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Enigma - Age Of Loneliness (Jam

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Enigma - Age Of Loneliness (Jam

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Enigma - Age Of Loneliness (Jam
  • Enigma Age Of Loneliness (Jam & Spoon Remix)
    "Tosonguyn oroygoor toosrood Tosonguyn oroygoor toosrood Tosonguyn oroygoor toosrood Carly, don't be sad Life is crazy, life is mad Don't be afraid Carly, don't be sad That's your destiny, the only chance Take"
  • Edge Of Sanity Enigma
    "Psalm 1 'The Blessing' The Priest: Confess your sins to God, don't be afraid. Just like me of flesh and blood you're made. I can heal your wounds and cleanse your soul, but never return all those lives"
  • Atrocity Enigma
    "I see the golden roofs shining in the sun I see stoned circles built up by strong men Can you imaging the 8th continent buried in the deep sea down below Can you see the mighty kingdom of old times and"
  • Amanda Lear Enigma
    "Amanda Lear Miscellaneous Enigma Give a bit of hm to me, and I'll give a bit of hm to you. Give a bit of hm to me, and I'll give a bit of hm to you. And your eyes like a laser, every time cut me deeper. Give"
  • Amorphis Enigma
    "On his trail the stones they grew He was lead astray Forces strange he had to face Magic unseen When he asked, he was not answered But he would not yield What he asked for was not given A shape to his"
  • Hot Soda Apparatus Enigma
    "He gives birth to blind men Men of valour, men of courage Men of infinite wisdom She sows the seed of injustice Oblivious bigotry within Eating her way to the valley He lights the match The match of"
  • Michael Jackson Jam
    "Nation To Nation All The World Must Come Together Face The Problems That We See Then Maybe Somehow We Can Work It Out I Asked My Neighbor For A Favor She Said Later What Has Come Of All The People Have"
  • Alchemist Enhancing Enigma
    "A captive soul returns Limited materialistic boundaries. Repeating the progress of leaving as previous knowledge dissolved long ago. Bewildered by totems in nature we quest universe reflection, but When"
  • Roy Orbison Loneliness
    "(Roy Orbison/Joe Melson) Loneliness is the worst thing in the world To be alone all the day long No ring on the phone, yeah this is wrong Low down loneliness This loneliness, I must confess Yes it's"
  • Blank & Jones Loneliness
    "(feat. Bobo) Blackness All is wrapped in blackness Covered overall Blankets of blackness Can't even see my fingers In front of my eyes Moving like ballet dancers in slow motion And a sound reminding me"
  • Mercenary Loneliness
    "The one that makes me stronger Still pulls me under Leaves me on my knees The one That makes my heart beat Still makes my soul bleed Bleeding piece by piece You see I am your destination Where you always"
  • Marta Ławska Loneliness
    "Loneliness, I call you now, Would you like to speak with me for a little while? I feel so empty inside, When he’s not by my side, So what should I do, To get away from you? I am who I am, But I’ll tell"
  • Annie Lennox Loneliness
    "Loneliness... It's a place that I know well. It's the distance between us and the space inside ourselves. And emptiness... Is the chattering in your head. It's the call of the living and the race from"
  • Laura Pausini Loneliness
    "I don't even know if he still thinks of me Once he got onboard that unforgiving train I imagine that he whiled away the time Through the cold gray morning and the city rain Thinking of somebody else"
  • The Beautiful South Loneliness
    "Solitude has only existed Since overspill demanded a view Finding a space has only been around Since the invention of the bustling queue Forcing everyone to be a loner If they didn't join the regular crew And"
  • Eternal Reign Loneliness
    "Darkest night surrounding me... Feel like trapped in a prison cell My mind's empty - nothing's left to say... Somebody please get me out of this hell I am bound in sadness - can't see the light of day Who"
  • Grand Funk Railroad Loneliness
    "Lonliness cries deep from my soul, Keeps trying to tell me about the world growing so cold. Too many people trying to take from my Earth, But we can't live without controlling our birth. Deep inside a"
  • God Dethroned Sigma Enigma
    "Sigma Enigma I am the leader of the local mob I live by the rules of crime I have never felt any remorse When I oppressed the weak I need you to satisfy my need for greed To reach my goal I became a politician I"
  • Headnoise Haunting Enigma
    "How many dying must there be? So many untold memories Who really cares, so many stares People fade away everyday Empty bottles tell sad stories Filthy photos fumbled through Grubby fingers buy a few Sick"
  • The Human League Jam
    "Starting over To feel the way I do A sudden stranger To everything I knew All the years together Now the days we are apart New experiences New sensation for the heart But you know that you will go back Where"

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