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Ella Fitzgerald Hows Chances

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Ella Fitzgerald Hows Chances

  • Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Fitzgerald
    "I won't dance, don't ask me I won't dance, don't ask me I won't dance madame with you My heart won't let me feet do things that they sould do You know what, you're lovely you know what, you're so lovely"
  • How's Chances? - Ella Fitzgerald
    "When I want to see the boys I know where to find the boys I don't go through a club or two I just find you and there are the boys To get you alone I strive You ask me to tea at five I find you then with"
  • Fitzgerald - Frank Black
    "It's sad to see your art hanging on the wall So many pictures there, yours the best of all I like the Indian, the one in ballpoint ink In ancient Massachusettes long before you called You traded him and"
  • Scott-fitzgerald - Liesbeth List
    "O Zelda, onze liefde had zijn uur Toen kwam de winter met zijn raven As en sintels resten van ons vuur Gras groeit over graven De dagen waren lang en zomers De jazzband speelde nieuw en wild We leefden"
  • Chances - Air Supply
    "There's a chance you will be there I'd like to know the truth I'll find it out somehow The chances aren't too strong A chance you will be there Please be there alone Help me speak of love Chances aren't"
  • Chances - John Frusciante
    "This is the time to die I'm not someone on whom to rely Chances come and chances go This is letting go I feel the tightening of the dawn The creation of something I've sung No one goes back cause"
  • Chances - Dido
    "All I did today was wake up and watch TV Another wasted day But that's alright with me When shadows turn to clouds Good choices won't be made Until tomorrow comes But that's alright with me I will"
  • Chances - Auryn
    "(Happy song for Mom) Hey lady, I want to thank you for being so honest and genuine when we speak about feelings. Now maybe we have more than we figured, innocent thoughts that trigger romance, I'll"
  • Chances - Kosheen
    "At first, it was clear It was easy to see 'Till you're cursed and reversed And you turned it on me Like a book, like a cover You were easy to read Like a clock, like a mother You were curious and free Starred"
  • Chances - Clawfinger
    "Are you satisfied with everything the way it is Are you stuck in the conformity of minding your own biz Does a confrontation make you want to turn and run and do you think about the things you'd like to"
  • Chances - Edison Glass
    "When I was a boy, you lifted me so I could see Above all the things height has restricted Oh, maybe someday I'll be a man... Oh, figuring out how I'm supposed to be Oh, breathe in and out, I'll take my"
  • Chances - Xavier Rudd
    "At times in life You'll connect with some And some will have to move on At times you'll feel The need to fly And fly though you may hurt someone You were there Your chances were clear Choices"
  • Chances - Roxette
    "Hear my call, here and everywhere I've been walking the streets in despair. One more fire turns a shade of grey, one more tear is lost in the rain. And I say that I love you. I say that I need you. Baby"
  • Chances - Athlete
    "Take all your chances while you can Never know when they'll pass you by Like a sum the mathematician cannot solve Like me trying my hardest to explain It's all about your cries and kisses Those first"
  • Chances - Backstreet Boys
    "what if I'd never run in to you what if you'd never smiled at me what if I hadn't noticed you too and you’d never showed up where I happened to be"
  • Ella - Carlos Vives
    "Ella Ella...ella es como el aire necesario pa'respirar pero se te escapa cuando tu lo abrazas, ella Ella...ella es como el agua como el agua para beber y es tambin la causa de esta sed extraa, ella Ella..."
  • Ella - Vives Carlos
    "(Ivn Benavides) Ella... ella es como el aire necesario pa' respirar pero se te escapa cuando tu lo abrazas, ella Ella... ella es como el agua como el agua para beber y es tambin la causa de esta sed extraa,"
  • Ella - Axel Fernando
    "Ella tiene el cielo en su mirar Y la sonrisa dulce de mama A ella no le va formalizar Prefiere caminar en libertad Ella es una mujer especial Sabe lo que quiere y llegara A dirigir pelculas y actuar en"
  • Ella - Alvaro Soler
    "Lluvia de mayo Ella es la que sabe que no te engaño Hasta que llegó el día en el que se evaporó Con el ritmo con el que ella va A mí me pone malito"
  • Ella - Julio Iglesias
    "Me cans de rogarle, me cans de decirle que yo sin ella de pena muero. Ya no quiso escucharme. Si sus labios se abrieron fue pa' decirme: "Ya no te quiero". Yo sent que mi vida se perdió en un abismo profundo"

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