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Erasures, love to hate you

  • Through Hate To Eternity - Hate
    "Scaring times - the time before Antichrist return Magic thrill - awakening of the ancient winds of Sheol Opened tombs - his aim is world wide conflict never seen Equality of gods - is the first step on"
  • Hate - Society 1
    "We all love to hate It's so easy to create Just hold your anger and all you despise These are the things that will keep you alive Now it's time Show us who you... Hate We all hate to love We know what"
  • Hate - Fiction Plane
    "We're cool, We're different, And we hate things, Yea we hate things, We hate people, Take a stand and we will cut you down, Be yourself and we'll call you a liar, Be somebody else and we'll set you on"
  • Hate - Starlight Dragons
    "(Intro) Yo, Starlight, Yo Do ya wanna hate? (Yeah) Alright, do it now before it's too late C'mon let's go (Chorus) Hate, just a game A game we play So whatta ya say? If ya wanna hate Do it now"
  • Hate - Emily Osment
    "~Emily~ There has to be a explanation owwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah yeah yeah yeah ~Josh~ Girl you know it you gotta leave me alone for once owwwwwwwwwwwwwww ~Emily~ Boy it's got to be the end of this relationship and"
  • Hate - Filthy Relics
    "Loggers cutting down trees Pollution out of factories Ebola and killer bees Makes me wanna get down on my knees We hate everyhing we love We love everything we hate All the people had a chance, but no"
  • Hate - Plain White T's
    "(I Really Don't Like You)Love, love, love, love, love, love.Woo!You were everything I wanted.You were everything a girl could be.Then you left me brokenhearted,Now you don't mean a thing to me.All I wanted"
  • Hate - Cinerama
    "I'm glad you agree you've got so many things to say sorry for But listen to me because I'm not going to take it all anymore There was a time, don't ask me when, it made sense, somehow But, darling"
  • Hate! - London After Midnight
    "Oh the witching time, like a blackened pearl. Oh how useless seem the offers of this world. A shroud is wrapped and bound, to Gallows led away though innocence is mine. The dog will have his day. All"
  • Hate - Rivermaya
    "Well, if you're happy then I'm blue 'Cause I'm not so far, but not with you And I can't see, why we cant see each other I telephone but you're sleeping forever I hate you for the things you do but"
  • Hate - Organized Konfusion
    "Pharoahe Monche: Recognize me nigga, look into my eyes See raw visualizations of hate reincarnated In it's most unadulturated form I breeth evil incarnate Only for the purpose to mislead, what was once"
  • Hate - Simple Plan
    "Chorus Do you ever feel like everyone hates you? do you ever feel like you'd rather be dead? Well here are a few words: you're not alone Verse 1 Because whether you live or die it's always going"
  • Hate You To Love You - Diva Destruction
    "I can feel the tables turning Twisting faster as I care now I can feel you running from me Because I sense myself in you Here we go, here we go now again Till the bitter, till the bitter, bitter end Hate"
  • Hate to Feel - Mortal Love
    "My heart is still broken Forever my soul is frozen Still watching the rain to fall Forever standing in the cold all alone I'll stay here to the end Another day to start Another day to break my heart With"
  • Love To Hate You - Britney Spears
    "LOVE TO HATE YOU I'm doing fine I'm doing fine For seven months and fifteen days I've been telling you lies in different ways I know things will change But I don't know when You keep talking about us Like"
  • Love To Hate You - Lambretta
    "For seven months and fifteen days I've been telling you lies in different ways I know things will change But I don't know when You keep talking about us Like we still were friends I just hate the"
  • Love To Hate You - Erasure
    "I'm crazy flowing over with ideas A thousand ways to woo a lover so sincere? Love and hate what a beautiful combination Sending shivers up and down my spine For every Casanova that appears My sense of"
  • Hate To Love - Shania Twain
    "Midnight sky shining on my face I feel the waves embracing me I'm here to find some peace of mind Time and tide it waits for me It waits for me, yeah So here I am again somewhere in between (Hate to Love) Trying"
  • Hate To Love You - Allure
    "it was the wrong day, the wrong month, the wrong year! i wasnt ready, for all he pain, and all the tears. baby you crush me, now i have to deal with my worst fear! you had to go and take it there... "
  • Love to hate you - Die Happy
    "It's a fascinating storyAbout a man with a look of despair DieYou are not a soldierNo cliche(So) take good care HappySo give yourself a handshakeIt feels so good to be adored LoveIt's a neverending storyGoing"

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