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Ernest Saint-Laurent -

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Ernest Saint-Laurent -

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Ernest Saint-Laurent -
  • Kimya Dawson Talking Ernest
    "shoulda heard what my talking ernest said to your talking pee-wee he said "last night that furby it was talkin to me talking in the language of love" and then my talking ernest said to your talking pee-wee he"
  • Pierpoljak Monsieur Ernest A R
    "Je suis vestiaire au restaurantDu "Lion d'Or" et de "l'cu d'France".Monsieur Ernest y vient souventEt chaqu'fois il m'fait des avances.Il m'a si bien entortille,Parl de "cur" et de "chaumire",Qu'un jour"
  • Edith Piaf Monsieur Ernest a reussi
    "Je suis vestiaire au restaurant Du "Lion d'Or" et de "l'cu d'France". Monsieur Ernest y vient souvent Et chaqu'fois il m'fait des avances. Il m'a si bien entortille, Parl de "coeur" et de "chaumire", Qu'un"
  • Bee Gees The Ernest Of Being George
    "You better run just as fast as you can, I've got no reason to try. You did it to me and I'm taking a stand. You've got a reason to cry. Fairy stories in the penny arcade. You bought my love and I paid. I'm"
  • Bright Eyes Laura Laurent
    "Laura, are you still living there on your estate of sorrow? You used to leave it occasionally. Now, you don't even bother to ride that commuter train west to Chicago, to stroll through the greenery, in"
  • Ernest Tubb Saturday Satan Sunday Saint
    "Saturday satan Sunday saint foolin' your neighbors that's what you think Readin' the good book singin' the hymns Come Monday morning and he's back to a life of sin Old brother Brown all week he steals"
  • Texas Saint
    "I'm taking my time I'll fix it, don't worry now I'm needing you there Make sure that you're coming too All of my life Is all I'll give you here The meaning of me Is something to pursue You think I'm"
  • Elton John Saint
    "You don't pass your time in limbo Or hang out with the crowd Sitting on the stoop like a little girl Who took the wrong road into town But you got that short cut way about you And no one's gonna stare"
  • Forgive-Me-Not Saint
    "I'm sleeping on the cloud I'm dreaming of the world You're leaving so long then I'm hanging on the poles Those tiny waterfalls Of your tears that you miss I'm melting in the rain I'm anxious to be saint I'm"
  • Ours Saint
    "Did you know? Your eyes have a glow that send mine down to the pavement Mine down to the pavement Since you're gone The words have all come And we sing like it's contagious Sing like it's contagious I"
  • Saint Vitus Saint Vitus
    "Saint Vitus was a young lad No one knows how old 'till the kingdom took his life for the things he told The world is full of wickedness So Vitus says "If you believe in god above, you will all be saved" Lust"
  • Ernest Tubb Don't Trade Your Old Fashioned Sweetheart
    "Take away the bright lights and music take away the power and pain And you'll find that a honky tonk angel can't compare with your home lovin' saint She's just another woman who'll never make a home She's"
  • Kasia Stankiewicz Saint Etienne
    "dziś wstałam ze słońcem i poczułam energię swą znów wszystko wydaje się takie moje lubię się i lubię ten stan teraz wiem już niedługo zobaczę twoje saint etienne teraz wiem już niedługo zobaczę twoje"
  • Sailor Saint John
    "The Bousbir of Casablanca... The Casbah of Algiers... Even the Barrio Chino of Barcelona Could only boast of second place Next to you... The harbour of the world The secrets of a girl The labours of a"
  • Exumer Fallen Saint
    "Trying out in the night I am ready to start a fight Hear the winds blowing through Through my mind and I am waiting for you Fallen saint, Fallen saint, Fallen saint ' Fallen! The carpet on the floor Drunk"
  • Ring Of Fire Saint Fire
    "How many teardrops have you cried And left you inspired How many dreams have left you dry To find your desire How many people never learn To open their eyes How many bridges will they burn With so many"
  • Nick Cave Saint Huck
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous Saint Huck Born of the river, Born of its ever-changing, never-changing murky water Oh riverboat just rollin' along through the great great greasy city Huck standing like a Saint,"
  • Nick Cave Saint Huck
    "Born of the river, Born of its ever-changing, Never-changing murky water Oh riverboat just rollin' along Through the great great greasy city Huck standing like a Saint, upon its deck If ya wanna catch"
  • Nick Cave Saint Huck
    "Born of the river, Born of its never-changing, never-changing murky water Huck standing like a Saint, upon its deck If ya wanna catch a Saint, then bait ja hook, let's take a walk... 'O come to me!, O"
  • The Cult The Saint
    "Hail the guitar, all tuned down In a power circle, obey the crowd All ride a wave, crash right in Lovers and fighters, adrenaline The singer spits, our hearts all rise Energy is visible, we all crush"

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