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Europe Love Chaser

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Europe Love Chaser

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Europe Love Chaser
  • Europe Love Chaser
    "(Joey Tempest) Someone's at your door tonight Someone wants your love Is it real or just imagination You decide to wait inside 'til the break of dawn In dreams you see yourself seeking affection. He'll"
  • Kelly Family Europe
    "Once upon a time There was a family Singing through the streets of Europe Singing their dear heart-songs Chorus:They went with open heart to every corner Every street,every land,every town through Europe Then"
  • The Kelly Family Europe
    "Once upon a time There was a family Singing through the streets of Europe Singing their dear heart-songs Chorus:They went with open heart to every corner Every street,every land,every town through Europe Then"
  • Killing Joke Europe
    "Take up your arms pick up your courageA black sun is rising as the gods of europe sleepCome back into your strength awakenCatastrophes atrocities shall summon you my loveGlory glory how we wait in europeWhat"
  • Charme Lust Chaser
    "Treat me like a princess Treat me like a goddess, treat me like a slave Make me go insane Let me dive in your eyes Let me drown in your smile, let me adore your face Die in your embrace ouldn't"
  • Rehab Storm Chaser
    "and breathin's overrated stormchasin and its gettin later i used to love her now i hate her shes a brainraider fallin in a crater of lost memories im so out of hand i dont even fuck with me im goin trippin"
  • Simon And Milo Europa
    "I remember like it's yesterday The song we used to sing What was it's name Danced together till the break of day And I knew I'd never be the same Now so many winters turned to spring But where is the"
  • Globus Europa
    "From Agincourt to Waterloo Poitiers and then Anjou The Roses War, the Hundred Years Through battlefields of blood and tears From Bosworth Field to Pointe Du Hoc Stalingrad and the siege of York The bloody"
  • Robert Wyatt Old Europe
    "Le Chat qui Pche, Rue de la Huchette. Paris at night, and the strains of a ghost saxophone. Juliette and Miles. Black and white city. Paris by night, and the ghosts of two people in love. I'll be dreaming"
  • Dana International Good Night Europe
    "All the world is dancing night and day Its feet are strongly beeded Africa dance with America From south to northen sea Sing good night to Europe And dance with her from sea to ocean Light Europe, light"
  • Wanda Jackson Tears Will Be The Chaser For Your Wine
    "Tears will be the chaser for your wine You sit there and tell me how you'd like to be free You're tired of bein' tied down to a home and family You say you miss the bright lights along the great white"
  • Scooter The Chaser
    "Alright-liquid bass babe, i'm on your mind Slide on in between It forces me to action Where is the response? Plead, like a sneak, do not rob, do not thief Be keep headstrong, no surrender, no retreat Vicious"
  • Highlord Dream Chaser
    "Another day Another failed chance Another question is filling my mind Without an answer How many times we cried to change the ways of our hard fate... But It's all in our hands! I want a reason to live"
  • M.C. Breed No Chaser
    "(feat. Jazze Pha) Now if you thought that was fat... Wait until you get a load of this shit right here You know what I'm sayin? I'm on a whole other level Man, ain't this a muthafucka (That's Hennessy) Bitch,"
  • Dashboard Confessional Turpentine Chaser
    "This paint has been tasting of lead and their chips will fall as they may, but it's not just my finish that is peeling, and it is not alone fleeing these walls. Well sooner or later this cold it's gonna"
  • Vendetta Red Ambulance Chaser
    "In fiscal flight from the ravenous cavernous orifice asphyxiated form Washed in wolves blood sterile and pantomimed parting in Parts the trial of the worm Sew the lid closed cough and spit into your palm"
  • Search The City Ambulance Chaser
    "You said just look on the bright side but the bright side looks black and white just one more time, can we scale this fence and scream at the city lights? if we're playing for keeps, you already beat"
  • Millencolin Chiquite Chaser
    "Maybe just because I was newly washed like Brandon Walsh You took notice of me You thought I was a rockstar, some gangster or a bowling star I don't believe you babe You're not the only one Who think I"
  • Crystal Eyes Dream Chaser
    "Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Mikael Dahl Across a hot and desert land Against the wind of dust and sand Reality seems so far away Under the burning mortal sun I find myself, the lonely one A stranger"
  • Yes Sound Chaser
    "(Anderson, Howe, Moraz, Squire and White) Faster moment spent spread tales of change within the sound, Counting form through rhythm electric freedom Moves to counterbalance stars expound our conscience All"

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