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English love

  • English Love Affair - 5 Seconds Of Summer
    "It started on a weekend in May I was looking for attention needed intervention Felt somebody looking at me With a powder white complexion feeling the connection The way she looked was so ridiculous Every"
  • English Girls - Sarah Brightman
    "Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber Lyrics: Don Black, Charles Hart English girls get all their own way. English girls know just what to say. An accent works wonders, English girls do great in L.A. He has"
  • English School - Alliance
    "English School 1. I love you, when you go to school But I hate you, when you open english book There is so, many english words But i hate it, because i'm not english lord Ref: Now I don't love you because You"
  • English Towns - The Stranglers
    "There is no love inside of me I gave it to a thousand girls We build towers of saddened ivory In our English towns The dogs they try to possess us I can hear their anguished cries They build towers of"
  • English Rose - The Jam
    "No matter where I roam I will ""RETURN"" to my English rose For no bonds can ever tempt me from she I've sailed the seven seas, Flown the whole blue sky. But I've returned with haste to where my Love"
  • English Fire - Bush
    "World news, world news, world news Well you said let's be free Well you said I'll be me Death row hearts are hard to mend Why shoot myself for your sins All my love, all my love All my love, all my love Well"
  • English teacher - Stella
    "I could be your english teacher, cannot hold words to myself I want to touch them like you say you'd do I cannot do the things you want me to nothing but do you good we're like an apple and its pips, like"
  • English Boys - Luna Halo
    "I remember the way we said goodbye And the salt from the tears that we cried And the calls from London said that you loved me And the calls from London said you were thinking of me Are the English boys"
  • Pidgin English - Elvis Costello
    "There's a young girl with her old man who's too sick to mention She'll be turning twenty seven as she draws her widow's pension But he couldn't catch a common cold he couldn't get arrested Too terrified"
  • English boys - Blondie
    "When I was 17 I saw a magazine It had those English boys who had long hair When I was on my own they moved into my town and I just called 'em up and they'd be there In 1969 I had a lousy time I listened"
  • English Kiss - Steve Kilbey
    "D'you remember the story In the bloody chamber About the mad tiger He licks the skin off of women. I tell you samantha I could wear those stripes (straps ? !) for you. Have you prayed, have you chanted With"
  • English House - Fleet Foxes
    "Go with you to feed them. Down through the cold lane there, too bright. A country house, a liar and a louse live there. Go with your arms held wide. Happiness in your eyes, come and sit. And stay the"
  • Desafinado (English) - George Michael
    "If you say my singing is off key, my love You would hurt my feelings, don't you see, my love? I wish I had an ear like yours A voice that would behave All I have is feeling And the voice God gave You"
  • Desafinado (English) - Michael George
    "If you say my singing is off key, my love You would hurt my feelings, don't you see, my love? I wish I had an ear like yours A voice that would behave All I have is feeling And the voice God gave You"
  • Dudu (English) - Tarkan
    "here cant be separation without the crying emories won't stay well behaved he ones left behind carry the ones that go in their hearts love isn't a burden to those who love this is how we know it - this"
  • Peligro (english) - Shakira
    "I love to lie out in the sun Hair down with suntan lotion With my yellow Walkman Towel, sand in my ear When you pass by I feel shocked that you didn't Smile at me. I become distracted Betraying my heart"
  • English Beefcake - James
    "I wish I could create myself A kool machine designed to help Not always hurting Just plug me in and do the rounds Impress your friends Save yourself pounds I'll not be wanting I wish that things could"
  • Butterfly (English) - Digimon
    "I'll become a happy butterfly, and ride on the glittering wind I'll come to see you soon It's best to forget the unnecessary things There's no more time to be fooling around What do you mean, wow"
  • Tu (english) - Shakira
    "Ig ive you my waist and my lips for when you want to kiss i give you my madness and the few neurons that already remain my faded shoes the newspaper that i write until i give all my sighs but don't leave"
  • Sara (english) - Matenrou Opera
    "Skin feeling as if it was melting, leaking sighs entwining All, entirely from our Our fingertips grope along Since I've been kept waiting, I've got trouble holding back my desires as it is... Don't go The"

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