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  • Dandy Warhols Best friend
    "Best friendIll see you in the endBroken for a whileBut maybe we can bendBest friendIm feeling out of lineAnd filling up the time againIll see you in the endI will againBest friendIm really up againThe"
  • Rockets Endless blue
    "Another day is gone, and you're awayAnother journey to believeUntil the stars are falling I gotta stayAnother day in outer worldAnother day is gone and I'm aloneAnother mission not to fearUntil the moon"
  • Readymade Superficial
    "SUPERFICIAL I wanna see all my friends todayI haven't been out for a week or twoAnd nobody seems to be missing meNo superficial talk, i wanna listen to what they have to sayAnd sometimes it's so much fun"
  • Grave Digger Shadows of the past
    "I once gave my heart and soulwhy - I wanna knowyou've got what you were looking foryou enjoyed your showSacrifice you - without warningnot for you - I can't take itnow you're gone - I will make itall night"
  • Blink 182 Obious
    "I saw you againI think you used me againShould we try this beforeWe give up and move onAnd pretend to restureWhat we have and hold onAt the times like theseIt's obviousI saw you againI know you fucked"
  • Via Mistica When i die
    "The night is comingI'm getting awayI see what has beenAnd I see will be endI see...I see the starlightIt's showing me howPretend that I live andPretend that I feelI pretendWhen I seeYour deathI can not"
  • Luther Vandross Don't want to be a fool
    "Love, what have you doneoh wowI was sure up til now that she was a friendI stayed til the end(Don't be a fool again)I once believed that love was fairbut I don't anymoreshe said I'm a boremy heart hit"
  • Vandross Luther Don't want to be a fool
    "Love, what have you doneoh wowI was sure up til now that she was a friendI stayed til the end(Don't be a fool again)I once believed that love was fairbut I don't anymoreshe said I'm a boremy heart hit"
  • Danko Jones Heartbreaks a blessing
    "How many times did i let it slide byWhen the boys got the pick of the bestI didn't know what to doI couldn't pick up a clueGoing home all alone in my bedI was a high school loser never made it with a lady"
  • Pussycat Dolls Don't Wanna Fall In Love
    "Ain't no personal thing boyBut you have got to stay awayFar far away from my heart my heartDon't you know what your kisses doin'Let me tell it to ya from the start boyI don't wanna fall in love no noEnough"
  • Carole King Changes
    "With my limited visionI don't understandWhy anybody has to lose a friendEverybody has to follow their heartBut it can hurt so badTo see changesI believed in somethingI thought you did tooBut I didn't know"
  • Jamie Walters Reckless
    "Nothin's changin' but the shadows on the wallI wish I could leave myself at the end of the hallAlways pushin' pushin' away what I need the mostWell here I go again but this time we got so closeChorusI"
  • Ice Biting bullets
    "Don't you wonderIs anyone that strongIt takes me underBelieving what I'm seeingI get so tired of watching friends go downThe hungry tiger for all who never beganBiting bulletsBiting the cloudsBiting bulletsBiting"
  • BB King Three o'clock blues
    "Well now it's three o'clock in the morningAnd i can't even close my eyesThree o'clock in the morning babyAnd i can't even close my eyesCan't find my babyAnd i can't be satisfiedI've looked around meAnd"
  • Chicago I've been searching
    "As my life goes on I believeSomehow somethings changedSomething deep insideOoh a part of meTheres a strange new light in my eyesThings Ive never knownChangin my lifeChangin meIve been searchinSo longTo"
  • Church Almost with you
    "See the chains which bind the menCan you taste their lonely arroganceIt's always too lateAnd your face is so coldThey struggled for this opulenceSee the suns which blind the menBurnt away so long before"
  • 2 Play Buggin' over you
    "I never meant to hurt you girlI meant it from my heartI never thought i'd see the day that we'd fall apartAnd though we've had our up and downsI love you till the endI wish i could still be your lover,"
  • Inkubus Sukkubus Incubus
    "I feel you drawing nearAnd I will show no fearNo pleasure be denied meA hunger grows inside meI need your fiery kissesThrill me with your icy touchWhat mortal lover wouldEver hope to give a woman this"
  • Norther Self-righteous fuck
    "What you said me todaymade me realize it's too lateto set you freeto shit on (?) soulWhat did I believewhat did I still believethat you can't be realeven though you are full of shit(Self-righteous fuck)You"
  • Gloria Estefan Without your love
    "If I see you againYou might understand the wayThat I feelThough time after time I tryTo explain the feeling was so realAnd I want you to know time hasnt changedWhen I was loving you thenThe breeze of your"

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