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  • Foo Fighters Exhausted
    "I'm not around that much Running exhausted and lost If it could be undone Will it have costed It's taught and lost Blowing away we stray, wilted Insulted, at fault What if the day had stayed in bed These"
  • Joseph Arthur Exhausted
    "I never sleep I been awake for what feels like a year 'Cause when I dream My mind puts a face To each one of my fears I'm exhausted by my imagination I close my eyes But I could still see the pain on"
  • Ian Gillan Band Twin exhausted
    "I like a Studebaker widowmakerSitting on the highway crownWhen it's early in the morningI can put my foot right downAnd if the wheels keep spinningBaby I'll be winningI'll be really aliveWhen the drive's"
  • Abigor Exhausted Remnants
    "Silent screams - beaten and torn Sanctify - this life of scorn Innocence withdrawn in fear Night grows cold and twilight's near But the light I see is none Just a spectrum of unreal colours Which appears"
  • Tegan & Sara Wake Up Exhausted
    "I wake up exhausted it's not morning It's back to sleep to re-dream me We're alone and we're happy But there you are, angry with me Are you alright I can stand up straight Are you alright can you get me"
  • Braid Now I'm Exhausted
    "barely alive on 2 AM airline my past is just the places i've passed the windows were tinted my eyes were half shut my focus is fragile if my heart is a glass here lies the ruins of a little known author there"
  • Wrens This Boy Is Exhausted
    "4 Lock me in Tied to work Splitting rock Cutting diamonds 100 days With no pay Not anymore Cause I'm caught I can't type I can't temp I'm way past college No ways out No back doors Not anymore But then"
  • Moonspell Tired
    "Maybe I am the man with those mystic two heads one facing down, the other facing back but I don't know who I am and you still don't know who I am Maybe I am the man with the legendary four hands To finger,"
  • Tristania Heretique
    "Let us be the ones to put the thorn in thy eye ...let us be the ones Squalid the weak stumbles through all of life's obscurities Lost in sacriliege Revere the name Accept the modesty Falter through speres"
  • Idiot Pilot Theme From The Pit
    "Tore down defense Make sure I wasn't really there What are the reasons To pursue this affair? I have exhausted my options And they all are staying back at me Each one with its offering What infinite"
  • Asrai Pale Light
    "A pale light enters my room A skinny wrist A clammy hand on white sheets Side with fear I can't move I'm in agony Only my eyes lived And showed the sadness of a loss A small world surrounded me There's"
  • Busdriver Go Slow
    "Bianca Casady: Go slow, fall like shadows Perfect shapeless shape shifter Earth it glows Heart is sowing Galaxy awaits you gate swung open Busdriver: You should hold those splintered bones spare your"
  • Neuraxis Caricature
    "Increase your burden, decrease the results, by taking yourself too seriously When you feel important - energy is lost The work is primordial - the self is not Self-glorification - ridiculous Exalted ego"
  • Amatris Broken Resistance
    "Dreams laid bare in pale light Bound by hope, intensified by pain A last cry, broken faith Cruel memories tearing up my heart Flashback to the past Memories fading on the way to eternity Escape from loneliness Exhausted"
  • Sadus Machines
    "What you breathe Is supposedly Exhausted clean Machines Toxins rise Through melting Skies Life will die Machines Work to feed A lifeless breed Eternally Machines Nourishing The flourishing Hybrid way Machines Circuits"
  • Barcelona Colors
    "It's hard for me to say what I want from You I have had 22 years of Trying to form the words that somehow Might mean I am feeling So many colors in this distraction Brown hair makes her lips more red Words"
  • Hangnail Projectile defecation
    "Colon cramping. Evil pain. Intestinal irritationBacked up with a wall of death. Bloating with some diarrheaClenching over teary eyed. Awakening the fecal explosionI wish that I would die. Projectile defecationThe"
  • Macabre Scrub A Dub Dub
    "Scrub a dub dub Three men in a tub Jeffrey Dahmer took showers With dead men in his tub He was too tired to cut them up So he put them in cold water With disinfectant Scrub a dub dub Three men in a tub Jeffrey"
  • Deine Lakaien Carriage Song
    "Wandering about in a universe Back and forth - torn Strandgoods of the galaxies Back and forth - torn Exhausted, starved, yet still a hunter Hidden, lurking behind some planets in narrow lanes, in narrow"
  • Comeback Kid Defeated
    "Here I've been going over reasons And you keep looking over my shoulder Hold me now to these promises I haven't made Time will tell just how much you'll act on what Youve said Either way, my mind's been"

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