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Every day and every night forever

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Every day and every night forever

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Every day and every night forever
  • Blue System Every Night, Every Day
    "Every night, every day - oh, I'm searching for my way And I'm dreaming of you all my life Every night, every day - oh, believe me oh I pray Set the dream to your heart to survive Every night, every day"
  • Blue System Every Day, Every Night
    "Every night, every day - oh, I'm searching for my way And I'm dreaming of you all my life Every night, every day - oh, believe me, oh, I pray Set the dream to your heart to survive Every night, every day"
  • Alexia Every day
    "This is not a love song this song is not for you. This is not a love song can't you hear me singing it for you I thought that I belonged to no-one else but you. The nights are sad and lonely you don't"
  • Traffic Every Night, Every Day
    "(Winwood/Capaldi) I don't know how long I can take it There's times when I don't think I can make it through, baby Don't know what you and me are gonna do, baby. Hey, baby You know it's time to face up"
  • Rascal Flatts Every Day
    "You could've bowed out gracefully But you didn't You knew enough to know To leave well enough alone But you wouldn't I drive myself crazy Tryin' to stay out of my own way The messes that I make But my"
  • Les Miserables Every Day
    "(Cosette arrives to help Marius in his recovery.) Cosette Every day You walk with stronger step You walk with longer step The worst is over Marius Every day I wonder every day Who was it brought me"
  • Roxette Every Day
    "Every day I see him coming Every day he walks on by Life used to be so plain and simple Before he came into my life Every night I keep on dreaming Every night I take him home We always go to bed together I"
  • Brainpool Every Day
    "I've been wasting my life since the day i was born My eyes were red and my clothes were torn Looking for a new kick every night I've been wasting my time and my money too Doing silly things I didn't want"
  • Robert Lee McCoy Every Day And Night
    "Every Day And Night Trk 14 3:16 Robert Lee McCoy (aka Ramblin' Bob and Robert Nighthawk) (Robert Lee McCoy) Recorded: December 18, 1938 Aurora, Illinois Robert Lee McCoy - vocal & guitar, 'probably'"
  • Michael Learns To Rock Every Day
    "Slowly but surely you leave Your mark on me Silently stealing away My sanity 'Cos I've been watching you right from the start Standing so near can you hear my heart... Crying Chorus Everyday I keep"
  • Left Alone Every Night
    "Look into the eyes of desperation Full of pain again And the bottle won't leave my hand I needed help with the same decision girl, it's killing me Knowing i'll never see you again And as I sit here thinking"
  • Waltari Every Bad Day
    "Coz you know darling you're locking out yourself The shadows of the night are still calling You're dreaming and peeping in your corner where there's no-one listening I wanna take you where the evil cannot"
  • Emo Side Project Every Night And Day
    "I take a drink of your voice what it taste like I can't describe how it feels and how to live I could write a whole book about feeling like this on a window seal I put my heart and carve out our"
  • Toby Keith Every Night
    "Bad love, she took a good shot Heartaches, she's had a whole lot of tough breaks And no one could blame her if she holds out She's a little worried to jump right in She ain't in a hurry to try again She's"
  • The Busters Every night
    "Why do you act as if you just don?t care, Why do you act like I?m not really there Don?t you know what you?re missing, Not dancing with me and not kissing The lips that say your name every night On Monday"
  • Paul McCartney Every Night
    "Ev'ry night i just wanna go out, Get out of my head. Ev'ry day i don't wanna get up, Get out of my bed. Ev'ry night i want to play out And ev'ry day i wanna do-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh. But tonight i just wanna"
  • Scorpions Every Minute Every Day
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) Well it seems that I was lost In intoxicated nights Following the trace of ecstasy With no future and no past Just the present was alive Like a prisoner chained on to a"
  • Joey Tempest Every Universe
    "the world is big and round theres a sky above it and when I let you down I feel like nothing our universe is deep when everything is sweet dont you just love it the day precedes the night it just"
  • Phillips Craig And Dean Every Day
    "What to say, Lord? It's You who give me life And I can't explain just how How much you mean to me Now that You would save me, Lord I give all that I am to You That every day I can be a light that shines"
  • Barry Manilow Every Single Day
    "Every single day We'll remember what we do today Words we didn't say We'll remember every single day Then years go by To wonder why and wonder what we learned Was that the bridge we should've crossed? The"

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