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Eliza G feat. Lion D - Ladies Nite

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Eliza G feat. Lion D - Ladies Nite

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Eliza G feat. Lion D - Ladies Nite
  • Peter Murphy Eliza
    ""Eliza" zapowiada nowy album Petera Murphy zatytułowany "Lion" (premiera 3 czerwca 2014r.)"
  • Wice Wersa Robimy to po swojemu (feat. Lion D)
    "To jest właśnie Wice Wersa, Lion D Italia-Polska, Robimy to po swojemu, Z kim chcemy, jak chcemy Bo!"
  • Jin Karaoke Nite
    "(feat. Styles P) Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the world famous "Karaoke Night" at the Ruffryder lounge. Tonight we're gonna try something a little different. This is not an exclusive, so pardon"
  • Queen Latifah Ladies First
    "(feat. Monie Love) The ladies will kick it, the rhyme that is wicked Those that don't know how to be pros get evicted A woman can bear you, break you, take you Now it's time to rhyme, can you relate"
  • Clean Bandit Birch (feat. Eliza Shaddad)
    "I was a fool for you and I went all round town When I finally saw you Now I'm speaking to make this something Cold (7x) It's not enough to hear you Your voice will never be I find I hate to be near you I,"
  • Busta Rhymes Hey Ladies
    "Here we go now, yea C'mon, yea, check it I said my solo jump off, been boomin since nine-six My solo jump off, been boomin since nine-six Hittin trippin the circuit breaker, flickin the light switch The"
  • Propagandhi Ladies' Nite In Loserville
    "Drains her fifth and spits out a greek translation*. She slurs "how much more bullshit you got left? Cuz you been feeding me this crap about free speech' and thought-police' like I'm supposed to sit and"
  • Propaghandi Ladies' Nite In Loserville
    "Drains her fifth and spits out a greek translation*. She slurs "how much more bullshit you got left? 'cause you been feeding me this crap about 'free speech' and 'thought-police' like I'm supposed to sit"
  • Disclosure You & Me (feat. Eliza Doolittle)
    "I’ll be giving up, oh Home is where the heart is, And I gave it to you in a paper bag Even though it’s tarnished You told me it’s the best you ever had You got my secret combination And I don’t be giving"
  • Lordz Of Brooklyn Saturday Nite Fever
    "(Scotty Edge) Well it's Brooklyn Bums Well it's the dirty birds Well it's the Lordz of Brooklyn won't go back on our words Cause' we're pissing on the curbs, dishing out the dirt Yo! someone's got to shout"
  • Flame Ladies
    "(Verse One) Back then if I was a Jew the life that I led would not be common I would be in prayer shawls anticipatin' His comin' Between 1 and 30 A.D. I'd be under the Romans Thankin' Yaweh that I'm not"
  • DJ Quik Ladies And Thugz
    "18 seconds of non-lyrics to open] Let's go Quik I wanna, punch them niggaz sayin gold don't rock And I wanna, rape that bitch that told a lie on 'Pac I wanna right some wrongs before I put my coast"
  • Anna Calvi Eliza
    "I'm lonely, ... for good Peaceful is streaming, she stood To see her To be her To change Is if like kiss form the … So hold me Above me I know I could be… Eliza Eliza Eliza Eliza My sister, my pistol,"
  • Jackson Jackson Eliza
    "I remember that Thursday in February When I first laid my wandering eyes On Eliza She looked like a lesbian revolutionary So tough and scary I though maybe I Wouldn't try her I eat boys like you for breakfast,"
  • Puff Daddy PE 2000 (feat. Hurricane G)
    "Hey yo Puff, check this out pa I'm tired of niggas hating on a mutha fucka Let's take it to the next millennium on these bitches You got to keep bubblin on em Platinum doublin on em, fuck these niggas Hey"
  • Cappadonna Spit That G
    "(feat. Solomon Childs, Suga Bang Bang, Timbo King) Uh-huh, ye-yeah, it's like this If you got big dollars, Spit That G KnowwhatImean? If you got mad honies, Spit That G If you gettin dough or whatever Whips,"
  • Billy Squier G. O. D.
    "I been searchin' for so long For a love to fill my life--soldier me on Feel the hunger in my blood As I walk into the fire I can't get enough Where, oh where can I find you I have seen you and called"
  • Snuff G To D
    "Would anybody care to elaborate Would anyone care to point out what's going on It's bothered me all afternoon Wrote it down but it seems wrong A vicious circle turning Would anyone care to re-write this"
  • Sarah Connor One Nite Stand (Of Wolves And Sheep) Feat. Wyclef
    ""One nite stand Intro: Sarah Connor its an honour Wyclef bounce One nite stand Cmon Chorus: Love ya baby, drive me crazy Let me be your sugar daddy Looked into my eyes, I was convinced That hes"
  • En Vogue Silent Nite
    "Silent Nite You know that it's the time of year When certain things that you see and hear Remind you of the holidays When I hear, the bells ring I think of you, and I start to sing You hold me tight,"

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