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Everything i need

  • Everything I Need - Clint Black
    "Everything I need all depends on you Everything I want is everything you do It's been handed down through time It's really nothing new Boy meets girl, I meet you A love song that could never be untrue. Chorus: All"
  • Everything I Need - The Wallflowers
    "Im not looking For a warm embrace Im not looking For a friendly face Ive got Everything I need Im not worried If youre coming back Im in a hurry Cause I just found out Ive got Everything I need Ive got Everything"
  • Everything I Need - Mo' Keb'
    "Aint got no money Nowhere to sleep No friends no family No bread no meat, no bread no meat No friends no family No bread, no bread no meat Aint got no reason Aint got no rhyme Aint gettin' no younger And"
  • Everything I Need - Peter Frampton
    "Everyday I would get up Start looking for you Those morning blues Would carry me thru the day It ain't nothing new I know you held the aces Cause I dealt you the hand So you'd never surrender To the leader"
  • Everything I Need - From Autumn To Ashes
    "I have everything I need Innocent victims they dont exist Who told you this Outfit the nation with a blindfold and a crucifix Infinite wisdom A bullet for the pacifist Improving methods to cripple the"
  • Everything I Need - Men At Work
    "Moving up and down and from side to side With so many things to do I want to go again I want another ride This time should see it through We never realised as the years rolled by No we never really had"
  • Everything I Need - Melanie
    "Chorus: Everytime I hear your voice I get better and better in everyway And everytime I see you smile It feels as though my problems drift away Cuz baby boy your everything I need and more Verse 1: When"
  • Everything I need - The Veronicas
    "Life has been easy It's been hander down The world is a place you Don't know that well It's always surrounded But what's Going on? Everything you live for Is now going wrong No oh Ref: You have Everything"
  • Everything I Need - Bad Company
    "Ah ooh Darlin' Be Mine Tonight Won't You Be My Baby And Treat Me Right Ah ooh Darlin' You Know You're My Only Love Baby Baby Like I Said She Got A Heart of Gold And Somethin' I Call Soul Yeah She Got Everything"
  • Everything I Need - World Wide Message Tribe
    "Where would I be without you What would I do I'll live in fear no longer Now I have you I no longer feel like I'm alone His mighty hand leading me to my rightful home 'Cos I believe I'm a part of his"
  • Everything I Need - Wilson Phillips
    "We've been through so much we've stayed in close touch seems like we've always been together. We've sung the same song unchanged for so long seems like we've been singing it forever. When love began so"
  • Everything i need - Melissa Ferrick
    "I've got money in the bank I've got a car to drive I've got a working set of hands that my guitar seems to like I've got a love that won't quit I've got time to rest I've got a clear able mind That sees"
  • Everything i don't need - Clay Aiken
    "Get out of my dreamsThere's no room leftGet out of my bed.we did goodbye yesterdayDon't you think I heard what you saidYou want to muchYou play to hardWell, well you invade my morning light againDon't"
  • Everything You Need - Madison Avenue
    "Ive been going round here now for quite some time And I think Ive got you figured out That you dont look at me How I look at you You make it so hard for my love to get through And I just know Id make you"
  • Everything You Need - Slightly Stoopid
    "Like walkin' on the moon was such a good feelin' I'm lyin' in bed and I'm starin' at the ceilin' Can't wake up on Monday morning Thinkin' about work makes me yawn and As I look outside it's rainin' pourin' Cats"
  • All I Need Is Everything - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame Tears, just like the jewels, Adorn their corporate crown, Weigh on me worthless and I, Shake them down and leave now, And have no royal things. You, would consecrate the"
  • Everything - PIG
    "Everything you give, everything you bleed, I need Everything you hate, everything you hurt, I love Everything you cut, everything you kill, I feel Everything you burn, every little bribe, I lose Everything"
  • Everything - Anna Vissi
    "I can hear my heart breaking As I open the door I can feel the tears On my face burn like fire As I look in your eyes And I know I'm still in love with... Everything I hate Everything you do Everything"
  • Everything - Modern Day Zero
    "Do you recall when we first met You thought we were worlds apart Now it's easy to see just how our lives should be Every time I feel the beating of your heart Who am I without you? What am I if we're through? You're"
  • Everything - Drentch
    "I need your touch I need your love More than the air I breath I need you I want to be more like you Change me I long to know your heart Reveal it to me And how could I, live a day Without you guiding"

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