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Elvis Costello Tears Tears And More Tears

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Elvis Costello Tears Tears And More Tears

  • Tears, Tears And More Tears - Elvis Costello
    "(Toussaint) Wake up early in the morning I got you on my mind Even a simple phone call would suit me just fine Tears, tears and more tears I can't help but keep on crying Tears, tears and more tears I"
  • Tears - Aly & AJ
    "Big tears fall down like puddles When something cuts it bleeds Big storms leave towns in rubbles Shore just recedes Take some time to secure A stream of water to occur But crying is a way to know Your"
  • Tears - Ken Dodd
    "Tears for souvenirs are all you've left me Memories of a love you never meant I just can't believe you could forget me After all those happy hours we spent (together) Tears have been my only consolation But"
  • Tears - Rufio
    "I sit and hear you sleep I dont want to go you're there beside me but you're so far away I talk to you while you're asleep you can't hear a word you can hear everything tears are feelings we can't say tears"
  • Tears - Asia Cruise
    "What are you doing? How did we get here? What is this feeling? Tell me it's mine. Where did you take me? I wanna stay here. What I been missin, all of this time. And as I whisper in your ear, Something"
  • Tears - Tinie Tempah
    "Eyes, My eyes tears won't fall from my eyes Eyes, My eyes tears won't fall from my eyes don't wanna cry don't wanna cry tears won't fall from my eyes don't wanna cry don't wanna cry tears won't fall"
  • Tears - John Waite
    "You left me here alone I guess I'll never see the light You turned another's thumb And he makes your wrongs seem right Out on some different wavelength Somehow he brings you more But sweetheart tonight I"
  • Tears - After Edmund
    "All I'm thinking about Is keeping your hope alive You say you're better alone But tears won't let you hide The feeling that I know so well A place I've been before Locked behind the pain inside Screaming"
  • Tears - Lil Fizz
    "*Chorus* Tears rolling down your face Girl I got the answer let me take them away Why you got them tears rolling down your face Girl I got the answer let me take them away *Verse 1* I remember when"
  • Tears - Skindred
    "This just aint fair What you trying do to me Trying make me crazy Telling me just how it should be And ive got to know Which way are we gunner go Gunner take it fast or slow But with you I never know Its"
  • Tears - KRS-One
    ""At midday today, some Americans attended memorial services for victims of Tuesday's acts of terrorism. Thousands gathered at Chicago's Daily Plaza. Hundreds more looked on from the windows of"
  • Tears - Lake Of Tears
    "A thousand tears, tears in my eyes Tears from my heart, from down deep inside For now you are to fly, to fly far away Fly to heaven's land, to where the angels stay And the night will even hide, hide"
  • Black Tears - Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
    "When I'm in this state of mind I'm wishing I am blind Sometimes life is more than pain to me I feel the power of my grief Death would be such a relief All the secrets that I hide Would die with me Depression"
  • Tears - Kajagoogoo
    "I made a path of you I couldnt find the right words Thats all I left to do I wonder if you heard it Cos you and me Could do whatever we wanted to But tears on my pillow Falling so lightly Just tears"
  • Tears - T.O.K.
    "Tears, tears falling down your window pane Tears, tears for all the time he caused you pain Tears, tears learn to live and love again now that your stronger you need him no longer The first day you meet"
  • Tears - Ian Van Dahl
    "The day you walked into my life I opened up my heart to you, My heart to you I always thought that you and I Cause send a dest of time [2x] Now my tears are fallin' Tears are fallin' Nothing else that"
  • Tears - Bee Gees
    "I started out to be the man behind the scenes Knowing I was in above my head For all that I could see I never saw the truth Now I'm alone Heaven only knows how much I'm missing you Knowing I had heaven"
  • Tears - Missing Persons
    "I can't bear the thought of leaving you But I don't dare to stay My heart and soul are at a tug of war But my choice is made Left with emptiness, no second thoughts There's nothing left to say There was"
  • Tears - Roy Orbison
    "(Roy Orbison/Regi Price/Chris Price/Dan Price) When she was leaving, she didn't make much sense She said before I go, just give me one last kiss I'd tried to tell her That it would only add to the pain That's"
  • Tears - Rockell
    "Rockell - Tears so when were you planning to tell me when did you know it for sure that you didn't want my love that you didn't need me anymore did you promise to love her forever did you tell her how"

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