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Elvis Costello The Sharpest Thorn

Wykonawcy (2036)

Elvis Costello The Sharpest Thorn

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Elvis Costello The Sharpest Thorn
  • Elvis Costello The Sharpest Thorn
    "(Costello, Toussaint) I wore my finest suit of clothes The sharpest thorn defending the rose Hot as a pistol Keen as a blade The sharpest thorn upon parade And it's the same most every year Ghosts of"
  • Blur Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello Cover)
    "Don't start me talking I could talk all night My mind was sleep walking While I'm putting the world to rights Call careers information Have you got yourself an occupation? Oliver's Army is here to stay Oliver's"
  • Straylight Run Costello
    "Taking up my time again (taking up my time again), More than I can stand (more than I can stand), Coffee and the conversation never ends when... All I really need to find (all I really need to find),"
  • Ben Folds Five Wave A White Flag (elvis Costello)
    "Ben Folds Five Miscellaneous Wave A White Flag (elvis Costello) Take off your shoes, hang up your wings Stack up the chairs, roll up the rug Savor the things that sobriety brings Drain in the last from"
  • Exodus Pump it up (Elvis Costello cover)
    "I've been on tender-hooks ending in dirty looks Listening to the muzak, thinking 'bout this 'n' that She says that's that, I don't wanna chitter chat Turn it down a little bit or turn it down flat Pump"
  • Gov't Mule FUNNY LITTLE TRAGEDY (feat. Elvis Costello)
    "Life has finally shown you It's a mean old world The killer little soldier Is now a scared little girl Always had everything Just handed to you Always had it your way I got to hand it to you And seeing"
  • Los Lobos Matter Of Time With Elvis Costello
    "Speak softly, don't wake the baby Come and hold me once more Before I have to leave Because there's a lot of work out there Everything will be fine And I'll send for you baby Just a matter of time Our"
  • Chris Cornell Peace Love And Understanding (Elvis Costello Cover)
    "As I walk through This wicked world Searchin' for light in the darkness of insanity. I ask myself Is all hope lost? Is there only pain and hatred, and misery? But each time I feel it slippin' away, just"
  • Crest Thorn
    "I see the thorn in your eye I feel the pain when she cries pale are the mornings at fall a new day just waiting for more in her room so quietly I see the thorn in your eye although she weeps so silently I"
  • Biohazard Thorn
    "I got this thorn in my side, I try, but I can't get it out, Been killing me for years gone by, a miserable, painful bout, No matter how hard and long I try to rip at it, it stays, Buried deep inside my"
  • Norther Thorn
    "In my eyes I despise your twisted life Something controlling your fucked up mind? Just a thought of you with your twisted little smile Stings me like a thorn in my spine You told me sacred lies Through"
  • Mudhoney Thorn
    "I've got a thorn in my side About the size of your eye I feel it sticking through I feel it sticking through You're all watching for me With such intensity It doesn't matter what I do It doesn't"
  • My Bloody Valentine Thorn
    "Walk all over me Even though you can't decide Look out, (jump back) You'll be on your own Hillside, slip and slide Feel the pain, it's no surprise Look out, look out Thorn will be your love I felt your"
  • Zavorash Thorn
    "Thorn (Music: Nil, Backing Vocals: I. Hate, Lyrics: Totalscorn) The path of final war embarked upon, brother versus brother, love is forlorn, Life laid waste, all crawling for the swords, commeth storms,"
  • Eightball Thorn
    "Temptation talking to me I try my best not to listen The world fuckin wit me Tryin to stop my ambition And niggas talkin bout me I know they hopin and wishing That ima give it up or quit But I say fuck"
  • Blind Guardian Thorn
    "A black swan Is born in that night The misty pond Got a new king Got a new king So what can we do with our lives When it all begins It's hard and it's cruel Will grace die in pain? Will light ever rise"
  • Unida Thorn
    "Do you wanna say goodbye to your best friend, your buddy? Never wanted to slap your girl, she's your money I said love, only love You spread your wings and you fly with the best it's so bloody, it's so"
  • Alice Cooper The Sharpest Pain
    "Hurting me Seems to be Your passion Misery Is certainly Your style I'm like a kid in a candy store I'm on my knees 'til i lick the floor Can't stand to look at your face But i'm burning for more Sharpest"
  • Alice Cooper The sharpest point
    "Hurting meSeems to beYour passionMiseryIs certainlyYour styleI'm like a kid in a candy storeI'm on my knees 'til I lick the floorCan't stand to look at your faceBut I'm burning for moreSharpest painThe"
  • Alison Moyet The Sharpest Corner
    "Liar, lie you lie, Time and again, and why? No want will make it true. The only road to clip my heel, Is spinning like a wheel And we are crashing over The sharpest corner ever turned. Cry, you cry, you"

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