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Everlasting pain pyogenesis

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Everlasting pain pyogenesis

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Everlasting pain pyogenesis
  • Pyogenesis Pyogenesis
    "PYOGENESIS ========== PYOGENESIS ========== (Osmose '92) 1. Still Burn In Fire 6:28 2. Like Tears In The Dust 6:58 3. On Soulwings 9:22 4. Underneath Orions Sword 5:33 5. "
  • Meden Agan Everlasting Pain
    "Awakening...in cold sweat and still Feeling...emotions lost in time Only...in my silent dreams Make sense...those fading faces I cannot face anymore This everlasting pain I am seeking once more A haven"
  • Deadlock Everlasting Pain
    "May your weapons melt like wax in the fire of the burning skies. may your armies be torn apart while the storm goes berserk now hold on to your life built on lies and exploitation hold on to your wasted"
  • Kaci Everlasting
    "I've had enough of all these stops and starts It always brings us back to these two hearts Let's not put it to an end Baby let's not lose it all again Here we are at the start Of another great adventure"
  • Commissioned Everlasting Love
    "In this life there are many disappointments The problems we have is there an end? Is there an answer to the sorrow and pain? Is there a solution? Does anyone gain? Don't give up there is an answer There"
  • Kreator Everlasting Flame
    "The atmosphere around you is dark and cold You're only seventeen but in your heart you're feeling old But one day you will leave this place of fear Escape to somewhere far away far away from here A grain"
  • Centinex Everlasting Bloodshed
    "For mighty misery and anger With violence, fire and pain The dawn of crusade chaos Infernal - Eternal The light of your existence Is crashed to bleeding pieces Your dreams of glory Desecrated - Devastated I"
  • Nikki Leonti Everlasting Place
    "~Verse 1~ I can see beyond the meadows and the fields I can see forever And I can tell you now that His love is real It's holding me together And I won't tell you that life is always easy Cause I found"
  • Dreadful Shadows Everlasting Words
    "I don't believe in the phrases of a dying age These never ending thoughts will drag me to death I always see the empire of the falling rain And I answer with a smile Should I pray? Should I die? I'll die! "
  • Wildpath Everlasting Wish
    "Battle rages on the field and great dragons fly The shadow of the evil forces will now rise before our eyes Take your sword to defend your world And you'll get your victory Keep the fire flames heal your"
  • J Goddess Everlasting Breath
    "I've got a whole new conscience, a brand new peace of mind, The hardest part was letting go of the life I left behind, And it's true, I was blind, but now I see, I tried to forget but I remember everything,"
  • Kataklysm Breeding The Everlasting
    "Hold on to your dear life And everything you ever were And pray to god For him to save your soul While I praise for pain Enough to drive you insane You find it hard to understand Why perfection is not"
  • Andy Gibb An Everlasting Love
    "An Everlasting Love (written by Barry Gibb) I've been here all your life watching your crying game You were the heaven in my lonely world And he was your sun and your rain I was losing you before I ever"
  • Bee Gees An Everlasting Love
    "I've been here all your life watching your crying game You were the heaven in my lonely world And he was your sun and your rain I was losing you before I ever held you tight Before you ever held me in"
  • Draconian The Everlasting Scar
    "Behold me now, I'm lost somehow Summoned up in sorrow from a world beyond Never let go my crimson rapture... Can you touch my soul? I see you in every shade, In every moment I breathe You came as the"
  • Pyogenesis The Pain Of Heartache
    "(Music & Lyrics: Flo V. Schwarz) You don't have many good feelings left for me So hard I'm trying to convince you to give us time You say you don't love me the way a lover should And in the end I even"
  • Third Day Everlasting
    "Ruler of the Universe, Higher than the kings of Earth Long before the world began, everything was in your hands Your Glory will forever stand (bridge) For you are the Lord and you are God above your love"
  • Natalie Cole Everlasting
    "Written by Jerry Knight and Aaron Zigman Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Woh, woh, oh, oh Everlasting, what a feeling Just to know the love we've got is Everlasting, and never ending Is all I need to keep on"
  • Nat King Cole Everlasting
    "Everlasting what a feeling just to know the love we've got is - everlasting and never ending is all I need to keep on giving. I was just an average girl playing the field hoping for someone to come into"
  • Youth Alive Everlasting
    "Verse: God of love you're always faithful God of love you're always able God of love to you I will sing Of your love that's everlasting Pre-chorus: It reaches higher than the stars Much deeper than the"

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