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Emotional Music Beauty Touch

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Emotional Music Beauty Touch

  • Sleeping Beauty - Tech N9ne
    "(Intro: Big Krizz Kalico backwards) Such a cutie Sleeping beauty (Tech N9ne) It was a Saturday night me and my homeboys decided to dip to the movies And you know what? Always on CP time So we enter the"
  • Beauty - Edan
    "[-VERSE 1-] Well it's the rap beautician The facts you listen I blast through rhythms like hash through your system True in love and wisdom Well off and witty Using God's sleeve to wipe the hell off the"
  • Emotional fire - Bonnie Tyler
    "I can't wait 'til I see you baby I can't wait 'til the night comes fallin' down I gotta see you again And even if it couldn't be forever I'd trade a lifetime for this night together Hold on, hold on..."
  • Emotional Storm - Beaver Brown Band
    "Bad moon on the horizon Something in the air today Hear the sound of thunder And the rhythm of a driving rain Just keep your body moving Make it thu another day Everything you ever wanted Stays just another"
  • Emotional Fire - Cher
    "I can't wait 'till I see you baby I can't wait 'till the night comes falling down I gotta see you again And even if it couldn't be forever I'd trade a lifetime for this night together Hold on hold on "
  • 100% Emotional - No Angels
    "Cien per cento emotional I've been waiting - for this moment So won't you come here Close to me, next to me, baby When you touch me - when you kiss me Got me feeling This ecstasy is destiny You can"
  • Emotional Dreams - April Wine
    "April Wine Attitude Emotional Dreams (myles goodwyn) Published by mfg sing sing music/socan - ascap Well you best get ready, cause it's spreading the news I promised myself that i would see it through A"
  • Emotional Girl - Terri Clark
    "I've been looking at you looking me Bet you're thinking that what you get Is what you see But underneath this cool exterior A raging river flows So before you get any nearer I better let you know I'm"
  • So Emotional - K-Ci & JoJo
    "Ah, yeah Ah, yeah Ah, yeah, yeah I get so emotional Whenever I touch you, whenever we kiss I get so emotional You're so beautiful, yeah You do to many, whatever it is you do to me You make the whole"
  • Emotional Drought - Chevelle
    "It's possible that the worst Of the inside Could take our pencils away End creating Can't let the teachers lay waste Of a new mind Prevent emotional drought And watch the pace quicken Try to never"
  • Sacred Music - Trembling Blue Stars
    "Carry me away Sacred music Touch and unchain A wish to defy Gravity To slip away From the mundane Golden light From a window high A building for the longing Moved by the beauty But the need stays unattended No"
  • Music - A 45
    "Here I'm standing around and my heart beats so loud you are listening to me - hope you're feeling allright we worked hard - for this moment to bring our music to you the idea of good Rock'n Roll which"
  • Music - Vivian Green
    "As far back as I recall You've played a major part Inspired me to see my place, in life You give me reason to create Everyday is brand new There's something you introduce And you've touched me in those"
  • Music - Joss Stone
    "(feat. Lauryn Hill) Nothing in this world got me like you do baby I'd give up my soul If I couldn't sing with you daily I'm not the only girl In love with you it's crazy I appreciate your groove Now"
  • Beauty Fiend - My Ruin
  • Beauty Marks - Ciara
    "what a feeling to wake up everyday knowing I am loved by you I can’t believe it what did I do to deserve someone to hold me like you do cuz you take me as I am and I take you as you are whit your hand"
  • Dangerous Beauty - Rolling Stones
    "In your high school photo You looked so young and naive Now I heard you got a nickname The lady of the leash Well I find you on a midnight shift I bet you had your fair share of stiffs There were"
  • Beauty Bar - Justin King
    "Tonight I'll wrap myself in skyscrapers Leave a trail of ashes where I walk Going down to see the girls at the beauty bar Where it's all just candy and cigarettes from here My insides and outsides are"
  • Beauty Queen - Next
    "(Intro) Welcome Ya see, what we wanna talk about today Is dimes that turn to pennies Women that turn to bitches Honeys that turn to hoes I know y'all out there know exacty what I'm talkin' about Somebody"
  • Beauty Queen - Bounty Killer
    "Establish yuhself (Gal!) Talk dem bizniz (Ladies!) Gal if a model in yuh brand yuh can do dat too Gal if yuh pass every test weh yuh stand up too Everyting natural nuttin nuh glued pon yuh Look pon a"

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