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Evanescence Ive Never Been Here Before

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Evanescence Ive Never Been Here Before

  • Ive Never Been In Love - Suzi Quatro
    "Oh no I can't write my name Oh - don't you know I'm so blasted. How this revelation it is hotter Than a matchhead And I'm ready to go Ready to fly away with you And I may lose everything But I don't"
  • I've Been Here Before - Spoons
    "The way it seems to me Some things will never change Standing in this room Watching every move Breathing the air I breathe Right beside me all around the world Just then it reappears Cause Ive been here"
  • Bring Me To Life-Evanescence - Saliva
    "How can you see into my eyes like open doors? Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb Without a soul My spirit's sleeping somewhere cold until you find it there and lead it back home. (Wake"
  • I've Been Here Before - Vonda Shepard
    "words by Gardner Cole music by Gardner Cole & David Gamson I've tried so many times To Keep romance alive I guess I never really had true love Then you came my way And nothing's been the same Now you're"
  • We've Been Here Before - Saga
    "Sometimes it isn't so easy To have a mind of your own I can imagine why sometimes You lose control Don't treat me like a stranger I can help you more than you know I'll just wait until you feel like Letting"
  • Have we been here before - Demon
    "Have we been here before We all shine on. Shine on I believe after life the spirit lives on It's a journey without end Whatever's precious to you now Will it stand, stand the test of time? And all those"
  • Here Before - A Blinding Silence
    "Here we are, on an old familiar road... We've been here before done this before, oh Seen this shit before we quit this once before. Here I stand killing myself again... All roads lead to here; I'm bleeding"
  • Here Before - Fred
    "HERE BEFORE I've been here in this place before and I'm sure that I'll be here again and though we have never met I feel that you'll have a plan for me and if you're looking for me I'll be fooling 'round"
  • 99.9% Sure (I've Never Been Here Before) - Brian McComas
    "You don't know what you do to me You changed around the scenery And now everything is new to me But it looks just right,yeah it looks just right Whoa,it's strange but it's beautiful Yeah,and I know where"
  • Been here before - No Angels
    "I put my back against the wall, This frozen tracks a judgement call. Am I a creep with no self-esteem The truth cuts deep but it cuts clean. Guess I gotta let it show To break the ice it would take a miracle"
  • Been Here Before - Mansun
    "So what do I believe in I walked away from a million gods To keep me safe from dying I'm sure I've been here once before I'm sure I've been here once before I'll end up where I begin I'll get back here"
  • Been Here Before - Jeremy Enigk
    "Been here before. Though there's something in the air this time. Now I wanna give away what I've taken back. Run away with you toward the night. A thousand names. Though this something in me cannot smile, don't"
  • Where Ive Been All Day - Luniz
    "I'm spoilin' all bitches!! Uh, if ya wanna, side to side, let me get some, side to side, let me get some, side to side, let me fuck, side to side, let me fuck, let me fuck. It's like front, back, side"
  • I've Never Been This Far Before - Loretta Lynn
    "(Conway Twitty) I can almost hear the stillness As it yelds to the sound of my heart beating And I can almost hear the echo Of the thoughts that I know you must be thinking You can feel my body tremble As"
  • Before Braille - Before Braille
    "SECRET NO.7 We feel just like Two criminals With unknown crimes It's not your fault It's always mine. THE SPANISH DAGGER Well stop cashing me in for a thin line You're right on track to know what it"
  • Never Been Sold Before - Alice Cooper
    "You ask me, baby Can you work tonight I've been up, babe Since broad daylight I just can't believe That you're sellin' me You never sold me before I just can't recall You're like a whore Oh yeah, I'm"
  • Never been sold before - Gabriel Mann
    "You Ask Me, Babe, "Can You Work Tonight?"I've Been Up, Babe, Since Broad DaylightI Just Can't Believe That You're Selling Me,You Never Sold Me BeforeI Just Can't Become Your Lousy Who-o-oreYeah, I'm Stacked"
  • The Ravaged Crimson Fields Of Evanescence - Cephalectomy
    "(- The Markings of Destiny - 4:90) The cry of war. Hearken elders.. The time has come Our destiny.. Is at hand May dead rise.. Smell the incense Stoop not down.. Yet rise above Unto the abyss.. Unbidden"
  • Been Here Once Before - Eagle-Eye Cherry
    "Got your back up against the wall Now you know that after all When you make mistakes like that There's no more turning back Now we've gone and we've lost our heads You're better off just playing dead Why"
  • Been here once before - Eagle Eye Cherry
    "Got your back up against the wallNow you know that after allWhen you make mistakes like thatThere's no more turning backNow we've gone and we've lost our headsYou're better off just playing deadWhy you"

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