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Every night

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Every night

  • Every Night - Left Alone
    "Look into the eyes of desperation Full of pain again And the bottle won't leave my hand I needed help with the same decision girl, it's killing me Knowing i'll never see you again And as I sit here thinking"
  • Every night - In Grid
    "Every night, every night Every night, every night you are looking good for me Give me time, give me time to be what I need to be Let me go, let me go, I just wanna free my mind Don't you know too much"
  • Every Night - Imagine Dragons
    "I'm coming home to you Every night... I'm the colorless sunrise That's never good enough I'm the wind that's in your hair That ruffles you up If you can find a reason You can let me know I won't blame"
  • Every Night - Screeching Weasel
    "I'm not feeling human anymore Half connected all the time Each night I document the things I've done The pointless points I've made for stupid reasons Every night I'm always the same You're pounding on"
  • Every night - Paul Anka
    "Every night I keep prayin' that you love me Every night I keep prayin' that you do-oo 'cause I know that my life would be worthless Without you, (without you ) without you (without you), without you Every"
  • Every Night - Toby Keith
    "Bad love, she took a good shot Heartaches, she's had a whole lot of tough breaks And no one could blame her if she holds out She's a little worried to jump right in She ain't in a hurry to try again She's"
  • Every Night - Abreaction
    "Abreaction Miscellaneous Every Night My heart was captured when I first looked at you. Ive never seen a girl more beautiful than you. All the nights that we just"
  • Every night - The Busters
    "Why do you act as if you just don?t care, Why do you act like I?m not really there Don?t you know what you?re missing, Not dancing with me and not kissing The lips that say your name every night On Monday"
  • Every Night - Paul McCartney
    "Ev'ry night i just wanna go out, Get out of my head. Ev'ry day i don't wanna get up, Get out of my bed. Ev'ry night i want to play out And ev'ry day i wanna do-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh. But tonight i just wanna"
  • Every Night, Every Day - Blue System
    "Every night, every day - oh, I'm searching for my way And I'm dreaming of you all my life Every night, every day - oh, believe me oh I pray Set the dream to your heart to survive Every night, every day"
  • Every Day, Every Night - Blue System
    "Every night, every day - oh, I'm searching for my way And I'm dreaming of you all my life Every night, every day - oh, believe me, oh, I pray Set the dream to your heart to survive Every night, every day"
  • Every Night, Every Day - Traffic
    "(Winwood/Capaldi) I don't know how long I can take it There's times when I don't think I can make it through, baby Don't know what you and me are gonna do, baby. Hey, baby You know it's time to face up"
  • Rockin' Every Night - Gary Moore
    "Alright! Let me tell you 'bout a place I know. The kind of place where the kids all go. Come along baby you can shake off your blues. Don't be shy, you've got nothin' to lose. We'll be rockin' every night Rollin'"
  • Every other night - US5
    "Hey Shes got that flavour that I like Refrain: Every other night in the club when she comes at the party Every Get into the groove gonna start it Party to the breaking-down Other Every other night in the"
  • Every Single Night - Fiona Apple
    "Every single night I endure the flight Of little wings of white-flamed Butterflies in my brain These ideas of mine Percolate the mind Trickle down the spine Swarm the belly, swelling to a blaze That’s"
  • Every Night I Fall - Nikki Hassman
    "Woke up, got out of bed Drag the covers back again I heard the phone ring in the hall And thought of you through it all... 'cause Every night I fall Every night I fall into you You've got me in a ??? And"
  • Break Up Every Night - The Chainsmokers
    "She wants to break up every night /2x Don’t wanna wait until she finally decides to feel it She wants to break up every night Then tries to fuc* me back to life I cannot help it if like the way she makes"
  • Now It's Every Night - Norma Jean
    "One night of week out on the town and that's when I've met you I've found myself believing you're kind that could be true But this has gone oh long enough we both know it's not right It started out as"
  • Desperation every other night - J Church
    "The lights change to a steady blink, My poisoned mind make me stop and think, It's not a feeling deep inside of me, Just a cover to survive my misery Sad news has taken flight, Desperation every other"
  • Same Ghost Every Night - Wolf Parade
    "When you're on your own Spread out on the mat Dead The highway's endless drone Something familiar And how we love the seasons that hide in our stomachs That howl and howl and howl as if Dropped from"

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