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Elvis Costello Whos Gonna Help Brother Get Further?

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Elvis Costello Whos Gonna Help Brother Get Further?

  • Who's Gonna Help Brother Get Further? - Elvis Costello
    "(Toussaint) We may seem happy like everything's alright But from the outside looking in Everything's uptight But deep down inside we're covering up the pain It's an old thing It's a soul thing But it's"
  • Wave A White Flag (elvis Costello) - Ben Folds Five
    "Ben Folds Five Miscellaneous Wave A White Flag (elvis Costello) Take off your shoes, hang up your wings Stack up the chairs, roll up the rug Savor the things that sobriety brings Drain in the last from"
  • Pump it up (Elvis Costello cover) - Exodus
    "I've been on tender-hooks ending in dirty looks Listening to the muzak, thinking 'bout this 'n' that She says that's that, I don't wanna chitter chat Turn it down a little bit or turn it down flat Pump"
  • Whos Side Are You On? - Randy
    "I wanna know a little 'bout your heart mister, is it on your right side or on your left? Do you believe in equality or do you believe in theft? Who's side are you on? Tell me now Who's side are you on?"
  • Elvis - Oblivion Dust
    "Slowdown, gagged and bound You don't know what you've been taking No sound, dragged around You came down and you're still faking Slowdown, gagged and bound You don't know what you've been taking"
  • Look Whos Talking - Dr Alban
    "Choosing BPM Is a big problem Choosing BPM Is a big problem A lot of people get hurt Just for nothing Due to inability To make their mind Make up your mind Before it gets too late Action speaks just louder"
  • Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello Cover) - Blur
    "Don't start me talking I could talk all night My mind was sleep walking While I'm putting the world to rights Call careers information Have you got yourself an occupation? Oliver's Army is here to stay Oliver's"
  • Brother - Dr. Sin
    "Are you blind? Can't you see? Since you don't see you better learn to bleed Are you deaf? Can't you hear? The sound of silence is louder than you think Brother where've you been Brother talk to me It's"
  • Brother - Gil Scott-Heron
    "We deal in too many externals, brother. Always afros, handshakes, and dashikis. Never can a man build a working structure for black capitalism. Always does a man read Mao or Fanon. I think I know you"
  • Brother - Pearl Jam
    "You should be happy with what you got... You should be hard to be a brother... You should be happy with what we give you... Hand over my face. I am related to my enemy. My house on fire, And my big brother"
  • Brother - Murder By Death
    "Fourteen years have passed since that day Your stories are the same but the ends have all changed You carried on like you were some type of god Some things will never change We went home to see our folks We"
  • Brother Brother - The Kelly Family
    "Brother, brother, brother No matter whos right and who is wrong I just want you to know my love is still strong I wrote you a prayer with this song Brother, older brother You told me you broke up with"
  • Brother Man, Brother Man - Big Daddy Kane
    "brother man, brother man uhh, a brother man, brother.. man, yeah! brother man, brother.. man, go 'head brother man, brother.. man, yeah! a brother man, brother man, uhh a brother man, brother.."
  • Baby Brother - Sticky Fingaz
    "(feat. Dave Hollister) Let me call this nigga Come on man; pick up the damn phone Hello I got your pictures, damn we look just alike A younger version of me, half my age same height I played "beat"
  • Further - Edith Frost
    "Don't blow out the candle little girl Keep a little flicker glowin' Don't give up the passion little girl Don't you ever let it die down I know how you need his touch I know how you miss him so much"
  • Further - Hunger
    "I don't know what to say You kick me away Roll me into a ball Then you kick me away Oh so far away But when I reach the wall Cause I, am scared beyond insane I think that you're to blame When all I feel"
  • Further - Cult Of Luna
    "Below the surface I swim Holding my breath as I sink deeper Watching the colors and the shapes Searching for another way out Clinging on to every last word A shred of hope long since forgotten All that"
  • Velvet Elvis - Dry Cell
    "I'm changing everyday Into someone else Trying to get away From my pain You fucked up You blamed me You lied PAIN From bringing me down all the time PAIN Just 'cuz it breaks me sometimes Say what you"
  • Matter Of Time With Elvis Costello - Los Lobos
    "Speak softly, don't wake the baby Come and hold me once more Before I have to leave Because there's a lot of work out there Everything will be fine And I'll send for you baby Just a matter of time Our"
  • FUNNY LITTLE TRAGEDY (feat. Elvis Costello) - Gov't Mule
    "Life has finally shown you It's a mean old world The killer little soldier Is now a scared little girl Always had everything Just handed to you Always had it your way I got to hand it to you And seeing"

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