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Ella Eyre LIVE Feel The Love

  • No Angels (ft. Ella Eyre) - Bastille
    "A scrub is a guy who thinks he's fly And he's also known as a buster Always talkin' about what he wants And just sits on his broke ass, so No, I don't want your number No, I don't want to give you mine"
  • Gravity (feat. Ella Eyre) - DJ Fresh
    "All hands on the trigger All eyes on the gun They don't believe that we're Strong enough to hold on Cause I'm the only one to get you The only one to figure you out You're a place I can go to A face I"
  • Business (with Ella Eyre) - Becky Hill
    "Why do boys think every song is about them? Why do they think we ain't livin' without them? Like a damsel in distress Damsel in distress As if you're always in my head Always in my head No Girl, you'll"
  • Ella - Vroom
    "The girl across the road lives in a tower I just dropped by to say hi and then we talked for hours Life after Death hopes dreams and wounds Thursday we'll meet after noon She wants to live happily after"
  • Think About It (feat. Wiz Khalifa & Ella Eyre) - Naughty Boy
    "Got me up all night Used to start a fight You don't wanna think about it You drink about it You smoke about it Don't talk about it Every night, the same Who's the one to blame? You don't wanna think about"
  • LOVE ME LIKE YOU - Ella Eyre
    "Nobody... Nobody... Nobody... Nobody... I guess I'll love you forever I guess that's all my fault But I can't change the weather And so I can't be what you want And you say that you're sorry But you"
  • Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald
    "I won't dance, don't ask me I won't dance, don't ask me I won't dance madame with you My heart won't let me feet do things that they sould do You know what, you're lovely you know what, you're so lovely"
  • Feel Like Makin' Love (live) - Bad Company
    "Baby, when I think about you I think about love Darlin', I don't live without you And your love If I had those golden dreams Of my yesterday I would wrap you in the heaven But they lay dying on the way Feel"
  • Nadie Como Ella - Anthony Marc
    "Anthony Marc Desde Un Principio / From The Beginning Nadie Como Ella Ella sabe darse toda en un instante derretir con la mirada un corazón ella es fuego que se siente en mis labios cuando hacemos el amor"
  • Waiting All Night (feat. Ella Eyre) - Rudimental
    "I’ve been waiting all night for you to tell me that you need me Tell me that you want me I’ve been waiting all night for you to, Oh, oh, tell me what you want yeah I’ve been waiting all night for you to"
  • Feel - Michelle Tumes
    "Hark! The wind of passion swiftly weaving over your soul Bless the surge of thunder rolling onto your shore Greet the deep emotion That sleeps beneath the ocean floor Watch elation bound release its furious"
  • Feel - Big Star
    "Girlfriend, what what are you doing? You're driving me to ruin The love that you've been stealing Has given me the feeling I feel like i'm dying I'm never gonna live again You just ain't been trying "
  • Feel - Robbie Williams
    "Come and hold my hand I wanna contact the living Not sure I understand This role I've been given I sit and talk to God And he just laughs at my plans My head speaks a language I don't understand I just"
  • Feel - Darren Hayes
    "You teach me how to feel It feels all right There's nothing left to fear Finding myself The further I go Towards you You teach me how to love Parts of myself I hated for so long Loving myself Through"
  • Feel - Cauterize
    "Beautiful LIKE the dress I laid out for you Let your hair down the way you always used to The tiles cold, The tap is dripping As I go to rinse my hands of you, And watch the pieces one by one wash away"
  • If I Go - Ella Eyre
    "I could play anything for you I could say what you want me to I could lie, I could lie 'Cause you're wanting a little more And I'm stuck in the middle of, boy But I try, but I try And I need time, and"
  • Feel The Rain (Live Version) - Dream Street
    "(lead vocals by Chris and Greg) Feel the rain falling down on me I call your name, I miss you, can't you see I'll take the blame, we should never be apart Tell me what can I do to get you back into my"
  • Feel The Quiet River Rage - Live
    "always fighting the storm afraid to suffer the wound all praise to that conscious one who always suffers the wound, child suffers the wound, child hey! suffers the wound! never turns from love give it"
  • Feel the love - Jennifer Paige
    "Feel the beat, move your feet to the musicFeel the love, gotta love, gotta feel itTonight forget about your troublesFeelin so right, let the music take you til youre so highWhen nothing seems to make sense,"
  • Ella mi fu rapita - Andrea Bocelli
    "Ella mi fu rapita! E quando, o ciel... Ne' brevi istanti prima che il mio presagio inferno sull'orma corsa ancora mi spingesse! Schiuso era l'uscio! E la magion deserta! E dove ora sar quell'angiol caro?"

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