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  • Embarrasment - Madness
    "Received a letter just the other day, Don't seem they wanna know you no more, They've laid it down given you their score, Within the first two lines it bluntly read. You're not to come and see us no more, Keep"
  • Emergency Broadcast Syndrome - Every Time I Die
    "position the phantom rigged in reflective tape. situated like a makeshift antenna, grinning like tinfoil. we're losing reception. we can't pick up the game. i should be discontinued. i am a broadcasting"
  • She's A Star - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "She's a star it is no use telling her for she knows you're wasting all her time She's a star by rights, everybody knows that she is brilliant how she shows "true embarrasment" like all the things"

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