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Emily Stande- Next to me

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Emily Stande- Next to me

  • Emily - Stephen Fretwell
    "You never were going to change your mind, were you, Emily? You just sat back, took it all for you, there was nothing for me; I didn't mean to prove that all I can do is lose Next time that you need"
  • Emily - Lower Than Atlantis
    "Alarm clock rings, another day in hell begins I'm going out of my mind, until she walks in They say love is blind, but my vision is fine Angels sing, when I look in her eyes I'm like, Emily, won't you"
  • Emily - From First To Last
    "Smiles and her laughter its the only thing that I've been waiting for a time regardless of our distance and our hope...grows greater trapped by pretty eyes and letters for all time ...the only thing"
  • Emily - The Bella Cullen Project
    "Emily, Dont you know you stole my man Emily, I thought you were my friend Emily, Emily The scars on your face Do not compare to the ones left on my heart Emily Dont know how you stand to smile around me Oh"
  • Emily - Barbra Streisand
    "Heaven is when I'm in your arms like this When you kiss me and quietly whisper "Emily, Emily, Emily" Has the murmuring sound of May All silver bells, coral shells, carousels And the laughter of children"
  • Emily - The Beu Sisters
    "Emma loves Emily in her little own way So alone in this world from their very first day. With her hand on her belly She rocks and she prays as she hums a melody to her babe everyday Emily Emma-lye, Emma-lea-loa-lay Emily"
  • Emily - Manic Street Preachers
    "Emily, Emily your gift to me Emily, a modern sense of beauty Emily, as precious as your memory: A simple word called liberty The relics, the ghosts, all down so many roads The relics, the ghosts, all"
  • Emily - Velvet Chain
    "Words and music: j. stacy I had a dream I could leave you behind Looking back over my cold shoulder Little girl stepping down to the river You call for me but I do not answer In a daze I was walking"
  • Emily - Bowling For Soup
    "It wasn't supposed to be like this Another dose of unhappiness I gave it all and managed to get shot down yet again So I got drunk, had sex with all your friends You told me that I should never call your"
  • Emily - Feeder
    "Gonna learn how to think cause i'm drowning in sin, Just wanna taste that cinammon skin. I've gotta learn how to cry, Taste a tear roll by. Cause there's no sense in self destruction, Emily loved him,"
  • Emily - Fastball
    "Emily shrugs and drags her heels as she takes the guided tour It seemed like such an amazing deal when she was looking at the brochure Stuck on a bus with strangers wishing she could be at home with me"
  • Emily - Kelly Jones
    "Emily worked at the diamond store She wanted all the rings that she couldn't afford One long day A tall man came Asked her to marry him And he bought her a ring He whisked her off to the seven seas Wined"
  • Emily - Jewel
    "Woke up to find I lost my mind Lost heart, lost nerve I lost my favourite word - Emily I take my cigarettes I give 'em a smoke Oh god My heart feels froze I've lost something it seems I've misplaced my"
  • Emily - Adam Green
    "I just don't care about the evening news I never listen to the crackhouse blues They say the city is the place to be I wanna dance with Emily Everybody come around the window shop I guess they never"
  • Emily - Charizma
    "Monday morning, rushed goodbye Trying hard to get to work in time But still you're running late again today Like so many times before Living for the weekend Living for the dream that all will change one"
  • Emily - Gaba Kulka
  • Emily - Fear Of God
    "Nocturnal shades of blue dance before her eyes. and call to me pleading please don't lie. In her darkest hour Emily knows the fate of whores... who lie down... and swear the sacred words. Love was just"
  • Emily - Nine Days
    "Now Emily hides in a way she is waiting for a knight in shining armor and I know that nothing I'd say could make her see me as a man of honor but I am now sometimes I wish she could see through all the"
  • Emily - Alice In Videoland
    "Girls like her grow old alone Working at some bar some uncle used to own She always takes the early shift That's to make it home in time to fed her cats She's a real bad mother She's a devil, don't be"
  • Emily - Pigeon John
    "I met you at the age of 21 Lookin so fine like a young ripe plum I was the gardener, you were the nun I was maverick, you were the girl on top gun I pursued you with young freshman eyes Stomach too small"

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