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Eminem - Ricky Ticky Toc

  • Ricky Ticky Toc - Eminem
    "Once you call my name out things will never be the same.... They should have never let us get off foot in this game... Ever since I was introduced to rap music I been missing a screw like Bishop and Juice I"
  • Tic Toc - Mother Mother
    "All this talk, all this ticking, all this shit talk I'm staying in bed today And it doesn't matter what they'll have to say to me No I do not care just what they'll have to say to me Cuz I am not listening Tick"
  • Ricky Tic Song - Bobby Bare
    "(Is everybody feelin' silly now? Yeah, I feel silly, yes) Well I'm gonna teach you a Ricky tic song it's kinda silly and it ain't too long But you can't go wrong singin' a Ricky ticcky song You just go"
  • Toc, toc, toc - Miko Mission
    "Toc, toc, toc, toc In Amsterdam and Bangkok Toc, toc, toc, toc And summertime is comin' back In Amsterdam and in Bangkok My heart is stomping loudly like a clock In search of you I'm freak and shock My"
  • Toc Toc Toc - Zazie
    "Depuis que le monde est monde On nous le dit S'il te fait les yeux doux Ma fille, tu t'enfuis Et s'il hurle dans ta cour N'ouvre surtout pas Toc toc toc mais qui est l? Le loup qui te mangera Mais si"
  • Toc -Toc - Mondo Marcio
    "RIT- Non vogliono farmi entrare Non vogliono farmi entrare Non vogliono farmi entrare -- i marci Non vogliono farmi entrare Non vogliono farmi entrare Non vogliono farmi entrare -- i marci Toc toc"
  • Toc Toc - MyPollux
    "Une fois encore Je ne suis pas un dinosaure Je prends la porte Je te supporte Tu nen sort plus, Nous sommes perdus Je cours dehors, Je bois la pluie Jai peur de toi Jveux pas grandir Une fois"
  • Ricky - Fleetwood Mac
    "Ricky can you hear me cry Didn't even say goodbye No one looks and no one sees Ricky won't you tell me please Tell me, tell me, tell me Oohhh Ricky won't you come out tonight Oooh tell me..... Tell me,"
  • Ricky - Nicoletta
    "On jouait aux indiens dans la plaine.On se connaissait peineQue depuis quelques heures.J'tais la ParisienneQue, d'un sourire moqueur,On envoie aux fontainesAller cueillir des fleurs.Sont venus au fil"
  • Ricky - O.T. Genasis
    "I'm the man in my city I got bitches that fuck with me Off [?] like I'm Diddy All this coke, I'm feelin' like I'm Ricky Feelin' like I'm Ricky Feelin' like I'm Ricky Feelin' like I'm Ricky All this coke,"
  • Ricky - John Frusciante
    "I was afraid to be me Be anyone you want to be I don't blame my weak For my not being able to speak Clearly about things I've said before And if it's light outside night will fall And if it's life it resolves Anywhere"
  • Ricky - Bruce Springsteen
    "Well look out Mama your little girl she has changed She cut her baby curls and she's got her act rearranged Look out Daddy what she needs now she can't find at home Oh Rickie wants a man of her She wants"
  • diss to eminem - christina agulera
    "christina agulera Miscellaneous diss to eminem may i have yr attention plz, may i have yr attention plz will the real slim shady plz shut up i repeat will,the real slim shady plz shut up. we'r gonna have"
  • My Reply (Eminem Diss!!!) - Christina Aguilera
    "My Reply (Eminem Diss!!!)(polite version) May I have your attention please (2x) Will the Real Slim Shady please shut up I repeat, will the Real Slim Shady please shut up We're going to have a problem here Y'all"
  • Tic Toc - Vybz Kartel
    "In the house you know your man is her living colours An wha you know you neva witness nuttin like this beefore. Yu body nuh crawny Grab up u punani Hold the man beside yu wine pon him till him get harny Fuck"
  • Tic toc - LeAnn Rimes
    "Come inside my walls of ecstasy, with me Close the door and throw away the key That's the way you can start by moving in nice and slow Taking your time to move down low Cuz everything you do is everything"
  • Tic! Toc! - Super Junior
    "Ya~hoo! Uh! Uh! You and me together Tic toc yeah! Come on! Tic toc no its the clock again, tic toc no its the clock Tic toc no its the clock again, beating in my head like a big drum Amuri aereul ssuhbwado"
  • Tic Toc - Wild Orchid
    "Sometimes when two people meet You know that undeniably There can be an instant chemistry Do you feel the magic here with me Ohh, let's not wait No need to hesitate Better find out before it's too late Chorus Tic"
  • Tic Toc - Racoon
    "Tic toc, 1 listen to the clock I wonder if she's gonna come over Or if she's gonna stay away, again today Tic toe, why don't the bummer stop She's late, just look at the clock I'm f ***ed, already missing"
  • Eminem Freestyle - Eminem
    "Artist: Tony Touch f/ Eminem If I'm elected for ten terms I'm renewing the staff after the inagural And hiring all girls as interns If I don't like you, I'll snatch you outta your mic booth While"

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