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Evry day sems so bright

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Evry day sems so bright

  • One Bright Day - Ziggy Marley
    "One bright day the people together One bright day the people together One bright day the people together One bright day the people together There will be celebrations around the nations Love without no"
  • Bright Shiny Day - Caravan
    "After all, your day is done and the nighttime's calmed you Till the dawn comes again and the sunlight warms you There is a light in the fire, reflected in your eyes So with the warmth of desire that comes"
  • Bright Sunny Day - Neil Young
    "If you wake up in the morning light Something doesn't seem or know is right Lay back and let your feeling show Come on and let the people know Oh, that's the price that you pay Oh, that's the price that"
  • To Evry Girl To Evry Boy - Johnnie Ray
    "Walkin' My Baby Back Home -Artist: Nat King Cole -peak Billboard position #8 in 1952 -Words and Music by Roy Turk and Fred Ahlert in 1930 -charted in 1931 by Nick Lucas (#8), Ted Weems (also #8), the Charleston -Chasers"
  • Bright Summer's Day '68 - Curved Air
    "On a bright Summer's day in the middle of May With the sun shining down, my baby left town, my brother broke jail. Then my Daddy shot mum, So I've written this song Just to tell all you folks out there"
  • The Future Is So Bright - C-block
    "The future is so bright, everyday & everynight. Every night & day, I can find my way. To where I wanna go & what I wanna find. What I wanna do, as I leave the past behind. Baby, baby, I was out of reach. Till"
  • Bright Idea - Orson
    "Did somebody tell you what I couldn't tell you? I hope they did. (I hope they didn't.) Will I learn to regret it, or should I forget it? Whatever this is- it feels electric. You shot me a sweet look, Gave"
  • Bright Spot - Bombshell Rocks
    "Sometimes I lose it I lose every bit of faith But just for a minute Till I see the light of a brand new day Someone tried to tell me You know, your problems don't exist Well, I'm sorry to dissapoint you But"
  • So bright - Superchic(k)
    "You're bored, gotta wonder if there's more Waiting for the dream life you thought you had in store. Trying to feel something you can chase a life that's thrilla Living on the edge smoking drinking dream"
  • Bright - Echosmith
    "I think the universe is on my side Heaven and Earth have finally aligned Days are good and that's the way it should be You sprinkle star dust on my pillow case It's like a moonbeam brushed across my face Nights"
  • Bright Eyes - Bright Eyes
    "Is it a kind of dream, Floating out on the tide, Following the river of death downstream? Or is it a dream? There's a fog along the horizon, A strange glow in the sky, And nobody seems to know where you"
  • Little bright star - Diana Ross
    "Little bright star keep shining When he was born long ago on Christmas night Above his head a little star was shining bright The wise men followed that light above. Little bright star lead us today to"
  • Little Bright Star - The Supremes
    "Al Capps-Mary Dean Little bright star keep shining When he was born long ago on Christmas night Above his head a little star was shining bright The wise men followed that light above. Little bright"
  • Shimmering, Warm & Bright - Bel Canto
    "Bel Canto Shimmering, Warm & Bright Shimmering, Warm & Bright There's an old, old giant Sneaking around inside this house Help move the cupboard Make a huge barricade So he won't enter Draw some life"
  • Bright Red Star - Stereophonics
    "Mary is my bright red star She caught the train to work in the morning when she got up And then she'd call me up, just to wake me up But she's alright She's alright Mary is my bright red star She likes"
  • Heaven's Bright Shore - Alison Krauss
    "Out on the hills of glory land So happy and free at God's right hand They tell of a place of marvelous grace On Heaven's bright shore Pilgrims on earth some day will go To live in that home for evermore Trusting"
  • Bright City Lights - Suburban Rhythm
    "Bright city lights, they keep me happy, warm and bright. Can you hear them, they're callin out for you. Bright city lights, I used to win all day and night. Those one armed theives, they've got me on the"
  • Bright Spring Morning - Suburban Legends
    "The time is right, to begin Let's get goin' once again For once in your life just let go I'm getting sick of everything Tired of what the next day brings What I need is for you to follow my lead The sun"
  • One Bright Star - VINCE GILL
    "(John Barlow Jarvis) Long, long ago In a world dark and cold The night so still Winter's chill One bright star was shining On a bed made of hay In a manger he lay The shepards came They knew his name King"
  • Bright Sunny South - Alison Krauss
    "From the bright sunny south to the war, I was sent, E'er the days of my boyhood, I scarcely had spent. From it's cool shady forests and deep flowing streams, Ever fond in my mem'ry and sweet in my dreams. Oh,"

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