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Everlast sad girl

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Everlast sad girl

  • Sad Girl - Everlast
    "I seen her at a stoplight on Alverano Was sittin in a pearl white Eldorado In a gangsta lean she was revvin' the throttle Got a sticker on the bumper say she like techano She looked like Selena The truth"
  • Kuruption feat. Everlast - Kurupt
    "Government's corrupt Police force corrupt Education's corrupt It's all fucked up Step two paces.... Turn and entrapped in the middle of the frontline where the action's at Head straight to the scope,"
  • Everlast - Black Bomb A
    "(Refrain:) Come to this wonderful, wonderful place, where da money is god, Where kids play with guns, you, you can use all of da crimes, in this fucking place, to win use lies So come to this beautiful,"
  • Sad, Sad Girl - Greg Trooper
    "She's a sad, sad girl A Sad, sad, girl She don't try to fight it Won't try to hide it She's a sad, sad, girl Was it always so? Did her heart start that low? Did she always believe Love always deceives? Was"
  • Sad Girl - The Lemonheads
    "Misdirected girls in town just a layin' down by a pool. Check the scene check all 'round, be sure 'n act a fool. You don't even know your name. You should bow your head in shame. But you say that"
  • Sad girl - Lemonheads
    "Misdirected girls in town just a layin' down by a pool. Check the scene check all 'round, be sure 'n act a fool. You don't even know your name. You should bow your head in shame. But you say that it's"
  • Sad Girl - Rain
    "For many years her virgin ears Have sided with her eyes Misled by one whose only fun Is mastering disguise The silent love she's dreaming of In troubled wait still lies Her only goal to share her soul With"
  • Sad Loved Girl - Deacon Blue
    "he saw her trying on his old clothes he watched herstretch and pull and tear he said you're impatient as the wind your laugh is strong and right and scared she was the sad loved girl of the neighbourhood he"
  • Sad Loved Girl - Scheer
    "It would take a better man than you, To win this sad loved girl, And if you could I wouldn't say, That you could keep her. I'm here all by myself, There's no one else, I'm on my own, This room is so"
  • Sad Little Girl - Screeching Weasel
    "Your smiley face is out of order today everything's wrong and you can't shut it off just stop resisting you'll never change anything start sharpening your claws don't try to live the way that you want cause"
  • Sad, sad world - Amy Studt
    "Come say hello to me,when you're in town(when you're in town)I know you're crazy about me,and want me aroundYou move in closerwhen you should run away,a little rabbit in my hunting gameand I got perfect"
  • Sad, Sad Day - Muddy Waters
    "Oh, sad, sad day Since my baby, she went away Oh, sad, sad day Since my baby she went away How long she been cheatin' I just found it out yesterday Oh, sad, sad day My baby, she don't love me no more,"
  • Sad Sad World - Sheryl Crow
    "I know you hate me, I see that now If I was unhappy, I'd be someone you could still care about I think it's stupid and sad That everything turned out so bad And enemies make the most interesting friends I'm"
  • Sad, Sad Song - Nerf Herder
    "Rock bands play hard from 9 to 5 But they still got a sensitive side When they want our sympathy They put down their flying v's Ballads show how much they care Even Rob Halford's just a big teddy bear. These"
  • Mute Boy Sad Girl - Autumnblaze
    "A mute boy and a sad girl Have written letters they couldn't read A mute boy and a sad girl Have sung together two different songs "I didn't tell you that I was really scared but I just fell deeper without"
  • Sad Pony Guerrilla Girl - Xiu Xiu
    "You say I am loca because I am your girl You say I am stupid because I am your girl You leave me out on the steps you dress me up like a boy You say that I am your secret love You say to be quiet but"
  • Sad Girl In The Sunset - Blue System
    "Respect my love - respect my world Oh, can't you understand Oh baby, you're a nice young girl But I'll never be your man I saw your tears run endlessy Oh, I never want this pain I told you once - I told"
  • Scary Sad - All
    "All in my mind but there's no shaking Scary, sad things out of my mind Always on time, but there's no time to Bring the scary, sad girl back to life None in her heart, some of the things She did seemed"
  • Sad Lover - Pantera
    "Alright Yeah Whoa If you want love Don't come to me I'll be the last to give you sympathy I've got my ways Under the covers I'll be the last to be your back door lover Don't you cry now Not around me Baby"
  • How Sad - The Adicts
    "A boy loved a girl but the girl said no She ran away with a handsome Gigolo He loved her but they were through So he fed himself to the lions at the zoo oh,oh,oh oh,oh,oh oh,oh,oh how sad oh,oh,oh oh,oh,oh, oh,oh,oh,how"

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