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Enigma - Following The Sun')

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Enigma - Following The Sun')

  • Following The Sun - Enigma
    "Following the sun, to find the one Who's giving you the wings to fly Following the sun, the golden one Losing sense for space and time Can you feel the waves of life (Can you) hear the sigh of love Do"
  • Enigma - Atrocity
    "I see the golden roofs shining in the sun I see stoned circles built up by strong men Can you imaging the 8th continent buried in the deep sea down below Can you see the mighty kingdom of old times and"
  • Following The Sun - Toploader
    "Sunday morning daylight breaking Nothing's stopping me from smiling Though my head is aching Everything is fine I'm mesmerised, your eyes excite me All alone, but that just soothes me There's no urgency"
  • Enigma - Wishbone Ash
    "(Andy Powell/Andy Powell) Is this your final answer? The way you want it to be? It seems there'll be no chance for Peace, love and harmony I know you need no other There's no one else involved It makes"
  • Enigma - Amanda Lear
    "Amanda Lear Miscellaneous Enigma Give a bit of hm to me, and I'll give a bit of hm to you. Give a bit of hm to me, and I'll give a bit of hm to you. And your eyes like a laser, every time cut me deeper. Give"
  • Enigma - Edge Of Sanity
    "Psalm 1 'The Blessing' The Priest: Confess your sins to God, don't be afraid. Just like me of flesh and blood you're made. I can heal your wounds and cleanse your soul, but never return all those lives"
  • Enigma - Amorphis
    "On his trail the stones they grew He was lead astray Forces strange he had to face Magic unseen When he asked, he was not answered But he would not yield What he asked for was not given A shape to his"
  • Enigma - Hot Soda Apparatus
    "He gives birth to blind men Men of valour, men of courage Men of infinite wisdom She sows the seed of injustice Oblivious bigotry within Eating her way to the valley He lights the match The match of"
  • Enigma - Trapt
    "Do we know how to get the message across We turn the lights off to find a way out No time to get through to grasp what was lost Don't turn the light off and leave me in the dark Hey, I'm pleading, my soul"
  • Enigma - On Thorns I Lay
    "I think I have lost my way Like ruin my soul Throwing away Into a city not mine non yours Do you remember? And I was running Every spring around the earth To find a hope To bring you the first rose I"
  • Following The Sun All Day - Hank Snow
    "(Keep a movin' keep a movin') We've been followin' the sun ever since the day began and we're weary (Keep a movin' keep a movin') Tell the fading western light brings the shelter of the night so dreary Followin'"
  • Following - Bangles, The
    "Bangles, The Different Light Following (m. steele) Michael You think i'm crazy or something Always following you around You say i'm a hopeless case Run an obsession into the ground You call me a loser You"
  • Following - THE BANGLES
    "You think I'm crazy or something Always following you around You say I'm a hopeless case Run an obsession into the ground You call me a loser You call me a shadowing fool Look over your shoulder"
  • Following - Chungking
    "Well you don't wanna start But I don't wanna cry I'm not getting tired of you Well are you getting over While I'm getting by Even all the times I've thought What we had, of course it makes me sad That"
  • Following - Bangles
    "You think I'm crazy or something,always following you around.You say I'm a hopeless case,runa n obsession into the ground.You call me a loser.You call me a shadowing fool.Look over your shoulderand you"
  • Back To That Enigma - On Thorns I Lay
    "You will tear the planet Like enigma and will be Great like eternal sea of stars Tell me what you feel when our bodies Are crucified and what you feel When speak form karma Keep the pictures your hearts Rainbow"
  • Sigma Enigma - God Dethroned
    "Sigma Enigma I am the leader of the local mob I live by the rules of crime I have never felt any remorse When I oppressed the weak I need you to satisfy my need for greed To reach my goal I became a politician I"
  • Enhancing Enigma - Alchemist
    "A captive soul returns Limited materialistic boundaries. Repeating the progress of leaving as previous knowledge dissolved long ago. Bewildered by totems in nature we quest universe reflection, but When"
  • Haunting Enigma - Headnoise
    "How many dying must there be? So many untold memories Who really cares, so many stares People fade away everyday Empty bottles tell sad stories Filthy photos fumbled through Grubby fingers buy a few Sick"
  • Following Me - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Face To Face Following Me Standing before me Light shining into my eyes Telling the story You wandered into my life Without your sweet love Where in the world would i be Love"

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