've never seen anything quite like you In here Come on it's not serious I just need arms tonight You're blue collar"
  • Grace Under Pressure - Elbow
    "Grace under pressure Cooling palm across my brow Eyes of an angel Lay me down Grace under pressure Cooling palm across my brow Eyes of an angel Lay me down Grace under pressure Cooling palm across"
  • Station Approach - Elbow
    "I haven't been myself of late I haven't slept for several days But coming home I feel like I Designed these buildings I walk by You know you drive me up the wall I need to see your face that's all You"
  • Picky Bugger - Elbow
    "Drinking In order to feel Thinking Reinventing the wheel Kicking up mischief And feeding the fire Kicking up mischief And walking the wire Little fish you count for nothing Do your thing until you die Keep"
  • Forget Myself - Elbow
    "They're pacing Piccadilly in packs again And moaning for the mercy of a never come rain The sun's had enough and the simmering sky Has the heave and the hue of a woman on fire Shop shutters rattle down"
  • The Stops - Elbow
    "I can't undo the day It won't go under the rug I pull out all the stops And you pull the plug These are sober days and I know it can't be But I'll miss you the way you miss the sea Don't look down Keep"
  • Leaders Of The Free World - Elbow
    "I'm sick of working for a living I'm just ticking off the days till I die Oh, I miss you Louise, yeah... And the sickest little pleasures keep me going in between pulling teeth Oh periscope up I've been"
  • An Imagined Affair - Elbow
    "A sky as black as regret Is rolling aside for the blue Impossible face to forget These feelings belong in a zoo She brings the morning She, she brings the morning sun So lost in the sound of her voice I"
  • Mexican Standoff - Elbow
    "Shifting my weight now from foot to foot What did she see in this man I'm not superstitious but if I can get This ball in the basket, then he'll wake up dead Your sweet reassurances don't change the fact That"
  • The Everthere - Elbow
    "All my saints have taken bribes Singing going going gone All the angels taken dives Leaving you the only one If I loose a sequin here and there More salt than pepper in my hair Can I rely on you When"

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