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Emerson, Leik

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Emerson, Leik

  • What About Now - Emerson Drive
    "What About Now Emerson Drive The sign in the window said for sale or trade On the last remaining dinosaur of Detroit main Seven hundred dollars was a heck of a deal For a four hundred horsepower jukebox"
  • Pictures At An Exhibition - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    "{{Song|Works Live (1993)|Emerson, Lake & Palmer|star=Green}} {{Song|In The Hot Seat (1994)|Emerson, Lake & Palmer|star=Green}} ==Note== The song named "Pictures At An Exhibition" is in fact a meddley"
  • Eight Miles High - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    "EIGHT MILES HIGH Written by Gene Clark/Roger McGuinn/David Crosby Revised by Keith Emerson/Robert Berry/Carl Palmer 8 miles high, and when you touch down No time can be stranger than now Signs on the"
  • On My Way Home - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    "ON MY WAY HOME (Keith Emerson) On my way home, marching all night, is the light still on? All through the battle been waiting On my way home, so much of life left behind, so much ahead On my way home,"
  • Paper Blood - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    "(Keith Emerson/Greg Lake/Carl Palmer) Livin' on a razor's edge Sharper than a knife Surrender to the power of wedge Keep running for your life You don't need no periscope You won't need second sight It'll"
  • Tiger In A Spotlight - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    "(Emerson, Lake, Palmer, Sinfield) Bass - playing in my face - grabbin' the elastic Drums - listen here she comes - hammerin' the plastic Keys - I play 'em all with ease - Freeze! Your shakin' at the"
  • So Far To Fall - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    "(Emerson, Lake, Sinfield) I was "Master Faster", I was "Mr. Mystery" there wasn't a mortal man was gonna make a monkey out of me. I had reflex, action, first strike capability so high - so tall - so"
  • Farewell To Arms - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    "(Keith Emerson/Greg Lake) In this our life on Earth Another dawn we face Is this the moment of truth For the whole human race Is that the last man down Is that the last life laid to waste Can we"
  • Lover To Lover - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    "LOVER TO LOVER (Keith Emerson/Robert Berry/Carl Palmer) Tell me is there something that I should know? Are we wasting time, have nowhere to go Why do we say that everything's all right? We'll take the"
  • If Youre Gonna Leave - Emerson Hart
    "Maybe i'm the joker Maybe i'm the fool in your eyes Maybe i'm the weak one Maybe i'm a lie in disguise Maybe i'm angry Cause i'm the one whos always wrong Maybe i'm not the one whos so strong But did ya"
  • Friend To A Stranger - Emerson Hart
    "From a friend to a stranger, how's your life In your current situation Did they hold you hostage, did they tell you lies? Just to add to your frustration Oh, my heart So you drown the whole day, in your"
  • I Wish The Best For You - Emerson Hart
    "How long can we wait here To say goodbye? The words once they're spoken Are words that we can't take Back to where we were, before Things got in the way Life gets so confusing When you know what you're"
  • It's All About You - Emerson Drive
    "I told you when I met you I'd do anything it took to get ya Bet you never thought I'd ever take it this far I work two jobs, but that alright, made up your mind To dedicate my whole life to your life,"
  • Last One Standing - Emerson Drive
    "Queen of the night Life of the party It's all an illusion You can't hide that big a heart ache So stop the delusion Waitin' for someone's rescue My arms are right here for you Chorus Through the wind"
  • Lemonade - Emerson Drive
    "Called in sick to the coffee shop Said let's go someplace the weather is hot Bought two plane tickets and called a yellow cab Drank all our money at beachside bars Took pictures of each other smokin' cheap"
  • If You Were My Girl - Emerson Drive
    "I watch the way he looks at you He don't see you like I do I never speak the words I long to say He don't know what he's got Is everything I'll ever want I can't keep this inside one more day Chorus: If"
  • I'll Die Trying - Emerson Drive
    "You've been livin' way too long in broken promise land Dreams crushed and shattered like a million grains of sand I'd love to be your redemption but I am just a man And I may never be a hero But I'm a"
  • November - Emerson Drive
    "She was sittin' on the park bench feedin' pigeons on Beacon Hill I was takin' my dog Jack out for a run, we had little time to kill I still don't know if it was Jack or me that somehow caught her eye But"
  • You're Like Coming Home - Emerson Drive
    "Ridin' restless under the broken sky A weary trav'ler somethin' missing inside Always lookin' for a reason To turn around Desperate for a little peace of mind Just a little of what I left behind Well I've"
  • Waitin' On Me - Emerson Drive
    "Let me set you straight just in case there's a trace of doubt Since you came along I know what it's all about If it were up to me, I know it's not but if it was I'd skip formalities and we would be in"

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