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Eric Clapton -Autumn Leaves

  • Have You Heard - Eric Clapton - John Mayall
    "Have you heard about my baby? Yes, how I love her you don't know. Have you heard about my baby? How I love, how I love her you don't know. I declare it hurt me so bad, Yes, when I heard she'd got to go. Have"
  • Runaway Train ( feat. Eric Clapton ) - Elton John
    "There's a hungry road I can only hope's Gonna eat me up inside There's a drifting spirit coming clean In the eye of a lifelong fire Tell Monday I'll be around next week I'm running ahead of my days In"
  • Change The World"(feat. Eric Clapton - Babyface
    "BABYFACE Miscellaneous Change The World"(feat. Eric Clapton If I can reach the stars, Pull one down for you, Shine it on my heart So you could see the truth: That this love I have inside Is everything"
  • Change The World(Feat. Eric Clapton) - Babyface
    "If I could reach the stars Pull one down for you Shine it on my heart So you could see the truth That this love I have inside Is everything it seems But for now I find It's only in my dreams That I can"
  • Talk To Me (Featuring Eric Clapton) - Babyface
    "What must I say to you to get inside your head Why must you always think I Wanna get in your pants Why I always gotta be the closest thing to wrong Sometime the only thing a brother need he need a woman"
  • Change The World (with Eric Clapton, live) - Babyface
    "Babyface Miscellaneous Change The World (with Eric Clapton, live) by Tommy Sims, Gordon Kenney and Wayne Kirkpatrick If I can reach the stars, Pull one down for you, Shine it on my heart So you could"
  • Eric - Agents Of Good Roots
    "Lyrics: jones & winn Music: jones & winn Appears on where'd you get that vibe? . Lyrics: I got a friend named eric Used to play that mean guitar Played that guitar While he was laying beneath the stars Looking"
  • Leaves - Ours
    "I see the morning paper, I crumble it to bits Cause it's bad again How long will it take us? To find out that this is it Until it's bad again? The leaves are falling The leaves are falling Turning over"
  • Dear Mr. Clapton - Dana Key
    "Dear Mr. Clapton, I have learned of your loss. Tears in heaven, It's a beautiful song. I know your bleeding Won't cease with my words. They're just a cool drink To help you along. Through Saturdays with"
  • Leaves - Meat Puppets
    "where do bad folks go when they die? they don't go to heaven where the angels fly they go down to the lake of fire and fry won't see 'em again till the fourth of july i knew a lady who came from duluth she"
  • Leaves - B*Witched
    "In winter, I fall at your feet In summer, I blow where we meet And you, oh you You hold me up Till like a leaf we fall Onto the ground It's time for seasons to go A reason, a reason to know And you,"
  • Leaves - C-Borgs
    "In Winter I Fall At Your FeetIn Summer I Blow Where We MeetAnd You, Oh YouYou Hold Me Up'til Like a Leaf We FallOn to the GroundIt's Time For Seasons to GoA Reason, a Reason to KnowAnd You, Oh YouYou Hold"
  • Leaves - Trance To The Sun
    "lady luck crossed her legs and crossed her eyes and she bared a barbed wire tongue when she said it wasn't fate tat brought us here? she said it's fate that makes us run to a quiet light sky breathing pushing"
  • Leaves - Primal Scream
    "All I ever wanted Was a chance but you Are never one to change All of the excuses That i've heard from you Are as tired as they are lame Cannot rhyme nor reason with Your actions anymore Oh i guess I"
  • Leaves - The Gathering
    "I close your eyes with my mouth now you don't see anything but you feel my breath all over i can feel you too although i don't really know you i don't really care cry with me, make my day tomorrow all"
  • Leaves Whisper - Leaves' Eyes
    "Tell me now, haven't you heard the leaves whisper Secrets of heaven and earth and of a thousand springs? Follow the wind and the storm at their command, Sigh, hear the sigh of the waves and the grass shiver. Haven't"
  • Leaves' Eyes - Leaves' Eyes
    "Summer goes, winter comes. Leaves fall on frozen grounds. True love lasts forever, I imagine you in a thousand glimpses. Moonlight, you keep me safe at night, And I know you're here if I fall. Seasons"
  • Hellhound On My Trail - Eric Clapton
    "(Robert Johnson) I got to keep moving, I got to keep moving Blues falling down like hail, blues falling down like hail Mmm, blues falling down like hail, blues falling down like hail And the day keeps"
  • Ride The River - Eric Clapton
    "Floating down that old riverboy All my worries far behind Floating down that old riverboy Leave all memories way behind Yesterday slowly think all my life I've been waiting for this time Floating down"
  • Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do - Eric Clapton
    "by Porter Grainger and Everett Robbins There ain't nothing I can do, or nothing I can say, Some folks will criticize me. So I'm gonna do just what I want to anyway, And don't care if you all despise me. If"

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