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Elton John The Big Picture

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Elton John The Big Picture

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Elton John The Big Picture
  • Elton John The Big Picture
    "On and on The story of our lives goes on and on The path of time The sunsets up ahead roll along In your eyes The option of a warm embrace implies You're my friend Happy endings keep our love alive And"
  • Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Man (ft. Elton John)
    "I was unprepared for fame then everybody knew my name no more lonely nights it’s all fro you I have traveled many miles I’ve seen tears and I’ve seen smiles just remember that it’s all for you don’t forget"
  • 2CELLOS Oh, Well (ft. Elton John)
    "I can't help about the shape I'm in I can't sing, I ain't pretty and my legs are thin But don't ask me what I think of you I might not give the answer that you want me to Oh well Now, when I talked to"
  • South Park Wake Up Wendy - Elton John
    "Got this bug-eyed girl Cold hand on my knee Frozen teeth chitter, chatter She's dressed up like a cemetary Like a cemetary Snowbound all winter Blue lips on my cheek Little tongues prattlin', rattlin' Talkin'"
  • Keelaghan James Big Picture
    "Well the medicine was great But I don't like to scream that much That's the difference between you and me You see something you want When you've got everything you need Blame it on the moon Another small"
  • Lisa Brokop Big Picture
    "1st Verse I'm a collector of masterpieces Totally into original things And I've got priceless art hangin' on my walls And I love the noise that creative brings Ain't got a vault or security It's"
  • King's X Big Picture
    "She's got everything I need and more to live my life Never ever thought to think of never survive The circle has been broken it's always been this way The Big Picture I wanna see I know you're listening"
  • Elton John Never Gonna Fall In Love Again - Elton John, Tom Robinson
    "Never meant to be so friendly Never made the room look nice Never heed a word of warning Never take my own advice I got a brand-new problem Pretty and she's 5 foot 10 I been in love three times this week I'm"
  • London Grammar Big Picture
    "Love, what did you do to me? My only hope is to let life stretch out before me And break me on this lonely road I’m made of many things But I’m not what you’re made of Only now do I see the big picture But"
  • Big L The Big Picture
    "One-two, y'all know, y'all know (foxxx) alright, we gon' keep it movin (primo) check this out though! (foxxx) we gon' keep it movin, we gon' keep it movin Get 'em up, y'all know what time it is, get 'em"
  • The Shirelles Big John
    "(big john, big john) big john, won't you come on home ain't you gonna marry me my folks all wanna know when the weddin's gonna be they're makin' plans, shakin' hands been waitin' so long there's somethin'"
  • Aida The Messenger (Elton John F/ Lulu)
    "AIDA Miscellaneous The Messenger (Elton John F/ Lulu) Everything is settled, immovable and calm Nothing that has plagued our lives can ever do us harm Then the voices railed against us, then the path was"
  • John Prine Picture Show
    "A young man from a small town With a very large imagination Lay alone in his room with his radio on Looking for another station When the static from the mouthpiece Gave way to the sound below James Dean"
  • Mary J. Blige I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues (With Elton John)
    "MARY: Don't wish it away Don't look at it like it's forever Between you and me I can honestly say That things will only get better And while I'm away Dust out the demons inside And it won't be long before"
  • Timbaland 2 Man Show (feat. Elton John)
    "Hold Up Yall Hold Up Not Yet Hold Up Now... Go Head Go Head Like That. Yeah... Mmm Thats Cool Ooooooo Bring It In I Heard That Come On And Play That Back Im Really Feeling That Come On Smash Track Its"
  • Lady GaGa Sine From Above (feat. Elton John)
    "When i was young, I prayed for lightening My mother said it wuld come and find me I found myslef whitout a prayer I lost my love and no one cared When i was young, I prayed for lightening I looked with"
  • Elton John The scaffold Elton
    "In Orient where wise I was To please the way I live Come give the beggar chance at hand His life is on his lip Three score a thousand times Where once in Amazon Where Eldorado holds the key No keeper holds"
  • Y Kant Tori Read The Big Picture
    "Someone smashed my window broke into my brand new car last night Caught my boyfriend lookin' at another slender pair of thighs Gotta make more money Gotta get, gotta get there faster than the rest, yeah Knock"
  • Tori Amos The Big Picture
    "Someone smashed my window Broke into my brand new car Last night. Caught my boyfriend lookin At another slender Pair of thighs Gotta make more money Gotta get gotta get There faster than the rest Knock"
  • Amos Tori The Big Picture
    "Amos Tori Y Kant Tori Read The Big Picture Words and Music By: Tori And Kim Bullard Someone Smashed My Window Broke Into My Brand New Car Last Night Caught My Boyfriend Lookin At Another Slender Pair"

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