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Embody - With You

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Embody - With You

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Embody - With You
  • Catamenia Embody And Behold
    "I try to seek, the path of lucidity I'm like a drop of blood on a pale skin My mind is dark so is my feelings for you You better watch out, you cannot hide the truth Embody and behold! You'll teach me"
  • In Flames Embody the invisible
    "I demand nothing, but I want it all what privilege do we have under the sun, that gives us the right to the throne? species come and go, but the earth stands forever fast all river runs towards the sea,"
  • Embody Be Cool (feat. Bailey & Marco Foster)
    "listen us your day unfolds challenge what the future holds try and keep your head up to the sky lovers they may cause you tears go ahead release your fears stand up and be counted don’t be ashamed to"
  • Boston With You
    "(Kimberley Dahme) My true love has come to call The type of man I thought was dead and gone And said, Sparrow, it's you I've come to see 'Cause with you is where I want to be Oh, with you, with you You"
  • Porter Wagoner With You
    "I want to love you and always be with you Share all life's pleasures and heartaches with you And I want you to love me and need me and want me And I want to share my love with you With you with you I want"
  • Charly McClain With You
    "(Larry Shell/Ronald Muir) I love a starry night Warm red wine & candle light With you, with you I love a summer rain Snowflakes on the window pane With you, with you CHORUS: With you, all of"
  • Chris Brown With You
    "I need you boo I gotta see you boo And the hearts all over the world tonight Said the hearts all over the world tonight I need you boo I gotta see you boo And the hearts all over the world tonight Said"
  • Lou Reed With You
    "With you, life moves so fast With you, everything's the last Slow down Don't you think you could be less capricious I've met you, I don't have no death wish Slow down, slow down With you, there is no"
  • Coma With You
    "Suburbia in the morning Approaches at the window Beginning of the story Let it flow, let it flow Cornflakes, fried eggs and coffee Newspaper information The prediction’s catastrophic No bail out I share"
  • Mariah Carey With You
    "With you With you, you, you With you, you, you With you, you, you (Mustard on that beat, ho) it was war, can’t predict the coming storm promise that you’ll keep me warm I don’t wanna play this role he"
  • Tony Terry With You
    "When I'm with you I hear a song That makes me laugh and smile and sing to you When I'm with you I feel so free I feel that love is going to take control of me When I'm with you It's so real What I feel When"
  • Marques Houston With You
    "Being with you is like: When I wake up in the morningI smell that good old breakfast that my mama used t0 make.. Being with you is like.. The feeling that you get when al your friends surprise you on"
  • The Flaming Lips With You
    "When I walk with you, I feel weird. When I talk with you, I feel weird. When I'm standing here, I feel strange. When you're standing near, I feel strange. All that I know is my mind is blown. When I'm"
  • Blues Traveler With You
    "Music & lyrics: john popper Forgive me this intrusion, please forgive me this cardinal sin But I have to inform you how lucky you happen to be There's an army behind you no matter the trouble you're in And"
  • TC Matic With You
    "There's a feeling Deep down inside Like my stomach's Dancing upside down With you I don't want To be bothered by anyone But you With you I feel no fear But it hurst and it burns Deep down inside"
  • Jessica Simpson With You
    "The real me is a southern girl with her Levis on and an open heart Wish I could save the world, like I was super girl The real me used to laugh all night lying in the grass just talking about love But"
  • Little Mix With You
    "na na na na na na ohh ohh na na na na na na ohh ohh na na na na na na ohh ohh na na na na na na ohh ohh i see the smile on your face when I shut my eyes and I wish to God that I could erase it I see the"
  • Avant With You
    "I can't continue to act like I don't wanna be here When I know I do Cause I'm really feelin' you (Feelin' you) And you ain't tha type to sleep around town Let niggas get down And come up with this lame"
  • Monika Ferens With You
    "You lie deep But still amazed and unforgettable Like it keeps on going on and on I loath me For living so shortly with you And Ive been never able to meet you But I dont cry Ive cried enough And though"
  • Vaya Con Dios With You
    "Come on baby, set my soul on fire Love me like no one's ever done before Drive me crazy, baby with desire Get me where you want me and I'll ask for more I'll walk through the desert with you Through fire"

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