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Enya - Echoes In Rain

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Enya - Echoes In Rain

  • Echoes in rain - Enya
    "Wait for the sun Watching the sky Black as a crow Night passes by Taking the stars So far away Everything flows Here comes another new day Into the wind I throw the night Silver and gold Turn into light I'm"
  • Enya - Age Of Electric
    "Enya, In your language is there a word for anger Or is it in your temple where you hide? Enya, In your temple you flowers bloom like fire But now your colours faded and you're cold Hide in your inner circle,"
  • Echoes - Camel
    "Out of the mist rising Ten thousand navajo braves Shining like golden eagles in flight Climbing high on the plains Born of the Earth set free To run away with the sun So free to sing in tune with the"
  • Echoes - L'
    "I hear echoes of past voices Of a time that's over now It distorts To hollow noises And it slowly fades away Streets that lead the way to hell That I now roam alone I hear echoes of our dreams Where the"
  • Echoes - Klaxons
    "Send out a sound for the wood between the worlds Gently repeat as the boundaries start to swirl Keep to the call that is twice now liminal It's not the same where the trails lead to the outer regions Echoes"
  • Echoes - Halo
    "What the hell is that behind me I heard a noise, I think it might be You again, you're always in The dark inside my head You can't see me, I'm already gone My silent echoes Echo on Every night I wake"
  • Echoes - Wolverine
    "Without her precense my eyes tell lies to me And all those memories resound in my deranged and battered mind This suffocating illusion tears my mind And the remains of the truth Pictures of her wrapped"
  • Echoes - Maggie Reilly
    "Is it just imagination Or have we met before The look in your eyes You came in through the door A momentary sadness I felt in coming on Maybe this time it's win or lose Caught in this madness I"
  • Echoes - Project Pitchfork
    "I hear you say We are the world This world exists in our minds Our minds express through our words We live in a world of our thoughts And words are what you want to say But if you look into the eyes Of"
  • Echoes - Gene Clark
    "On the streets you look again At the places you have been Or the moments that you thought Where am I going Though the walls are like the dead They reflect the things you've said And the echoes in your"
  • Echoes - Undying
    "echoes of mesopotamia a whispered disease that left us on knees too weak to stand upon this empire nature's purity revealed wave the sword of science, keep the truth concealed we are the ten thousand year"
  • Echoes - Cult Of Luna
    "Empty men without regrets Leaning against each others shoulders Open spaces fill the gap Where reason reigned and fell And I see vapour coming out Of every crack in the framework Caught in a vortex between"
  • Echoes - Axamenta
    "The flesh is dead The soul forlorn The final breath From body torn But still I hear As life, in dreams The restless soul's Eternal screams And now I cannot stand fighting But still they come, haunting"
  • Echoes - Set Your Goals
    "A quick bullet: a tough one to dodge (no one ever does) It cuts fast and deep (picks your bones clean) And you just have to let it bleed I know the pain, it's all to familiar If I could sing words to help,"
  • Echoes - BLIND
    "This is the echo of my life That I could turn my eyes from you You are the light that guides my path Choose I to stumble in the dark This is the echo of my shame Returning bouncing back to me And when"
  • Echoes - David Gilmour
    "Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air And deep beneath the rolling waves In labyrinths of coral caves The echo of a distant time Comes willowing across the sand And everything is green and"
  • Echoes - Pink Floyd
    "Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air And deep beneath the rolling waves in labyrinths of coral caves The echo of a distant tide Comes willowing across the sand And everything is green"
  • Echoes - Warning
    "I think of mornings we might spend If I came home to find you there Both talking freely of ourselves Or sleeping through the break of day And so much honesty That's why I never feel the pain And in my"
  • Echoes - Paramaecium
    "The morning has nothing to fear from the night Reaching the monastery of St Catherine The burning bush where Moses spoke with his God The chamber of skulls of the monks, they who had gone before The library"
  • Echoes Of Love - Elvis Presley
    "(Words & music by Roberts - Bachelor) Though you are gone, I still wear your ring They're playing the song we used to sing Echoes of love, echoes of love Are coming to me out of the past The letters you"

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