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  • Max and Frieda - Ray Charles
    "1911 for his parents' 25th Wedding Anniversary, First known surviving lyric. Music to the tune of Irving Berlin's, "Alexander's Ragtime Band" Oh, my hubby, put your hat on. Better hurry, the taxi's waiting."
  • Hey Max - Miguel Bose
    "''No hay perfume que pueda pervertir el olor de su alma, ni as envasado en un millón de frascos diferentes. Mi abuela deca que las almas no entienden de envases. Que se dan o no a las personas. Con eso"
  • Max Says - Lagwagon
    "Max says everybody's angry Max says he'll never leave his home Max says that heaven's another place It's there his grandparents have gone Max has ten years on this birthday A year ago this world had"
  • Big Max - E-Rotic
    "Oh-oh-oh, you, big Max, please me Oh-oh-oh, so, baby, squeeze me Oh-oh-oh, it's big sex, tease me Oh-oh-oh, I need it all night long Just making love to you Oh-oh-oh, big Max Come on, all night long Having"
  • Max Plank - Something For Kate
    "So the star is my sea at 37 thousand feet forwards, backwards and underneath your last word turns like a cyclone just out side my window your good advice i'll tie around my ankle had to go had to take"
  • Dragonfly (ft. MAX) - Malinchak
    "And I wanted you back But the stars were falling My heart was broke so hard You could fall in And I wanted you back But my legs were aching No new horizons closing in Did you forget me? How you set free And"
  • Im so high - T-Pain
    "See I aint neva smoked before So ima take two hits and Ima Bloooow my mind away I neva thought I'd be gettin high today Now its on a cleanse so ima ake anotha pull ohhhhh We in the cadillac flowin"
  • Im So Sorry - 50 Cent
    "50 cent 50 cent, uh Llod banks,uh Young Buck, uh Game Nigga~ G-UNIT haha its easy man, its easy man Ay yo i swith my hustle, no more dice games or limosuine you see blood in the snow after the shots in"
  • Im So Tired - Canned Heat
    "I'm so tired of bein' broke all the time I'm so tired of bein' broke all the time Things don't get much better for me, people I will surely lose my mind I work all day, I work all night I reach deep into"
  • Im So Beautiful - Divine
    "(In fifth chamber were Unnamed forms, which cast the metals into the expanse) "So I remained looking thoughtfully at the humble grave For a minute trying to make out What's been hidden there for years What"
  • Im So Glad - Gabrielle
    "I like the way that You carry yourself I haven't seen that In nobody else When you walk in a room It's all eyes on you baby From head to toe You look so good Something about you Shouts a command Could"
  • Im So Lonely - Cast
    "Chorus: Get up, get up, get up, get up (x4) Here comes my guiding star - to take me home We travelled lands afar - we blindly roam Bridge: We spread our wings - in search of truth and all it brings We've"
  • Ewa - T.Love
    "Ewa nie wróciła dziśMoże gdzieś widziałeś jąW klasie nie pamięta niktCo się wczoraj działo z niąWyrośnięta na swój wiekPrawie już trzynaście latKto coś od niej mógłby chciećCzego od niej ktoś tu chciałW"
  • Ewa - Toples
    "Przy tobie nie tracilem czasu Przy tobie milosci nie brakowalo uwierz ze zawsze chcialem z toba byc cud kiedys stal sie moim szczesciem to bylas ty w ramionach mialem cie skapane sloncu byly wlosy"
  • Ewa - Meffis
    "1. Ten pierwszy raz, gdy ujrzałem Cię, o Ewo. Czy tak musiało być? Pragnę zapomnieć. Teraz wiem, ja nie chciałem złamać serca Ci. Wiedziałem, że to dłużej nie ma sensu, lecz byłaś dla mnie tylko Ty. Ref.:"
  • Wir Trafen Uns In Einem Garten Mit Max - 2Raumwohnung
    "Wir trafen uns in einem garten Wahrscheinlich unter einem baum Oder war's in einem flugzeug Wohl kaum wohl kaum Es war einfach alles anders Viel zu gut fr den moment Wir waren ziemlich durcheinander Und"
  • Red Baron/Blue Max - Iced Earth
    "The son of a major, Prussian nobleman His name bestowed by a holy Roman The war broke out, and looked to the air 24 hours of training he was there 100 miles an hour Top speed his plane would fly And if"
  • Too To The Max - Aceyalone
    "(Aceyalone) Aceyalone, Aceyalone Let the world know (Chorus) I'm tight, I'm raw I'm the baddest motherf**ker that I ever saw I'm cold winter flow like snow icerberg with the word, nigga that's not all I'm"
  • Max - The Appleseed Cast
    "These words failed The smile that lit the room In the corner by the lamp But instead he saw By pale yellow light And the tv lit the floor These words I could have said To you These words I could have"
  • Max - Appleseed Cast
    "These words failed The smile that lit the room In the corner by the lamp But instead he saw By pale yellow light And the tv lit the floor These words I could have said To you These words I could have"

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