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Estelle - Make Her Say (Beat It Up)

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Estelle - Make Her Say (Beat It Up)

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Estelle - Make Her Say (Beat It Up)
  • Dan Bern Estelle
    "I was painting a still life this morning Of a throat lozenge sitting on a copy Of Tropic of Cancer The only thing weird about it Is that a year ago, I never thought I'd paint anything again I decided"
  • Estelle Make Her Say (Beat It Up)
    "I see that you want it I already know Impatient to show me Your love below Livin in lust like I just wanna see Come a bit closer Here, take a peek Make my pussy say /4x Beat the pussy up /4x Shall I"
  • Kanye West Estelle
    "Just another one champion sound Me and Estelle about to get down Who the hottest in the world right now. Just touched down in London town. Bet they give me a pound. Tell them put the money in my hand right"
  • Big Tymers Beat It Up
    "(feat. Tateeze) Beat It Up, Beat It Up, Beat It Up Daddy Beat It Up, Beat It Up, Beat It Up, Beat It Up, Beat It Up Daddy Beat It Up, Beat It Up, You Know You want this pussy Sure Do You know you"
  • Lil Boosie Beat That Pussy Up
    "(chorus) i know lately that we aint did much but on my mama girl i promise im gon make that up i know you sick of all them bitches with them rumors and lies but however gets the weather you gone always"
  • Allison Iraheta Beat Me Up
    "You like to keep me on a chain, chain, chain Change your mind or change your ways, ways, ways You got me running through a maze, maze, maze I know this isn't just a phase, phase, phase You always"
  • Grandmaster Flash Beat Street
    "Beat Street Breakdown, Raah! Hip Hop! Beat Street The king of the beat You see him rocking that beat from across the street And Huh Huh! Beat Street is a lesson too, because you can't let the Streets"
  • Elefant Make Up
    "MAKE UP You finally take your make up off, I like your eyes You finally take your lipstick off, I like your smile Get up and dance around the room my eyes are on you Get up and dance around the room"
  • Field Mob Eat 'Em Up, Beat 'Em Up
    "I... I.... (Chorus) You say you got a man at home But he dont dig deep in ya guts And he aint freaky enough, But me I eat um up, beat um up then switch sides I eat um up, beat um up then switch sides I"
  • Missy Elliott Beat Biters
    "She's ah......uh uh....bitch Yo...I'ma tell yall straight up and down It's like this for real, it's goin' down like this foreal She's ah....bitch (tell 'em) I'm sick of yall fake Timbaland beat bitin',"
  • Korn Beat It Upright
    "Are you ready for a good pounding baby? (get down) Are you ready to get it on? (get down, get down) Don't pretend you're not fucking freaky baby. (get down) I will spank that ass just for fun (get down,"
  • Poison Say It
    "Funky is as funky does Walked on over, there she was Standing by the jukebox With her ear up against refused to hear What I'm sayin', I'm only prayin' I just want to make sweet love to you Ooh ooh ooh Understand?"
  • Busta Rhymes Make it clap
    "We make it clap, we make it clap (Huh!) Yeah yeah yeah (Flipmode!!!) Busta Rhymes (Busta Rhymes!!!) Sean-A-Paul (Sean Paul!!!) One more time (Ha!!!) kill 'em with a rhyme (Huh!!!) Remix time (remix!!!)"
  • Sean Paul Make it clap
    "We make it clap, we make it clap (Huh!)Yeah yeah yeah (Flipmode!!!) Busta Rhymes (Busta Rhymes!)Sean-A-Paul (Sean Paul!)One more time (Ha!) kill 'em with a rhyme (Huh!)Remix time (remix!) a Dutty yeah,"
  • ATL Make It Up With Love
    "Let me make it up with love... So you say you need your space; You say you need to get away; I'm croudin' of you. But girl game recognize game; I know what you're going through, Oohh yeahhh. You're feeling"
  • Joe Purdy Make It Up
    "When a train comes, I don't know what to do I'm leavin' town, but I ain't leavin' you When I get down, get these far away blues And I don't wanna go back home I could say I'm sorry if you think it would"
  • Squirtgun Make It Up
    "You never told me lies, But you couldn't find the truth All the confusion in your head Makes you do what you do What more can I say What more can I do What more can I say To make it up with you It's"
  • T-Pain Say It
    "Pull up to my crib in ya black Range Rova I got some plans that don't involve my hands Get out and walk up slowly Lemme see your new Menolo's I don't think your ready for what's about to happen behind"
  • House Gang Animalz Make It
    "Damn, whoo! (Mothafuckin' right, yeah!) Whoo! Yup, Loose Linx, rest in p., Y, rest in peace baby You hear me? (We gon' hold you down, nigga) It's time for Carlton Fisk, La Banga {It's goin' down!) We nothin'"
  • Britt Nicole Say it
    "Okay, so I'm gonna say it I'm not afraid to say it The clocks on my wall keep ticking the moments that I keep missing Okay, so I must confess that I've settled for so much less than What You designed I'm"

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