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Eurowizja supergero

  • Copycat (Eurowizja 2009) - Patrick Ouch?ne
    "Way down in Memphis, Tennessee theres a guy looking just like me wearing the same blue suede shoes singing the same old blues Way down in the US of A theres a guy doing things my way combing the same greasy"
  • Amanecer (Eurowizja 2015) - Edurne
    "Se fue sin saber Que yo sí lo amé Se fue sin creer en mí Perdí la razón Sangré tanto amor Que aún, hoy siento el vacío Me lleva contigo Mi corazón Me susurró A mí no vuelvas sin su amor Camino al ayer Allá"
  • Heroes (Eurowizja 2015) - Mans Zelmerlow
    "Don't tell the gods I left a mess I can't undo what has been done Let's run for cover What if I'm the only hero left You better fire off your gun Once and forever He said go dry your eyes And live your"
  • LoveWave (Eurowizja 2016) - Iveta Mukuchyan (Iweta Mukuczian)
    "Hey, it’s me Look, I know it might sound strange but suddenly I’m not the same I used to be It’s like I’ve stepped out of space and time and come alive Guess this is what it’s all about, ’cause… When"
  • Kocham (Eurowizja 2023) - Ramona Rey
    "Kocham ten dźwięk Kocham ten dzień I ten sen Wciąż go wspominam Rozczula nie On tu jest Wciąż trwa Tak bardzo kocham go, kocham go, kocham Jak... Kocham Twój chłód Co znika w mgnieniu oka Bo rozpalam"
  • Kołomyja (piosenka na Eurowizja 2023) - ZAZULA
    "Utwór 'Kołomyja' od Zazula to kolejna propozycja na konkurs Eurowizja 2023. Premiera wkrótce."
  • LION (piosenka na Eurowizja 2023) - Krystian Koronka
    "Utwór 'LION' to propozycja od Krystian Koronka do konkursu Eurowizja 2023. Premiera wkrótce."
  • Lose Contro (Eurowizja 2009) - Waldo's People
    "I don't wanna lose control, but I'm falling Falling down... I got this panic emotion that I cannot describe to you My world is tumbelling down what am I, what am I gonna do Ca-can't deny it, deny it,"
  • Black Smoke (Eurowizja 2015) - Ann Sophie
    "When you look at me, you know you're hard to read. Because the face I see is not the one I know And when you call me baby, what's that supposed to mean I don't know who you are, how long can we pretend See"
  • N’oubliez Pas (Eurowizja 2015) - Lisa Angell
    "Il ne me reste que des larmes Ces quelques notes venues d'autrefois Et le chant de nos prières Nos cœurs qui espèrent Et le vide sous mes pas Il ne me reste que les cendres De mon village plongé dans"
  • Tonight Again (Eurowizja 2015) - Guy Sebastian
    "Everyone’s got their problems There’s always something on your mind But tonight we ain’t gotta solve them For tonight let’s leave them all behind Do what you what you what you want /3x Get on it, get"
  • Rhythm Inside (Eurowizja 2015) - Loïc Nottet
    "Listen to the sound of thunder Rolling in the soul down under Far beneath the skin, it rumbles Step to the step of the drum that rolls inside Be you enemy or lover We are put here to discover The heart"
  • Grande amore (Eurowizja 2015) - Il Volo
    "Tekst w języku włoskim."
  • KEMAMA (Czechy, Eurowizja 2020) - BENNY CRISTO
    "ok, mama you know they can say what they want you should let it go cause tonight I will show love I’ll show them I can dance on my own they say I lost my way lost my way never lost my way, no! I know"
  • Voilà (Francja Eurowizja 2021) - Barbara Pravi
    "Ecoutez moi Moi la chanteuse a demi Parlez de moi A vos amours, a vos amis Parle leur de cette fille Aux yeux noirs et de son reve fou Moi c’que j’veux c’est Ecrire des histoires qui arrivent jusqu’a"
  • Technicolour (Australia, Eurowizja 2021) - Montaigne
    "I wanna be closer to my mother I wanna belong to the world A mirror that shows Technicolour I’ll be a magnificient girl But everuthinf is frustrating Everything moves along Faster than i can relate to But"
  • You (Gruzja Eurowizja 2021) - Tornike Kipiani
    "Sunshine I wanna touch you Windblown I wanna see you I wanna touch I wanna see I wanna be with you Ocean I wanna hear you Mountain I wanna feel you I wanna hear I wanna feel I wanna be with you You’re"
  • Voices (Szwecja, Eurowizja 2021) - Tusse
    "There’s a fire in the rain But we’ll get up again We’re thousand miles apart But we’ll overcome I;ll never let you down Woerld is turning us around But i feel it in my heart Let’s make a brand new start Can’t"
  • Marionette (EUROWIZJA 2022, IZRAEL) - Inbal Bibi
    "Na-na, na-na, na-na, na-na, na-na-na Na-na, na-na, na-na, na-na, na-na-na Tears running on my make up Lonely children with a broken heart I made my therapist crazy He gave up on tryna save me People sound"
  • Hope (Estonia - Eurowizja 2022) - Stefan
    "We let them tell us what to do Why why why We live to die for worthy things Oh ya ya ya We promised we would never lose our pride Your word’s worth nothing if you lie We’re standing"

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