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Elvis Costello I Wanna Be Loved

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Elvis Costello I Wanna Be Loved

  • I Wanna Be Loved - Elvis Costello
    "Why must I be so lonely? When so many people pass me by I've been waiting for oh so long now And yet I'm unable to answer why I can't be made to give up now Can you find room for me in your heart somehow? I"
  • Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello Cover) - Blur
    "Don't start me talking I could talk all night My mind was sleep walking While I'm putting the world to rights Call careers information Have you got yourself an occupation? Oliver's Army is here to stay Oliver's"
  • Wave A White Flag (elvis Costello) - Ben Folds Five
    "Ben Folds Five Miscellaneous Wave A White Flag (elvis Costello) Take off your shoes, hang up your wings Stack up the chairs, roll up the rug Savor the things that sobriety brings Drain in the last from"
  • Pump it up (Elvis Costello cover) - Exodus
    "I've been on tender-hooks ending in dirty looks Listening to the muzak, thinking 'bout this 'n' that She says that's that, I don't wanna chitter chat Turn it down a little bit or turn it down flat Pump"
  • Matter Of Time With Elvis Costello - Los Lobos
    "Speak softly, don't wake the baby Come and hold me once more Before I have to leave Because there's a lot of work out there Everything will be fine And I'll send for you baby Just a matter of time Our"
  • FUNNY LITTLE TRAGEDY (feat. Elvis Costello) - Gov't Mule
    "Life has finally shown you It's a mean old world The killer little soldier Is now a scared little girl Always had everything Just handed to you Always had it your way I got to hand it to you And seeing"
  • Peace Love And Understanding (Elvis Costello Cover) - Chris Cornell
    "As I walk through This wicked world Searchin' for light in the darkness of insanity. I ask myself Is all hope lost? Is there only pain and hatred, and misery? But each time I feel it slippin' away, just"
  • Elvis - Alpha
    "Look into the darkness Im dancing in the shadows with you Theres a world waiting out there for us to see ... And beneath the starlit blanket Dreams are made in solid gold I just wanna be the one to hold"
  • Wanna Be Loved - Papa Roach
    "Listen up Turn it up and rock it out. Party On I wanna hear you scream and shout This is real as real as it gets I came to get down and get some f**king respect. Taking it back to a hardcore level You"
  • Wanna Be Loved - Jill Scott
    "Mmmm, Don't,don't,don't,don't, Don't,(don't,don't) don't,don't,don't, (don't don't) It's bad,It's bad Sometimes s**t is bad... (don't) Look, Don't feel no pity for me Cause I'm going through a couple"
  • Wanna Be Loved - Buju Banton
    "Wanna be loved Not for who you think I am Nor what you want me to be Could you love me for me? Real love, with no strings attached I wanna give you me heart Don't want to take it back This is my chat-cho Been"
  • Wanna Be Loved - Banton Buju
    "M. Myrie/D. Kelly/D. Browne Chorus Wanna be loved Not for who you think I am Nor what you want me to be Could you love me for me? Real love, with no strings attached I wanna give you me heart Don't want"
  • I Wanna Be Loved - Everclear
    "I just wanna be lost In a crowded room So I don't have to hear Your point of view You know I don't care About what you say And it's the way You say it, too So why did you come to me When you knew mat"
  • I Wanna Be Loved - Andrew Sisters
    "Andrew Sisters Miscellaneous I Wanna Be Loved I wanna be Loved By Andrews Sisters Oooo-ooooh Oooo-ooooh I wanna be loved, (oooh) With inspiration! (oooh) I wanna be loved, Starting tonight! (oooh) Instead"
  • I Wanna Be Loved - Steve Miller Band
    "I wanna be loved But by only you I wanna be loved But by only you Because I never had a love as true Your kiss is so sweet Honey your love is light Your kiss is so sweet Honey your love is light"
  • I Wanna Be Loved - Eric Benet
    "Love once left me cold and gray I had almost reached heaven Just to feel it slip away But life's too short to waste away Being scared to take chances Or so I've heard wise men say I wanna be loved Faithful"
  • I Wanna Be Loved - House Of Lords
    "No I can't slow down 'cause I'm so fired up I've got a physical addiction babe and I can't get enough I can feel the heat when it's cold outside so baby open up your doors and let me see what lies on the"
  • I Wanna Be Loved - Ricky Nelson
    "I wanna be loved with inspiration, I wanna be loved starting tonight. Instead of merely holding conversation Hold me tight! I wanna be loved, I crave affection, Those kisses of yours, Id gladly"
  • I Wanna Be Loved - The Kelly Family
    "Sometimes it's hard to realize One's live ain't living One rather denies the true loneliness Of this ungiving But I know I wasn't fruitlessy born I don't let myself receive I guess it's the punishment"
  • I wanna be loved - Bon Jovi
    "I had a roof over head Had shoes on my feet Yeah sure I was fed But no one was there when I was in need... yeah So who am I now? Who do you want me to be? I can forgive you but I won't relive you I ain't"

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