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Elvis Costello When I Was Cruel No

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Elvis Costello When I Was Cruel No

  • Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello Cover) - Blur
    "Don't start me talking I could talk all night My mind was sleep walking While I'm putting the world to rights Call careers information Have you got yourself an occupation? Oliver's Army is here to stay Oliver's"
  • When I Was Cruel No. 2 - Elvis Costello
    "I exit through the spotlight glare I stepped out into thin air Into a perfume so rarefied "Here comes the bride" Not quite aside, they snide "She's number four" "There's number three just by the door" Those"
  • Costello - Straylight Run
    "Taking up my time again (taking up my time again), More than I can stand (more than I can stand), Coffee and the conversation never ends when... All I really need to find (all I really need to find),"
  • Wave A White Flag (elvis Costello) - Ben Folds Five
    "Ben Folds Five Miscellaneous Wave A White Flag (elvis Costello) Take off your shoes, hang up your wings Stack up the chairs, roll up the rug Savor the things that sobriety brings Drain in the last from"
  • When I Was Cruel - Elvis Costello
    "did you talk your way out of this,did someone flip your switch now there is only right or wrong ,can you tell which is which but it was so much easier,when i was cruel why did you leave your happy home,why"
  • Pump it up (Elvis Costello cover) - Exodus
    "I've been on tender-hooks ending in dirty looks Listening to the muzak, thinking 'bout this 'n' that She says that's that, I don't wanna chitter chat Turn it down a little bit or turn it down flat Pump"
  • Elvis - Longpigs
    "Crawled out of the park to eat her took a Stairwell would I fall to please her Just to tear this out of my belly forever Cause I'm still hooked to the light forever I can do it if you're there And it's"
  • Cruel - Bertine Zetlitz
    "She said, haven't loved in a year I said, you have nothing to fear We fled, but she didn't see me stay behind, no She's got the most beautiful eyes I've got the most beautiful life We fled, but she didn't"
  • Elvis - Oblivion Dust
    "Slowdown, gagged and bound You don't know what you've been taking No sound, dragged around You came down and you're still faking Slowdown, gagged and bound You don't know what you've been taking"
  • Elvis - Alpha
    "Look into the darkness Im dancing in the shadows with you Theres a world waiting out there for us to see ... And beneath the starlit blanket Dreams are made in solid gold I just wanna be the one to hold"
  • Cruel - The Veronicas
    "Wish I could say you're not the one My heart hangs on, you're having fun We can't be lovers and we can't be friends That I still want you and I can't pretend It fuckin' kills me that we're done A little"
  • Cruel - Jeff Buckley
    "Oh Yeah Born no longer just a baby Always trying to keep in one place for long, oh long enough to sleep Oh sleep and dreams are here the same got no rest they'll no longer speak to you Moving on again I'm"
  • Cruel - Toto
    "What you've got You had to steal That's the reason For how you feel Considering what You've done so far I'm rather amazed At where you are Lift your head up babe Pull yourself together Nothing's worse"
  • Cruel - Dreadlock Pussy
    "I can't shake this feeling like I'm not doing so good it's hard to tell exactly need to make it understood on the outside first look nothing seems wrong so nobody even knows what's really going on maybe"
  • Cruel - Default
    "Oh yeah Born no longer a baby Always trying to keep In one place for long, oh long enough to sleep Oh sleep and dreams are here the same Gone'n got no rest They'll no longer speak to you. moving on again I'm"
  • Cruel - Prefab Sprout
    "Cruel is the gospel thats sets us all free, then takes you away from me. There is no Chicago urban blues, more heartfelt than my lament for you. I'm a liberal guy, too cool for the macho ache, with a secret"
  • Cruel - Bryan Ferry
    "My sun is set - and my day is done When I turn to the east I can see no dawn But iron horse come - buffalo gone Like blades of grass they cut us all down Yes I know what it is to be free To run as far"
  • Cruel - Farewell Flight
    "When we were kids, we would always climb the tallest trees in town We never thought about what would happen if we lost our footing on the 37th branch, and fell down to the ground When we were kids, we"
  • I Was Cruel - Magic Dirt
    "I have quit you by mistake I have nothing more to make, to make Clear to you, that I could be so cruel Never have I seen Never have I been Never have I seen Never have I been myself so much Just so that"
  • Dead Elvis - Doug Anthony All Stars
    "I was floating through the cemetery late last night, When I saw a ghost who was out of sight. He said 'Down in the graveyard there's a party going on, So get down, get down, six feet and sing a spiritual"

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