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  • Catamenia Embody And Behold
    "I try to seek, the path of lucidity I'm like a drop of blood on a pale skin My mind is dark so is my feelings for you You better watch out, you cannot hide the truth Embody and behold! You'll teach me"
  • In Flames Embody the invisible
    "I demand nothing, but I want it all what privilege do we have under the sun, that gives us the right to the throne? species come and go, but the earth stands forever fast all river runs towards the sea,"
  • Embody Be Cool (feat. Bailey & Marco Foster)
    "listen us your day unfolds challenge what the future holds try and keep your head up to the sky lovers they may cause you tears go ahead release your fears stand up and be counted don’t be ashamed to"
  • Nasum Burning Inside
    "Seize the day - is what to do Grab the moment - make what's best Don't be still - activate your mind Discharge the flame - turn dark to light Swallow the fire, embody the heat Seize the fire - the burning"
  • Floater Manic
    "Hey, Mom and Dad, you have done so well Why look so sad? Been so long since my walls fell I can't explain all the thought I've had I'm alright now, can't you tell? I embody violence I see nothing but"
  • Kataklysm Manipulator Of Souls
    "I manipulate your soul! Deep inside the core! Raping your existence! In darkness!! I will control desire I will control your thoughts I will be your guiding light In the dark ways of fear and pain I"
  • Joss Stone Change (Vinnie Jones Intro)
    "You see I know change I see change I embody change All we do is change Yeah, I know change We are born to change We sometimes reagrd it as a metaphor That reflects the way things ought to be In fact"
  • Joss Stone Change
    "(Vinnie Jones Intro)You see I know changeI see is change I embody changeAll we do is changeYea, I know changeWe're born to changeWe sometimes regard it as a metaphorThat reflects the way we want things"
  • Mekong Delta Kill The Enemy
    "I'm given order to survive No way to spare the other's life The battle must be finished now We'll purificate this damned town Kill the enemy [4x] I've struggled hard without success I gave them all my"
  • Burst Mercy Liberation
    "Hear now what I tell you Men shall know of this They shall sleep content With certainty they'll see And here's the secret No hidden logic in the seasons Dreamer's topic denouncing All forms of reason Every"
  • All That Remains Indictment
    "Eyes fill with hatred When they fall upon me You worship gods of violence and bigotry Forgetting lessons learned that prove these The wrong ideals Don't let me follow in the footsteps I won't embrace these"
  • Cave In Inflatable Dream
    "In a dark star field skyline The moon is incredibly bright A giant dome hovers above celebrating masses The sounds of rope tight and twisting The veins of hope tight and twisting me. Someone shifts their"
  • Unbroken D4
    "swallow my lies. as I obscure my emotions. why must I contset myself. always against myself. embody another likeness. death of true spirit. reflection brings question. search for another. I'm sorry. if"
  • Jedi Mind Tricks Terror
    "Jus Allah Verse: I have lived a century, I've tapped into my sixth sensory I am a potential enemy, my entire inner chemistry Every inch of me, is divinity. Unequivocally supremacy. I am undesired energy Send"
  • All That Remains Clarity
    "one moment never told that i have seen nobility my life's been molded by that which was demonstrated for me i'll not deny the truth of right and wrong set forth for me if i am half of this my simple pride"
  • Kataklysm Let Them Burn
    "So slow... To take greed... from every selfish heart that bleeds With me... to fight an endless uphill battle Set free... The souls who need the chance to rise Death's seed... to embody the earth's core The"
  • Snapcase Incarnation
    "incarnation, bring it to life bring it to life embody the soul the soul, the spirit, the essence of life life now absent in our consciousness in this world, death just exists I know that we can live today but"
  • Varathron Lustful Father
    "Hear his howling cries Cover all silence of the night Footprints in the weeping ground It's the beginning of winter The season of the wolf The century of promise Amon reveals the messiah son This winter"
  • Dolorian Epoch Of Cyclosure
    "Behold, the skull-bearer - The one who illuminates the sacred balance, He has returned, Black stars mark his way through the eons - Lie down and he will sever your ties, His dance - the movements that"
  • Me First And The Gimme Gimmes I Sing The Body Electric
    "I sing the body electric I celebrate the me yet to come I toast to my own reunion When I become one with the sun And I'll look back on Venus, I'll look back on Mars I'll burn with the fire of ten million"

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