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Electric youth hero

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Electric youth hero

  • Electric youth - Debbie Gibson
    "Zappin' it to ya The pressure's everywhere Goin' right through ya The fever's in the air Oh yeah, it's there! Don't underestimate the power Of a lifetime ahead Chorus: Electric youth Feel the power, you"
  • YOUTH - Troye Sivan
    "What if What if we run away What if What if we left today What if We said goodbye to safe and sound What if What if we're hard to find What if What if we lost our minds What if We let them fall behind,"
  • Youth - NoMeansNo
    "Youth, I see In your heart the red blood flows Down like a river to the sea it goes Youth, I see Through all the trouble, the work and pain You laugh like a child in a warm spring rain Youth, I See"
  • Youth - Kashmir
    "I'm on the roof of the house of ages. After you, breaking bars in the cages. Doom brought me here in a rolling chair. Under wheels it died but I will not forget, youth. In golden days I was free to be"
  • Youth - Foxes
    "They didn't want me When I was running wild Dragons breathing fire in the backyard at night We live in circles And it's so hard to breathe Maybe the same old fears What have we here Don't bring me back With"
  • Youth - Goldfinger
    "In my life, been all the places That I dreamed of since I was a kid Bury the past, I'm getting on with Things I never thought I'd get through So now I know I don't know anything Except I notice"
  • Electric - Olivia Newton-John
    "(John Farrar) From the beginning I was on to you But like a magnet I was drawn to you Don't leave me waiting here in the dark Switch off the static of a broken heart We're holding a live wire,don't let"
  • Electric - Katy Perry
    "In the dark when you feel lost Wanna be the best But at what cost? If you’re gonna stay here Nothing’s ever changing, no Big world, gotta see it all Gotta get up even when you fall There’s no point on"
  • Electric Electric - Primus
    "Part I - Blinded by the Sun Bring me back again, I'd really rather not be out here on my own. Someone reel me in, I'm drifting ever farther from my home. I remember when I was a baby gazing in amazement"
  • Discarded Youth - Kiros
    "I looked up to you You were a hero in my eyes You had it all so figured out Sorted through all of the lies I worked so much to let u know What made u think That it's ok to throw your life away What made"
  • Goddamn Electric - Pantera
    "There is a part of me that's always sixteen I've found the secret of eternal youth Some get high on life or money, but there's an Escape, drop out of the race. To walk through the world by ones self, you"
  • Untutored Youth - The Hives
    "We are untutored youth - and heres the proof Dont wanna know anything we don't and it's the truth We are untutored youth - and they lost out. If you can't hear me just start looking at my mouth We are"
  • Wasted Youth - Murderdolls
    "this is a wast of my time, you probly all ready now that i am wasted, wasted youth. being born in 1976 i now i was the one, i now i was a mistake, i am wasted youth, im wasted wasted to the bone im wasted wasted"
  • Celebrate youth - H-Blockx
    "I can see the older manLooking at the younger manI can see the younger manLooking at the boyOver there the older womanLooking at the younger womanI can see the younger womanLooking at the girl'Cause every"
  • Dying Youth - 10 Years
    "Deep under the surface I keep the love Older and aware of A hidden universe I pray to be young And pray to be inspired But the words of your tongue Blister like fire I can't let you go Slow down Don't"
  • Misspent Youth - James Otto
    "Seventeen and innocent I wonder where all the years went Lookin' back on a youth misspent God, I miss those days All the chances that we took Always leaped and never looked I tell you I could write a"
  • Jigsaw Youth - Bikini Kill
    "I can sell my body if I wanna God knows you've already sold your mind I may sell my body for money sometimes But you can't stop That fire that burns inside of me You think that I don't know I'm here to"
  • Restless Youth - Squad Five-O
    "They call us problematic, they can call us what they will. They don't understand the way we feel. Call us hopeless, call us restless, go ahead now, call us tools. But this time we've got their number,"
  • Ghetto Youth - Tricky
    "(vocals by Sky) Me's a ghetto youth Me come from straight dung ina the ghetto Seen, Rockfort, Warica Seen, Matches Lane Jungle Heights all I and I are one. Me a tell ya All Bull Bay Heights and dem heights"
  • Celebrate youth - Rick Springfield
    "I can see the older man Looking at the younger man I can see the younger man Looking at the boy Over there the older woman Is looking at the younger woman I can see the younger woman Looking at the girl"

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