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Eris Is My Homegirl Crab This Way

  • Crab This Way - Eris Is My Homegirl
    "I can't believe this whole my life was just a dream And I can't Change all of this fucking things Can you hear Can you touch Can you feel Please just forgive me Your eyes are rolling to the back of"
  • Crab Apple Kids - Gym Class Heroes
    "(You!) Who are you? You have no talent. You're a bad juggler. You can't walk the high wire. You can't tame a tiger. Then I'll be a clown like my grandfather. (Now Joey) You'll see! I'll show you all! That"
  • The Crab Inn - Heltah Skeltah
    "One night I was chillin out at the crab inn Spot these two shorty wops who felt like stabbin Invited shorties to the table to break bread with us Thinkin later on they gonna give head to us So instead"
  • Hermit Crab - A Billion Ernies
    "This is torture At it's finest state My blankets are warm And there's too much on my plate I feel happy I feel dull The fireplace is glowing My wineglass is always full Fix your hair I think I will sleep"
  • Crab Eyes - Moe.
    "Green water give you clean cool buzz Cocaine money, youll sell your blood Damn the things that you do To yourself you do to your friends And everybody else we know how it ends With a boom Boom boom boom"
  • Funus-Eris - The Sleeping
    ""It's been a rough few months, and I'm so exhausted I can barely keep my head up. I've been spilling onto floors, like clumsy bottles from sweaty palms as useless as my own. So I stay in bed crying. I'd"
  • The Crab-Grass Baby - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (guitar, synclavier) Steve Vai (guitar) Ray White (guitar, vocals) Tommy Mars (keyboards) Chuck Wild (piano) Arthur Barrow (bass) Scott Thunes (bass) Jay Anderson (string bass) Ed Mann (percussion) Chad"
  • Labyrinth - Eris Is My Homegirl
    "And I feel this moment, forever For sure you'd guess what I mean Cross my path again Breathe in new life It rains as fucking everyday […] Dreams are keeping me alive We all walk through this life […] And"
  • Skyless - Eris Is My Homegirl
    "To the place where angels go Where angels go To the place where angels go Where angels go I will take your hand Take your hand Trust in me Trust in me I understand I’m fading away But this life is"
  • Nasty Crab - Adina Howard
    "boy you came just in time i'am feelin like ,like i wanna ride i still have some position and i still aint done let me have my fun. whip cream strawberries down ya back got cherries aint nobody gotta know"
  • The Crab - The Verve
    "Oh no, no, no, noAnd I'm watching her dieOn my TVAnd the daddy criesHow could it beAnd it could be youAnd it could be meChild full of givingChild full of hopingNow it's goneNow it's goneAnd you're gonna"
  • Crab - Weezer
    "Crab if you want her She won't be coming down Crab if you want her She won't be coming down Crab if you need it She put her knickers on Crab if you need it She put her knickers on She said she's feeling"
  • Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie - Joanna Newsom
    "That means no Where I come from I am cold, out waiting for the day to come I chew my lips And I scratch my nose Feels so good to be a rose Oh don't Don't you lift me up Like I'm that shy no-no-no-no-no,"
  • The End Is The Beginning - Eris Is My Homegirl
    "Wideo lyrics"
  • The Crab Song - Faith No More
    ""And after all the feelings go, I see I still love you so, I just thought I'd let you know now that everything's okay, And you are on your way back, back to where you came," She said with pain in her heart,"
  • Eris and dysnomia - A Skylit Drive
    "The time has come to show yourselfNothing can stop us nowThis is a wastelandMake your moveEverybody everybody get down get downThis isn't a lieJust take a word from the wiseThis is a wastelandMake your"
  • My Way - Black My Heart
    "i think i might be beat i watch my blood hit the ground it's only been one round beat down broken you can break my bones but you'll never get a word outta me my life my way this is me fight for your life i"
  • This Way - Jewel
    "Love be still love be sweet dont you dare change a thing I want to photograph you with my mind To feel how I feel now all the time Say that you'll stay Forever this way Forever and forever That we'll"
  • This way - Quindon Tarver
    "Love Be StillLove Be SweetDont You DareChange a ThingI Want to Photograph You With My MindTo Feel How I Feel Now All the Time Say That You'll StayForever This WayForever and ForeverThat We'll Never Have"
  • This Way - Lloyd
    "LLOYD LYRICS This Way Whatz up shawty Come on in I got some incent burning Jus sit down relax I got dis Oh yeah ummmmm (Verse 1) I been checkin out u U been checkin me to And finally we got a chance"

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