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  • To Evry Girl To Evry Boy - Johnnie Ray
    "Walkin' My Baby Back Home -Artist: Nat King Cole -peak Billboard position #8 in 1952 -Words and Music by Roy Turk and Fred Ahlert in 1930 -charted in 1931 by Nick Lucas (#8), Ted Weems (also #8), the Charleston -Chasers"
  • Evry Time We Say Goodbyebg - Benny Goodman
    "The Flat Foot Floogey Slim and Slam Words and music by Slim Gaillard, Slam Stewart, and Bud Green, - Peaked at #2 for Slim (Gaillard) and Slam (Stewart) in 1938. - Also peaked at #7 for Benny Goodman"
  • All in all - The Bates
    "ALL IN ALL It was a nice time we spent together ALL IN ALL I hope it was the same to you ALL IN ALL I will not allow her nights of pleasure ALL IN ALL but now I changed my point of you Evry party has an"
  • Dont Be That Way - Benny Goodman
    "Evry Time We Say Goodbye Benny Goodman Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter From Seven Lively Arts Evry time we say goodbye I die a little. Evry time we say goodbye I wonder why a little, Why the gods above"
  • Man Without Love - Unbekannt
    "I can remember when we walked together shalling the love i thought would last forever moonlight to show the way so we can follow waiting inside her eyes was my tomorrow then something changed my mind"
  • Spiral Highway - Paul Simon
    "Evry bar and grill Evry greasy spoon Anywhere a quarter buys a tune Ride the spiral highway one more roll Evry local call Evry pink motel Any time the strain begins to tell Ride that spiral highway one"
  • Evermore - Jeanette
    "Let the heights of heavn adore him Angel hosts his praises sing Evry voice in concert ring Evermore and evermore Let no tongue on earth be silent To extol our god and king Evry voice on concert ring Evermore"
  • Lambeth Walk - Al Donohue
    "Al Donohue Miscellaneous Lambeth Walk Lambeth Walk Al Donohue Music and Lyrics by Noel Gay and Douglas Furber Any time youre Lambeth way Any evening, any day, Youll find us all Doin?the Lambeth walk. Evry"
  • Oh happy day - Vanessa Jackson
    "Oh happy day, oh happy dayOh happy day, oh happy dayWhen Jesus washedOh when he washedWhen Jesus washedHe washed my sins away!Oh happy day, oh happy dayHe thought me howTo watch, fight and prayFight and"
  • Hello Hooray - Alice Cooper
    "Hello! Hooray! Let the show begin, Ive been ready. Hello! Hooray! Let the lights grow dim, Ive been ready. Ready as this audience thats coming here to dream. Loving every second, evry moment, evry"
  • Moneypulation - Patrice
    "Chorus: Money, money, money, go and catch the money - money, money, money, go and snatch the money- money, money, money, moneypulation is going on - it takes over like a storm 1St verse: sometimes, when"
  • Grand Ole Flag - System Of A Down
    "Your a grand ole flag, you're a high flying flag And forever in peace may you wave You're the emblem of The land I love The home of the free and the brave Evry Heart beats true for the red, white, and"
  • Live Is Life - Unbekannt
    "Na na na na na, na na na na na, live, na na na na na, live is life,na na na na na, live is life,na na na na na, live is life, na na na na na. 1.When we all give the power, we all give the best. Evry minute"
  • Waiting for the sun - The Bates
    "Now the summer is over evry new day is colder Im sitting in an ice-house WAITING FOR THE SUN Im waiting for the sun Im waiting for the sun WAITING FOR THE SUN Ohuhoooo Look at all those faces what a shity"
  • G.I. Jive - Johnny Mercer
    "A Gal In Calico Johnny Mercer Music and Lyrics by Arthur Schwartz and Leo Robin Met a gal in calico, down in Santa Fe; Used to be her Sunday beau til I rode away. Do I want her, do I want her love? Yes"
  • Rescue me - Bryan Ferry
    "Protect me in your arms I want your tender charms Im a lonely, Im blue I need you, your love true. Rescue me Rescue me Take my heart Take your love And evry part Im a lonely and Im blue I need you and"
  • You - Banaroo
    "Youre my Guardian Angel Standing here by my side Love me now or never Kiss me and hold me tight Youre my Guardian Angel Leading me evry day Hold my hand, cause heaven Is only a step away Youre my Guardian"
  • Pi - Nieznani
    "Słowa i muzyka: Włodzimierz K. Głowacki Piętnastu chłopa na "Umrzyka Skrzyni", - Ho-o-aj-ho! W butelce rum! Pij za zdrowie, resztę czart uczyni. - Ho-o-aj-ho! W butelce rum! Ref.: Z całej załogi jeden"
  • Beautiful - Rachael Lampa
    "Oh, ooh, oh, oh... There was a time when I Thought I had no good in me. There was a time when I Was too blind to see. But deep beneath the cold defeat Under the snow, You could see something in me Waiting"
  • No Greater Love - Rachael Lampa
    "Before I knew Your Name, You knew my evry breath. Before I found my way, You knew my evry step. Before I knew everything that I need, You gave it all to me. No greater love than this That You should lay"

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