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Eminem- Godzilla

  • Godzilla Challenge - Eminem
    "fill ‘em whit the venom and eliminate ‘em other words I minute maid ‘em I don’t want to hurt ‘em but I did ‘em in a fit of range I am murderin’ again nobody will evade him finna kill ‘em and udmp all"
  • Godzilla - Michale Graves
    "Godzilla King of the monsters Go get Hedora Destroy all monsters Godzilla versus Mothra Versus Gigan On Monster Island Here comes Tokyo The shadow from the sea Kaiju Eiga, atomic energy Godzilla, Rodan"
  • Godzilla! - The Creatures
    "I never wanted a spinning top I used to swing a riding crop I never wanted a stupid doll I used to swing a tomahawk And then I saw him and I was won Godzilla, King Kong Godzilla He trashes cars Godzilla He's"
  • Godzilla - Racer X
    "With a purposeful grimace And a terrible scowl He pulls the spitting High-tension wires down Helpless people on subway trains Scream my god as he looks in on them He picks up a bus And he throws in back"
  • Godzilla - Blue
    "With a purposeful grimace and a terrible soundHe pulls the spitting high tension wires downHelpless people on a subway trainScream bug-eyed as he looks in on themHe picks up a bus and he throws it back"
  • Godzilla - Fu Manchu
    "With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound He pulls the spitting high tension wires down Helpless people on a subway train Scream bug-eyed as he looks in on them He picks up a camero and he throws"
  • Godzilla - Yukmouth
    "Verse 1 You niggas juss created a monsta fuck a Tampa I smoke ganja up in the Bahamas racin Yamaha jet skis money launderin like "Casa Blanca" luminate the concert aimin missile launchers he's crazy comet mentally"
  • Godzilla - Silverchair
    "no more maybes your baby's got rabies sitting on a ball in the middle of the andes yeah i'm a freak of nature yeah i'm freak if only i could be as cool as you as cool as you body and soul i'm a freak i'm"
  • Godzilla - Alians
    "Na ustach lepsze są inne usta niż deklaracja pusta. A w życiu lepsze własne drogi niż wszystkie dekalogi. Nic się nie może zdarzyć złego, nic się nie zdarzy złego. Zostawię ci własny mit, otworzę własne"
  • Godzilla (ft. Juice WRLD) - Eminem
    "ugh you’re a monster i can swallow a bottle of alcohol and I’ll feel like Godzilla better hit the deck like the card dealer my whole squad’s in here walking around the party shady’s in this bitch I am"
  • Eminem Freestyle - Eminem
    "Artist: Tony Touch f/ Eminem If I'm elected for ten terms I'm renewing the staff after the inagural And hiring all girls as interns If I don't like you, I'll snatch you outta your mic booth While"
  • Godzilla Flick - The Flaming Lips
    "This isn't no Godzilla flick, This isn't no Godzilla flick. People that you love, are never going to say 'hello' again. And it's only in the movies. This isn't no Godzilla flick. This isn't no Clint"
  • Godzilla (Bonus) - We Butter The Bread With Butter
    "Godzilla ist am Start Jetzt wird es richtig hart! er stampft die stadt zu brei das wird ne sauerei uiuiuiuiuiiii breeweeweewee Godzilla ist am Start Jetzt wird es richtig hart! Auf der Mauer, auf"
  • Ghetto Godzilla - Magic
    "Here lizard, lizard... Master P: UUGGGHHHH!!! Me and that nigga Mr. Magic together We motherfucking bigger than life Real niggas and bitches feel this Real Soldiers gon' ride with me Real killers gon'"
  • Godzilla Like - Chico & Coolwadda
    "Ugh..... yeah This ones dedicated To all the homies That didnt make it To the millenium We gone do it for y'all Real big...godzilla like Rest in peace homies We all want the high life Big Gs in the"
  • C’mon Let Me Ride (ft. Eminem) - Skylar Grey
    "If you got a sweet tooth, You can taste my watermelons If the swing set bores you I can show you all my talents I can wear a tail, like all the b-tches can't You can have all this, boy! And there's only"
  • Eminem Vs. Lotto - Eminem
    "I'll spit a racial slur, honky, sue me! This shit is a horror flick, but the black guy doesn't die in this movie! Fuckin' wit Lotto, dawg, you gotta be kiddin! That makes me believe you really dont have"
  • Eminem Exclusive Freestyle - Eminem
    "Yo! Turn that click off My music is soothing But its also been provin That it can put you in the mood to jump out your car while it's movin You been waitin' on this moment My sermon is like a omen I'm"
  • Eminem Part 1 - Eminem
    "Met a retarded kid named greg, with a wooden leg Snatched it off and beat him over the head with the peg Go to bed with a keg, wake up with a forty Mix it with alka seltzer and formula 44-d Forget"
  • Stan De Eminem - Eminem
    "My tea's gone cold, I'm wonderin why i got out of bed at all. the morning rain clouds up my window and i can't see at all. even if i could it'd all be grey. but your picture on my wall. It reminds me"

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