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Enigma " Forever with you "

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Enigma " Forever with you "

  • Sweethearts & Quot ; - Camper Van Beethoven
    "'cause he's always living back in dixon Circa 1949 And we're all sitting at the fountain, at the five and dime 'cause he's living in some b-movie The lines they are so clearly drawn In black and white"
  • Per Capita - Napalm Death
    "Countless opinions - a hotbed of riches Last remaining entitlement Feeling valued? Or devoutly subdued? Per Capita All placated and humoured A billion voices shall all register - they say Diversity for"
  • Enigma - Edge Of Sanity
    "Psalm 1 'The Blessing' The Priest: Confess your sins to God, don't be afraid. Just like me of flesh and blood you're made. I can heal your wounds and cleanse your soul, but never return all those lives"
  • Tot Aan Die Dag - Gerald Troost
    "Ooit zal het zo zijn, dat de hemel open breekt En de doden zullen opstaan Ooit komt er een dag, dat U terug komt op een wolk Dat U kijkt met ogen stralend als de zon Ooit zal het zo zijn, dat we leven"
  • Sigma Enigma - God Dethroned
    "Sigma Enigma I am the leader of the local mob I live by the rules of crime I have never felt any remorse When I oppressed the weak I need you to satisfy my need for greed To reach my goal I became a politician I"
  • Enigma - Atrocity
    "I see the golden roofs shining in the sun I see stoned circles built up by strong men Can you imaging the 8th continent buried in the deep sea down below Can you see the mighty kingdom of old times and"
  • Enigma - Wishbone Ash
    "(Andy Powell/Andy Powell) Is this your final answer? The way you want it to be? It seems there'll be no chance for Peace, love and harmony I know you need no other There's no one else involved It makes"
  • Enigma - Amanda Lear
    "Amanda Lear Miscellaneous Enigma Give a bit of hm to me, and I'll give a bit of hm to you. Give a bit of hm to me, and I'll give a bit of hm to you. And your eyes like a laser, every time cut me deeper. Give"
  • Enigma - On Thorns I Lay
    "I think I have lost my way Like ruin my soul Throwing away Into a city not mine non yours Do you remember? And I was running Every spring around the earth To find a hope To bring you the first rose I"
  • Enigma - Trapt
    "Do we know how to get the message across We turn the lights off to find a way out No time to get through to grasp what was lost Don't turn the light off and leave me in the dark Hey, I'm pleading, my soul"
  • Forever - Dokken
    "(dokken, davis) Searching for answers I found one Looking for roses But the season is gone I see the eyes of a stranger I don't know you anymore I know my heart is in danger Lost in you just like before Searching"
  • Forever - After Forever
    "Dead Girl: I can see your pain I can feel your loss I can hear your words I can but you are out of reach and so am I Man: You and me living in a dream This end could not have been foreseen The pain won't"
  • Back To That Enigma - On Thorns I Lay
    "You will tear the planet Like enigma and will be Great like eternal sea of stars Tell me what you feel when our bodies Are crucified and what you feel When speak form karma Keep the pictures your hearts Rainbow"
  • Enigma Of The Absolute - Trail Of Tears
    "My shadow follows me everywhere I go Please take it away, 'cause I wanna go Alone... Bring forth the agony of your inner thoughts Far out in the forest lies a secret that I hid when I was little Wonder"
  • The Endless Enigma Part One - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    "Why do you stare Do you think that I care? You've been misled By the thoughts in your head Your words waste and decay Nothing you say Reaches my ears anyway You never spoke a word of truth Why do you"
  • The Enigma Of Number Three - Anata
    "Reality, my one last escape I can't hid deep inside myself I close my eyes Try to cover my ears I'm obsessed No peace to be found Three churches with minarets On three hills, far away Every church has"
  • Tot - Candlemass
    "Dark clad waters, still warm shrouds Doomsday warning from the men in the clouds Lily's weep over light that fled Words were carved in my arm by the dead Grim like war, foul like tar Corroded fragments"
  • Haunting Enigma - Headnoise
    "How many dying must there be? So many untold memories Who really cares, so many stares People fade away everyday Empty bottles tell sad stories Filthy photos fumbled through Grubby fingers buy a few Sick"
  • Forever With You - Guy Sebastian
    "(featuring Mya) Guy: Do you remember how we made it through the rain Said together we would make you and me in love forever Never imagined we would go our separate ways That my life would be a maze Hoping"
  • Forever With You - Big Bang
    "Uh! hey baby girl(what s up) pretty ma luv Hokshi onulri musun nalijhi ani? nol algoini u know? Gudega tonan jhi tak ilnhyonjhe nalha guderul jhoum manan ddega okujhe gatunde nan Malha Hayako hayanton"

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