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Elmo - Shine

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Elmo - Shine

  • Elmo - Holly McNarland
    "I'm still thinking about Elmo Elmo 5 o'clock special I'm still thinking about you A thousand ways to kill you I'm still dreaming in pink Gives me the reason to think When i lay down my head i'm still"
  • Elmo Delmo - Stephen Malkmus
    "i came to call your dare and look you up on all you claim to want to share claim to want to share don't cater to the throng in your head cause this is not a passenger line everybody's read elusive like"
  • Emo Elmo - Emo Side Project
    "hey kids! what's red and round rolls around on the ground while giggling? but then turns real sad all of a sudden for no apparent reason?! emo elmo bumped his elbow poor emo elmo! i'll be your"
  • Elmo Pimp Song - Cheech & Chong
    "Sunny day chasing our cares away and making sure we stay the hell out of Elmo's way, cuz hes one bad mother fucker, hes one bad mother fucker (chorus) Elmo pimps hos Elmo pimps hos Elmo pimps hos and"
  • Elmo And The Lavender Moon - Sesame Street
    "Elmo and the Lavender Moon Now playing, makes-believe nobody could see And then he waits and then he fakes And then he bends and then he shakes He plays and plays Still playing as he goes off to sleep Elmo"
  • Shine Shine Shine - Mel Tillis
    "Grab you stuff and let's go; it's Saturday night, time to bowl! Put the pins in a row; I'll bowl a strike, before I get old! Two a.m. down at the alley, Three beers in my tummy, four old ladies named Sally, five"
  • Shine, Shine, Shine - Eddie Rabbitt
    "Go ahead with what you're doing, you don't have to pay me any mind Don't think I won't get to it, I got plans for her tonight You can watch her dance forever, you won't hold her in your arms tonight When"
  • Shine - Scarlet
    "I've a smile on my face And I can't imagine never feeling this way Wonderful day Through it's poured with rain for weeks It can't put me down Heavenly blue And it's always gonna shine on me this"
  • Shine - Annie Haslam
    "Once I was lonely, living in dreams (Shine shine shine shine) Found my heart open now shine on me Into my open heart like the sun shines Into my open soul like the sun shines A shaft of light through a"
  • Shine - Luke Benward
    "When everything's getting dark around you So many clouds you just can't see thru Don't runaway, sun can make the sky break You're made for more you got what it takes to Shine With everything inside you Shine So"
  • Shine, shine, shine - Eddie Rabbit
    "Go ahead with what youre doing, you dont have to pay me any mindDont think I wont get to it, I got plans for her tonightYou can watch her dance forever, you wont hold her in your arms tonightWhen its all"
  • Shine - Andreas Johnson
    "Andreas Johnson Miscellaneous Shine Sister my head of creation On the last train leaving the station We got vast love, no destination Tonight we will be forever baby Sister, my head"
  • Shine - Patty Smyth
    "Why'd you tell me that you won't see me no more I say baby, baby, baby do you wanna watch me crawl across the floor Cause anyone can learn to pull a trigger Anyone can break a heart in two It's so easy"
  • Shine - INXS
    "Making up my life Killer in the night Rattling my brains Looking for that light Shine, shine Ah shine so bright, shine When does that thing I want to breathe her in Throw away my world If I could see"
  • Shine - Joni Mitchell
    "Oh let your little light shine Let your little light shine Shine on Wall Street and Vegas Place your bets Shine on the fishermen With nothing in their nets Shine on rising oceans and evaporating seas Shine"
  • Shine - Everclear
    "Shine Shine Open up your life and shine your light Shine Open up and show the freak inside Words don't mean nothing His words don't mean nothing He has no shame He will say anything Just to get what"
  • Shine - That's So Raven
    "Go ahead with what you're doing, You don't have to pay me any mind Don't think I won't get to it, I got plans for her tonight You can watch her dance forever, You won't hold her in your arms tonight When"
  • Shine - Renderfly
    "If you think you're old and weary, battered by the speed of sound, and if you think your star has fallen and you're buried underground Then let me say I beg to differ, and if you could see yourself in"
  • Shine - Imogen Heap
    "Rain drain my play away Sun gun me down and burn me Nature hates me today My head distorts reality Madness just moved into my shadow Shine I will not cry and I will not die, no Shine I will be there"
  • Shine - Anna Nalick
    "Oh the night makes you a star And it holds you cold in its arms You're the one to whom nobody verses "I love you" Unless you say it first So you lie there holding your breath And it's strange how soon"

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