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Everything around id green

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Everything around id green

  • Id - Nag
    "Idą krzyżaki, palą skuna zjemy chińszczyznę, grzyba muna kurwa co się ze mną dzieje drzewo się chwieje ,tracę nadzieję Kapitan Nemo, gnój jak chuj z Wu Tangu leci hiphopowy rój leci sobie prosto do Malborka"
  • Around Everything - Denison Witmer
    "I need to take a look before you go away Before I spend my time with what I need to say But you're so free around everyone but me It's the city lights, and it's a New York sky You don't want to hear,"
  • Green Onions - Booker T & The MG's
    "All right people. the rest of the hard working all star blues brothers are gonna be out here in a minute, including my little brother jake. but right now, Id like to talk a little bit about thi E youre"
  • Green Monster - Suicide Silence
    "Moving Forward, Moving Faster And every day it grows Forcing these scavengers to trail in its wake Feeding upon the scraps Of torn paper [2x] And leftover change Charging forward We watch as it passes Crushing"
  • College W/ Pat Green - Brad Paisley
    "Pat Green: We were just dumb kids With a six-pack That a bad fake ID bought Sittin' on the living room couch Hopin' that we didn't get caught Brad Paisley: And when we did My dad Had some good advice"
  • Alpha Id - Turner Core
    "I'm finding out patience doesn't grow on trees. You're welcome here if you're welcoming me! Why's it so hard to give out your trust, I can barely trust myself. Come save me! Come find me! The inner system"
  • Green - Edie Brickell
    "We like to spy on the neighbors. They look so happy together. Funny the power of strangers. Sometimes I wonder if they got it better. Green. Have you seen green? Check out the view from the rooftop. They've"
  • Green - Status Quo
    "(Bown) So the the sky turned weird And the sun went down But it weren't two hours before it came around It was a midnight feast Such a sheer delight I saw the Northern Lights, then I hit the ground Green,"
  • Green - Dealership
    "Gettin' close and I'm feeling jittery. I grabbed your hand, it was sweaty; asked you to dance. I jump around as you hint of fun and romance and feel the spin as I squint and try hard to see. The way that"
  • Green - Suicide Machines
    "I don't understand your problems 'Cause you got too many of them, It's hard to relate to you Well, we've been told that the grass is always greener on the other side, the other side, oh yeah That doesn't"
  • Everything Goes Around - Atomic Kitten
    "I used to cry myself to sleep at night Given up all, I've got no more will and to fight It's all gone, now you're gone, there's no more tears left Time and time again you make me fall everyday But you"
  • Green Gucci Suit - Rick Ross, Future
    "Yeah You know what it is, uh Hmm Let's go get this money Green Gucci suit Green Gucci suit (green) Green Gucci suit Green Gucci suit (green) Green Gucci suit Green Gucci suit (green) Pack a hundred Backwoods"
  • Green Finned Demon - Hawkwind
    "He Draws the moon towards him With a wand of whales' bone The submarine magician is returning to his home His slow hair floats around him And his cloak spreads like a flower The submariner has the oceans"
  • Green And Gold - Eminem
    "Intro: What would it take to push a man, far enough to put somethin material over a human life? What would drive someone completely over the edge to do some shit like that? The green and gold. Verse: I"
  • Jolly Green Dumbass - Fenix TX
    "Well all the things I've said To try to make it work Have all been bent or misunderstood Everything was taken the wrong way Now you're making things so hard Now when you think of me You get bent outta"
  • Green Grass Grows All Around - George Jones
    "GREEN GRASS GROWS ALL AROUND TRADITIONAL Little Johnnie Green, Little Sallie Brown spooning in the park with the grass all around, Underneath a tree, they were making love, gazing at the silver stars"
  • It's The Money / Fake ID Interlude - Youngbloodz
    "Now it's the money, that make this here world round' And it's the money, that make you wanna lay niggas down And it's the money, that make you and your best buddy fight But when you ain't got shit, everything"
  • Green Day - Green Day
    "A small cloud has fallen The white mist hits the ground My lungs comfort me with joy Vegging on one detail The rest just crowds around My eyes itch of burning red Picture sounds Of moving insects so surreal Lay"
  • Everything - Jennifer Rush
    "Precious are the moments in your presence I can almost taste it Like my whole lifes been wasted Without you I was empty, I was jaded I was broken and indifferent Oh, if I could be anything, anything I"
  • Everything - Stereo Fuse
    "I remember you do you remember me too Born on the 14th of July the smell of roses made her cry And though youre going far from home rest assured youre not alone Cause I would give everything that I own Id"

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