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Elen Levon - Over My Head

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Elen Levon - Over My Head

  • Over My Head - Elen Levon
    "I think of you every time I close my eyes Can't fall asleep, it's cause of you That I remind myself of who I wanna be You felt it, too, I thought you said But still, there is no guarantee If someone new"
  • Ah Yeah So What (Ft. Wiley & Elen Levon) - Will Sparks
    "We skinny dip when the sun comes up Gonna play it hot cause I don't do love Gonna feast all night on the open bar and we talk crap so what? (a, yeah?) /3x humpin thumpin foot on the gas bumper to bumper"
  • Over My Head - Echosmith
    "these always static on TV in this hotel room reminds me od all the things you think I don’t understand it seems like you and me we keep losing connections whenever you talk to me t doesn’t make any sense don’t"
  • Over My Head - Robert Calvert
    "She was talking about the world situation She was sitting on a coffee-bar stool I heard her say something clever 'bout inflation And the Ayatollah's rule It was over my head, over my head Over my head,"
  • Over My Head - David Gray
    "No need to stress And no need to worry Soon we'll need no Time or money Goin' in over my head Hear the sound of the sea On the pebble Just can't help get Sentimental Goin' in over my head Goin' in over"
  • Over My Head - A Flock Of Seagulls
    "(w&m: Mike, Ali, Frank & Paul) I was walking underwater Walking on the bottom of the sea A sudden change in the weather And the waves came crashing down all over my head I think I'm in Over my head I"
  • Over My Head - Lit
    "I'm in over my head They wanna try and build me up So they can tear me down I wish that I could be back there But I'm right here right now They've taken everything that I've had to give and They say"
  • Over My Head - Miguel Bose
    "There's a girl in the room above me We pass by on the stairs Claims she's in some new movie And she acts like she's still there Says she's in love with Elvis And she's reading Baudelaire I went up one"
  • Over My Head - John Farnham
    "Richard Pleasance, and A Tanner In the light of the dashboard Something flickers then dies The last cigarette 'til the next town I'm driving through dreamland Strange and familiar And the rain is coming"
  • Over My Head - Pere Ubu
    "It's pretty cute the way she tucks me in at dawn And how I pray that I never should sin again Uh oh Here it comes It's goin over my head It's over my head In the gas her eyes are imagined And what"
  • Over my head - Black Label Society
    "I lost an island in the ocean The place where nickels come To gamble on their faces She took the offer to be the daughter We pledge allegiance to the one Who offers social graces Please don't blame me"
  • Over my head - King's X
    "Over my head i hear music in the airover my head i hear music over my headit's loud and clearit's going to my headmusic music i hear musicmusic i hear music music music oh! oh! oh! lord music over myheadi!"
  • Over My Head - Ray Davies
    "(Ray Davies) Wakin' up, feeling rough Totally stressed Every day it's a dead[?] time Step by step Hit a wall, took a fall To a new depth Count to ten, focusin' Take a deep breath In a world that is close"
  • Over My Head - A Day To Remember
    "I never knew I never knew that everything was falling through That everyone I knew was waiting on a cue To turn and run when all I needed was the truth But that's how it's got to be It's coming down to"
  • Over My Head - The Sweet
    "I know what you're thinkin' I know what you're sayin' Knowing what you really want from me 'Cause I feeel it in the air But it ain't no cross to bear 'Cause I believe in the power from the heart And"
  • Over My Head - Sweet
    "I know what you're thinkin' I know what you're sayin' Knowing what you really want from me 'Cause I feeel it in the air But it ain't no cross to bear 'Cause I believe in the power from the heart And everything"
  • Over My Head - Denison Witmer
    "Taking myself back to the time We were in your room You looked straight through the life that I've lead The things that I've said Made you tired You could always find the best in me You can always sense"
  • Over My Head - Ne-Yo
    "So I had someone You had someone Started off as nothing more than friends But as time got spent I started liking spending time with you More than him And it wasn't what I meant to do Started"
  • Over My Head - Semisonic
    "Long ago I was told there were riches inside of me Someone old hid the gold and the finding was my affair In those days when my ears heard a story my mind believed So I searched with my greed in the sunshine"
  • Over My Head - Fleetwood Mac
    "You can take me to paradise, And then again you can be cold as ice I'm over my head, But it sure feels nice. You can take me anytime you like, I'll be around if you think you might love me baby, And hold"

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