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Elegy The Grand Change

  • The Grand Change - Elegy
    "Money your life you say, it holds off your dying day. No questions, resistance can't silence the cries, the hunger you feel They're pulling the strings out there, Fatmen in golden chairs. Their castles"
  • Irreverent Elegy - Cadaveria
    "My life is made of emotions, passions and horrors, 'cause when you truly live you can even fall into deep pain My bed is made of small fresh leaves, moving slowly like a requiem My temple is made of dark"
  • Elegy - The Hoodies
    "The water rushes against my front side. It's coming up towards high tide. I'll hold you steady while I can, while I still can. But you never know what will come tonight, and heaven knows I'm in its"
  • Elegy - Lead Weight
    "i was takin my pride to the edge of time to see you elegy, you have a funny name but they're all the same elegy, and if you rectify it then you can't denine it elegy, this song is pretty crap but i need"
  • Elegy - Becoming The Archetype
    "Death reigns over Earth Oppressing justice and truth Nations plagued by despair Collapsing Hopelessly into themselves We watch while sanity dies Forever lost upon the Earth Countless souls Embracing condemnation One"
  • Elegy - The Jesus Lizard
    "The pathetic sight of your sunken eyes The angular lines of your hips and waist The light and the dark Of your vallied ribs The skeletal draw Of your temples and cheeks Your breath but a wisp From your"
  • Elegy - Lacuna Coil
    "Teardrop on a fragile eyelash She's looking like a dream Hoping for some understanding An answer or at least A calming word a single sentence To restore her heart Aching since the day I left her Crossing"
  • Elegy - Leaves' Eyes
    "Teardrop on a fragile eyelash, She's looking like a dream, Hoping for some understanding, An answer or at least A calming word, a single sentence To restore her heart, Aching since the day I left her Crossing"
  • Elegy - Leaf-Fat
    "This creature is drowning in the lake of a thousand lives The empire is burning down Reflexion in our eyes resistance Who needs bridges if the moving is restricted Code on your forehead tells All we've"
  • Elegy - Arid
    "Hold still Don't move I say Wilt thou hear my elegy Head high Preserve my pride I shall defy the gallows I and you and me and We just don't know What love can do I pledge to you that I won't deceive The"
  • Elegy - Edge Of Sanity
    "Crying. The anger and sorrow in your eyes is shining thru your disguise, you can not hide all youer lies! Falling. The abyss you enter is so deep, it doesn't matter how much you will weep, you will never"
  • Elegy - Alphaville
    "he is sitting on a hill a vapid night is crawling through the vale the trees are fangs of transiency the demons forge hammers and nails he will travel all the ways that lead to the unknown lands time"
  • Elegy - Amorphis
    "Long evenings full on longing Low-spirited my mornings Full of longing too my nights And all times the bitterest. 'Tis my lovely I long for It is my darling I miss My black-browed one I grieve for. Beneath"
  • Elegy - Carina Round
    "Something ripped me openFrom my little death wokenFading rhythm of lifelineIs music for a dead childI'm skirting the rim, skirting the rim of realitySkirting the rimLove don't pull me inSomehow everything"
  • Elegy - Howard Jones
    "Please don't look at me this way I am from the same seed as you Take me back to the womb I am weary of this life Don't believe in my eyes Don't believe in my mind Don't believe in right or wrong Don't"
  • Elegy - As I Lay Dying
    "(to Stephanie for undying friendship) did you ever see me or could you even see at all i looked at your cold white face so still, so empty yet i knew you were at rest much more comforted than I what else"
  • Elegy - L'
    "My prime of youth is but a frost of cares, My feast of joy is but a dish of pain, My crop of corn is but a field of tares, And all my good is but vain hope of gain; The day is past, and yet I saw no sun,"
  • Elegy - Labyrinth
    "So finally here we are, I'm walking on her path. Soon my shade will melt with the night, setting up my trap. And like on a spider's web you'll get trapped by me! Oh, no. Please don't be afraid, I'll"
  • Elegy - Machine Head
    "Elegies are to be sung Winds of armageddon come Ignorance within your bliss Soon you will atone for this In your carcinogenic haze Baneful of a newer age Flower of a different scent Poisons of the earths"
  • Elegy - Classic Case
    "Help me darling, please dont leave my side Ive got nowhere to run, nowhere to hide eyelids are now I see dont let go dont let go now all ambition is dead and im hanging on by a thread keep holding on"

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