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Enter Through the Sun

Wykonawcy (2041)

Enter Through the Sun

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Enter Through the Sun
  • The Echoing Green Enter Love
    ""Okay, roll the drums!" Every day I see you turn to Me With your repentive sighs It's not the way I called you to be It's time to see you through My eyes You'll find you're not so far away From"
  • Planetshakers Enter In
    "You lead me through each day Your love it covers me And when I feel afraid Your love it covers me Restorer of my soul Your love it covers me Your presence makes me whole Your love it covers me You are"
  • Planet Shakers Enter In
    "You lead me through each day Your Love it covers me And when I feel afraid Your Love it covers me Restorer of my soul Your Love it covers me Your presence makes me whole Your Love it covers me You are"
  • Persuader Enter Reality
    "Shadows Will we ever see the light of day Hear the angels cry for a hollow soul You think you'll live forever steadfast and strong But I will prove you wrong Another struggle to survive Potential victim,"
  • Hortus Animae Enter
    "Enter in the valley of tears, in the reign of your fears and the shame of your mind. Enter in the realm of the dead, the loved ones' regrets are shown with respect. Enter where pure is the blood, where"
  • Within Temptation Enter
    "The gates of time have opened, Now, it's chains are broken. An ancient force unleashed again As I enter the portal, I feel the enchantment It takes me away, away from here Come near me, enter my private"
  • Attica Blues Enter
    "Backstreet ways Crowded dorways The darkness scares you Do you dare to look into those eyes Their kindness must disguise Ulterior Motives Will you ever know if the shadow's that Follow are only yours Don't"
  • Voodoo Glow Skulls Enter The Dragon
    "When the smog clears and the sun goes down Your life begins, 'til you hit the ground. Let's go. Soaking it all up, with pain and misery, It's not for everyone, but it works for me. That's right. Taking"
  • Meliah Rage Enter The Darkness
    "Time has run out for you, your last rights are now due Has life come to an end? No it's all just begun Now your bodies drifted from your soul, from your corpse dead and cold See the people round your"
  • Evile Enter The Grave
    "Craving scream to satisfy Feel the need within Thrill of the hunt, thrill of the kill Roam the night again Mists of dark he leaves his mark A life is his tonight Live for death, kill for life Insanity"
  • Falconer Enter The Glade
    "Listen to me children and I will fill your ears with all the sweet things you love to hear. If you are scared of death, here's eternal life. If you're down and all alone, I'll show you a paradise, for"
  • Cathedral Enter the worms
    "Adorned daggers, ruby hilted swords,Unfailing crucifixes, striking mortal cords,Huge violent serpents in volumes rolled,All holy poisons poured in cups of gold.Ooh these instruments so blessed and old,Here"
  • Die Antwoord Enter The Ninja
    "I, I, I I am your butterfly I need your protection Be my samurai I, I, I I am your butterfly I need your protection Need your protection I'm a ninja, yo My life is like a videogame I maintain when I'm"
  • Wyclef Jean Enter The Carnival
    "*tropical music playing in background* Yo yo I wanna give a shoutout to the world this is wyclef Cold chillin out here with my pina colada yeah baby I'm in the islands, cold relaxin Right about now"
  • Good Riddance Enter The Unapproachables
    "You don't speak not a single word Can't correlate a single thing you've heard You just erase all the things we've said With a mask of disaprovable (chorus) And it's always about you Convinced yourself"
  • Torture Enter The Chamber
    "I look out my window And all that I see Are the remains of what used to be The distant black clouds Seem so far away I begin to wonder Could this be the day? Is there anything left for me Any more, any"
  • Manilla Road Enter the warrior
    "Sword and shield The time has come, The hammers crashing down Ride this night, for the crown Take thy place upon the battleground Twilight gleaming Thou must fight For thy freedom Tis the time Thy kingdom"
  • Aurora Borealis Enter The Halls
    "As I sit here high upon my throne guarded by these seraphs of mine sifting through the battles that take place While choosing few throughout all of time Many men will die in rage of war time hoping to"
  • Enter Shikari Enter Shikari
    "SHIT! SHIT! I've been hiding here for a thousand years, waiting for your ghost I've been hiding here for a thousand years, waiting for your ghost YOUR LIFE'S ABOUT TO FLASH BEFORE YOUR EYES YOUR LIFE'S"
  • Therion Enter vril ya
    "Enter the underworld Enter Vril-Ya Enter Vril-Ya A step down the stairway Enter Vril-Ya Enter Vril-Ya Inside earth there was a land of mystery Lighted up by the black sun of underground In this world"

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