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Europe broken dreams

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Europe broken dreams

  • Broken dreams - Europe
    "Wherever I decide to goWhatever I decide to doThere's one thing you ought to knowI always miss you soYou had me in the palm of your handBut I fell through like a grain of sandBut you remain inside my heartWherever"
  • Sister Europe - Foo Fighters
    "Stupid on the Steinway So sick upon a Steinway The sailors drown See them talk and see them drown And see them drink and fall around Upon the floor Sister of mine, home again Sister of mine, home again Lonely"
  • Sister Europe - The Psychedelic Furs
    "Stupid on the Steinway So sick upon a Steinway The sailors drown See them talk and see them drown And see them drink and fall around Upon the floor Sister of mine, home again Sister of mine, home again Lonely"
  • Sister Europe - Icehouse
    "stupid on the steinway so sick upon a steinway the sailors drown see them talk and see them drown and see them drink and fall around upon the floor sister of mine, home again sister of mine, home again lonely"
  • Broken Dreams - Basement Jaxx
    "I'll tell you how my day has been How the sun has caught my face How I lull myself to sleep Waving shadows on my face Chasing dreams that just passed by Broken dreams, I'm just too late Chasing dreams"
  • Broken Dreams - Lita Ford
    "I see the picture You're so broken hearted But can I steal a little love from you tonight I'd tell you whispers, a little story That there's a place in my heart for you tonight But why must we be"
  • Broken Dreams - Agent Orange
    "when you and i first began we always gave each other a hand never did i expect to see that all our love would fade away i need time to pick up all the bits and pieces of these broken dreams tell"
  • Broken Dreams - Thin Lizzy
    "Have you ever had your dreams broken? It really messes up your heart You want to stop right there And go right back to the start You got to leave the town you're living in Oh I'm leaving, I'm leaving"
  • Broken Dreams - Authority Zero
    "You lose, but does that mean you don't try? Does everything just fall apart and leave you Stranded standing on the side? Now questioning whats right in front of your eyes A chance to make a choice to try"
  • Broken dreams - Gordon Lightfoot
    "There's an ocean in my mindI'd give the world if I could findA sailing ship and leave the past behindNow that I must say adieuIt's killing me, I'm telling youWhen freedom calls what can a person do I have"
  • Broken Dreams - Rebecca Lavelle
    "Its so fragile Easy broken Its so fragile, and it goes so slow But when hope, that sweet, sweet angel Brings the dream you thought had gone Dont turn away Turn back and listen Yeah turn around, oh"
  • Broken dreams - Ann Winsborn
    "Were alone, you and me, Were like children lost inside a dream. Silent tears, falling dryNo one notice us when they pass by. Only love, heals the wounds of emotionGive us strength to go on when were brokenWe"
  • Broken Dreams - Axel Rudi Pell
    "I can hear you calling, so many miles away I can hear you screaming, oh Lord they have to pray Can you feel the wind blows, cold sweat runs down your face The children died of hunger, a human disgrace We"
  • Broken Dreams - Kid Courageous
    "Tell me are you disappointed that I never grew up to do the things you were good at Hey now, are you mad for times i'm wrong? Well i'm sorry One day, one day One day i'll look back upon these years Broken"
  • Broken Dreams - Cage
    "They come seeking adventure they come from miles around Practicing discretion they hardly make a sound You've really got to go there and see it for yourself For some hedonistic pleasure just be careful"
  • Broken Dreams - Angel
    "Looking out my window pane, Sitting by the door alone She's left me once again, Cheap wigs and long black hose. It's an every night affair, With someone new she says I've lost my taste for toys I bring"
  • Only Europa Knows - Death In June
    "Eyes like little dreams Come true We are all Treading water Especially in the new Europa! With all it's satellites We'll see The blossoming of the judas tree And colour infidelity That weeping wound That's"
  • Old Europe - Robert Wyatt
    "Le Chat qui Pche, Rue de la Huchette. Paris at night, and the strains of a ghost saxophone. Juliette and Miles. Black and white city. Paris by night, and the ghosts of two people in love. I'll be dreaming"
  • New dreams broken - J Church
    "Tonight the lights are bright over the cityscape, I'm miles away from where the skies are gray, It's wider than a postcard, More than I could hope for, I no longer want to live in the U.S.A. Parish brings"
  • Broken Mirror Dreams - A Bloody Canvas
    "and oh my god this stabbing feeling is killing me up and down my spine, how can i ever say i'm fine? my head begins to spin and my gut turned inside out and now i'm spilling on the floor.... ...this sick"

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