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  • Avant Exclusive
    "We dont need a videotape or a camera to make this ghetto love scene Was like a dream when I first met Your face and your stature The way you carry yourself It really turned me on Control myself, had"
  • Cassidy Exclusive Freestyle
    "Man Cass Back And You Aint Gotta Ask Where My Cash At Cause I Been Holdin Weight For So Long I Gotta Bad Back I Done Alot Run To The Block Give Me Flachbacks Money Aint A Thing If You Broke You Get Laughed"
  • Vanessa Carlton Not Alone...Exclusive
    "I am Me I am He I am She I am Me With Pride I am Pee But I am the Best Better than the Rest Cause I am not alone Just exclusive Better than y'all Pride Beats Thy Using Old English Cause I know it"
  • Day26 Exclusive (No Excuses)
    "(Willie) Life is such a crazy thing It's never really what it seems Cause first we were chillin Now I'm catchin feelins Can you tell me what this means I'm going through my voicemail And I'm saving every"
  • DJ Clue Exclusive - New Shit
    "New shit, Nature (Yo, yo Nate, you gon do this for Queens,this one here for Queens yanawmean?) (Yo Nature gon rip this down, for Clueminatti and the whole Queens) It's the, DJ CLUE (We gon spit this one"
  • Day 26 Exclusive (No excuses)
    "Life is such a crazy thingIt's never really what it seemsCause first we were chillin', now I'm catchin FeelingsCan you tell me what this meansI'm goin' through my voicemailAnd I'm saving every message"
  • Eminem Eminem Exclusive Freestyle
    "Yo! Turn that click off My music is soothing But its also been provin That it can put you in the mood to jump out your car while it's movin You been waitin' on this moment My sermon is like a omen I'm"
  • Swollen Members Battle Axe Exclusive
    "(Mad Child) Star struck, awkward glances, rock phenomenally Armed with honesty, Doven wove in tapestry Of obscenity, eliminate the enemy Watch closely, I'm what you're pretending to be We took the turn"
  • Apathy Import Tuner Exclusive
    "Apathy, Celph Titled, Lexicon Another cheap shot banger (Code Name?) Ap (How You Roll?) Acura Your wack quips inferior my interior is immaculate rims spinnin' and glimmerin' in the sun with an air freshener"
  • Helloween Exclusive Helloween Interview
    "Well, Japan. We've been there, I think, two times now, and it's always been a great fun playing there. I like the venues. They are sounding very good, they look very good, and kids over there really appreciate"
  • Nancy Sinatra My exclusive dreams
    "Nancy: I followed you to Texas, I followed you to UtahLee: We didn't find it there so we moved onNancy: I followed you to Alabam', things looked good in BirminghamLee: We didn't find it there so we moved"
  • Day 26 I want you exclusive
    "Life is such a crazy thingIt's never really what it seemsCause first we were chillinNow I got your feelinsCan you tell me what this means?I'm going through my voicemailAnd I'm saving Every message you"
  • Stan Ridgway My Exclusive Sex Club
    "Kind ladies and good gentlemen You've thrown your dollar down Walk in and please experience Feel free to stroll around We take it to the limit The competition's fierce Big judy at the table here Will help"
  • The Kinks Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
    "It was the biggest house in the neighborhood. He went and bought this house when he made good. Ten bedrooms and a swimming pool, Where he entertained all the people that he knew. But he hit the hard times"
  • Christina Aguilera Here To Stay (Exclusive Remix)
    "Hey yeah yeah, whoa yeah, whoa oh yeah Well everybody got an opinion now, don't they But it aint no thang to me it really don't make any difference now to me if you don't like what you see I pay no mind"
  • Korn Here To Stay (Exclusive Remix)
    "This time I'm taking it away, I've got a problem With me getting in the way, my violent side So I take my face and bash it into a mirror I won't have to see the pain Pain, pain This state is elevating,"
  • Canibus Canibus - Hiphop.mp3.com Exclusive
    "Bout to put it down for my man Paradise right here on mp3.com alright? Yeah, check it out yo uh, yah uh, uh, yah, check it yo, yo, yo This is hardcore, out of my heart's core Principles, laws, equations,"
  • 50 Cent In Da Club (Satellite Exclusive Remix)
    "go go go go go mrs. drotzur its your lunch break gonna eat like u at da buffet gonna eat up all of the buffet until they close down the mother f***** buffet (chorus) u wont find her eatin subs she'll"
  • Switchfoot Meant To Live (Exclusive Radio Remix)
    "Fumbling his confidence And wondering why the world has passed him by Hoping that he's bet for more than arguments And failed attempts to fly Fly We were meant to live for so much more Have we lost"
  • Bullgooseloony Sweeney's Pub (St. Patrick's Day Exclusive)
    "Take a walk down the street it's not very far and down on the right you'll see Pat Sweeney's bar it's a broken down place it's seen so many years but why don't you stop in and down a few beers? I was"

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