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Eminem - Role Model

  • Role Model - Eminem
    "OK, I'm going to attempt to drown myself You can try this at home You can be just like me! Mic check one two.. we recordin? I'm cancerous, so when I diss you wouldn't wanna answer this If you responded"
  • Role Model - The Proclaimers
    "She's been around for a number of years Had success with two career she gives dying people hope, how does she cope? She snorts a line of coke before an audience with the Pope she's a role model for today"
  • Role Model - H2O
    "Who can I believe in When all my heroes are gone Does anybody out there know their right from wrong? No I can't trust the president I can't trust the cops I can't believe my ears when the radio's on I"
  • Role model - Ignite
    "Who can see behind those eyes Where selfish hems in sense and reason? Who can understand a man who'd trade Tiny drops for a larger treason? I know a man who is not what he seems I know a man tearing up"
  • Role Model - Steel Pulse
    "David Hinds CHORUS In the belly of the beast in dis ya struggle Dem chopping down OUR role models In the belly of the beast in dis ya struggle Dem a cutting down OUR role models Cause every single time"
  • Positive Role Model - Pet Shop Boys
    "Here we are where we were back on everything Went too far now we're fine back on everything So much for making it day by day Back on everything Instead of taking another way we're back on everything I"
  • Alone (ft. ROLE MODEL) - Whereisalex
    "i can’t help it friends keep melting no one happy while we selfish my fist get real tight realize don’t relay afraid forget what we want to forget what how we felt like smoke till I am too high cry till"
  • Positive Role Model (Closer To Heaven Version) - Pet Shop Boys
    "Here I stand where I planned Given one more chance Take it then start again Time to join the dance All I've seen and all I've been led me here today Forget the lies the tears I've cried I'm doing it a"
  • Role Models - Rich Boy
    "Parents should go out and play with their kids... Cause we ain't no damn role models (Verse 1: Rich Boy) Right there in between Florida and Mississippi Mobile Alabama this is Rich Boy city And the bricks"
  • Slow Your Role - D12
    "[ Eminem ] Guess who, New shit! D12 World, D-Twizzy! [ Chorus ] [ Eminem ] You don't got a reason to want no beef You ain't got no ends to justify the means You don't got a cause, you better put it on"
  • Model - To My Boy
    "This weekend I constructed a model for the answer It wasn't very easy But these things never are I suppose. The idea came upon me - "A model for the weekend" I put my hands upon it And held it up for"
  • Model - Na Tak
    "Mamy model ludzkich pragnień. Zbudujemy wzmacniacz twoich doznań. Jedna pastylka i mała chwilka. A nie poczujesz jak zmienia się melodyjka. Jedna pastylka i mała chwilka, a nie poczujesz jak... Super"
  • Model - Mr. Vegas
    "(Vegas' lyrical intro) CHORUS: Jus model pon dem like yuh know how yuh nuh live like some ah dem weh sell gow nuh man can bounce yuh bout like yuh a poppyshow yuh nuh mix inah careless crowd from"
  • Model - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) WARNING: These lyrics are unconfirmed and may be inaccurate. They represent the best attempt at deciphering the song we have yet to see. She's ahead of her time and she's never"
  • Model - Avail
    "i'd to anything to look that way when i stop and think again i want to change my face and change my skin no more invisible to them, you can't compare me i'd to anything big is a scar you'd better get"
  • Model - Simply Red
    "Looking at yourself in the mirror baby Telling yourself to be up this morning Holding in your hand another mirror baby One or two lines for confidence Pretty little girl is climbing to the top Her ageing"
  • Eminem Freestyle - Eminem
    "Artist: Tony Touch f/ Eminem If I'm elected for ten terms I'm renewing the staff after the inagural And hiring all girls as interns If I don't like you, I'll snatch you outta your mic booth While"
  • Lean Back (Remix) W/ Mase And Eminem - Terror Squad
    "(Intro- Lil Jon) Stop! It's the mothafuckin remix! (Lil Jon over Mase) Yeah! Yeah! Eminem nigga! Lil Jon nigga! Mase and Bethem! That is yours! (Mase) Uh Ya Harlem is back Who in the world want a problem"
  • Role Models - Retard-O-Bot
    "Everyone I looked up to Had a white moustache and tophat to match I might laugh if I had a chance Might laugh if I had a chance Everyone I looked up to Had a white moustache and tophat to match I"
  • Pa-Role - Magda Umer, Janusz Gajos
    "Nie zagram już Nie zagram już Żadnej z ról Żadnej z ról Upomnę się dziś o mój śmiech O sens i ból Nawet o ból Nie a propos A życiem moim żyć wolę Gdyby pytał ktoś Ja po siebie wracam Szumi mi w"

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